Ohana means family

Thursday, May 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Wheww,I hven't blog in a couple of days...been busy with work because I need money to shop..hehehe..And tomorrow is shopping time!!!

Yesterday was a packed day for me.Drove from Puncak Alam to Shah Alam,and then from Shah Alam to Bandar Baru Bangi and then from there,went to Cyberjaya to Lim Kok Wing...Because my cousin's band,Imaginary Frens was perfroming there.My cousin was helping her friend who had an assignment whereby they had to do an event.So as they say in Lilo & Stitch, 'Ohana means family'.So of we go,my 3 cousins,Kak Hani,Firdaus & Adila including their mother,Umi to see Syazni perform.Syazni is the 3rd sibling in their family and my family and I are very close to their family...we basically grew up together and have embarassing family videos to prove it..hahaha

At Lim Kok Wing,we hung out as we wait for the bands to set up...I was bored and I suddenly remember that I have this super duper senior of mine and a friend,who's a lecturer at Lim Kok Wing.So I text him and ask him to come down and hangout with me to watch the band.Here's a picture of the retarded lecturer,named Azzam..muahaha(I am kidding bro!!!).Thanks for teman-ing me watching the performances!!!Here's a pic of him flashing his Lim Kok Wing staff tag...hahaha

Didn't took any pictures of Imaginary Frens performance because I was busy recording it on the cam.So damn lazy to upload the videos here as my cousin will upload it on Youtube later...
After Imaginary Frens performance,we went to Mines for lunch and Firdaus bought a new monitor for his pc....Had an 'interesting' conversation with Fir,and I decided that I'll find a girlfriend for him cos he deserves a good one and I have single juniors..(he's 19 years old).Gonna pimp him out!!!muahaha.I am not saying this because he's my cousin, but Fir is very handsome,he inherits the family's Arab side so he does look like an Arab.But to me he looks like a Malaysian version of Jason Castro(that dreadlocked dude in the recent A.Idol) but without that awful looking dreadlock.haha.Fir's mum,whom all of us call Umi,she's also Kak Hani,Syazni & Adila's mum...will be having an operation tomorrow because of her thyroid.I wish her all the best and get well soon!!

I'm off to get some well deserved sleep so catch up with you peeps in a few days!!


Azzam?? said...

hahahah.. i loike!! =D

Liyana said...

dude u hav a blog??
bz jd lecturer pom maseh bley ade blog eks???muahaha
i'll link u!!