New music!!

Friday, May 16, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Music is my life!In my comatose laptop,I have about 900+ songs plus..I listen to everything and anything..Provided that it doesn't make my ears bleed...And currently I am listening to these albums and songs...


1.We Sing.We Dance.We Steal Things. by Jason Mraz

-excellent album!Though I have to say that Jason is being very 'explicit' nowadays..hehehe.Listen to 'Butterfly' and you'll know what I mean..*blush*.
My favourite tracks from this album is Butterfly,If it kills me,Lucky(a duet with Colbie Caillat),Details in fabric(feat.James Morisson), & Coyotes.But overall,each song is great in their own way.

2.Viva la Vida by Coldplay

Woohoo!!!Coldplay is one of my utmost favorite bands & they're back..although their album will be out sometime in June,two of the tracks from the album Viva la Vida which is the title track and Violet Hill is out for download on iTunes.The song Violet Hill is amazing(am listening to it again)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's different than their previous stuff but it's excellent!!!!

ckferry by Duffy

She sounds like Amy Winehouse only sexier and without the coke addict look.haha.I love the songs Mercy(I'm sure many of you have heard it on the TV),Syrup & Honey and Warwick Avenue.Mercy made me want to dance...^_^

4.The Story and The Song by Between the Trees

This is their 1st album and on iTunes they are called as an alterno-pop band.I love their single White lines & red lights and also 2 other songs The forward and The way she feels.

4.Hook me up by The Veronicas

I used to be a big fan of The Veronicas...I still remember the time whereby I would emulate their glossy red lips look and Izza & me would watch their clips and live performance on YouTube.But when I listen to this's such a let down.They sound like Aly&Aj!!!!It's a mish mash of electronica..yuckksss.But there is a diamond in the rough in this album which is the song In Another Life.If you're a former fan,when you listen to songs like Popular and makes you want to puke.Seriously!Especially Popular because it made them sound like Avril Lavigne 'Girlfriend'...barff!!!!


1.Shine by Anna Nalick
From the singer who brought us Breathe and 2 am,comes the new single Shine.It's great and I love the chorus part.It's a very uplifting song....Great to listen on a bad day!The lyric are clever this part,'There are times when the poets and pornstars align and ,You won’t know who to believe in.Well that’s a good time to be leavin

2.Sweet and Low by Augustana

I was obsessed with their 1st album,Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays.And then they re-released the song Boston in their 2nd album,All the Stars and Boulevards...I loved the song Boston and listen to it for days and days..a year before it made its way into Malaysia's airwaves .This new single from their 3rd album,Can't Love Can't Hurt, is way mellow than their hit single which was my fave, (because of the beautiful piano intro) Boston...but it's just as good!The vid for Boston was way better(loved playing the piano by the beach look) but in this vid,the new singer for the band,Dan Layus..looked hot!The former lead vocal for the band,Josiah Rosen,left the band for a solo career on April 2006.I love the song Twenty Years in the album too..but I haven't got hold of the whole album...yet!!!hahaha.When I have my hands on the whole thing,I'll write my review here!!Long live Augustana!

3.Say by John Mayer
The new boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston released this single awhile back ago so this is a late review for me... and the song is great but it's nothing to shout about..I don't know when he will release his new album since this single was release late last year...hmm....