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Last week,on Wednesday morning me and my friends had a picnic together...It was an occasion that was planned weeks ago but due to the fact that everyone of us was busy and the dates clashed and recent 'hot' events happened(ahakzzz)..we finally manage to get everyone together for a of fun under the sun..Initially it was supposed to be a roadtrip to PD but that didn't turn out as planned as well,so we head over to Putrajaya instead....Didn't matter where the place was as long as all of us are together..it'll be a fun,fun time!!!Plus the fact that next semester Izza won't be around since she'll be studying in Australia for student exchange programme...sob sob...

We're suppose to go at exactly 6.30 a.m..But you know boys right??One particular boy,who asked me to wake him up...whom I miscalled & text twice asking him to wake up and then when I went to Izza's & Tatie's house with Nad & me arriving at the same time with our cars..I called him again so many bloody time & while I drove to Chip,Jeng,Acad,Moja & Azri's house in Suria,Izza called him on my cell but still no answer..

And then after that he called me sayin that he haven't cooked the 'savory' food that he was suppose to cook yet(each one of us have to bring food that we cooked ourselves..though Nad bought delicious Nasi Lemak..yay!!And Acad..well...Acad bought his Boro which we fed to the fishes in the lake..muahahhah) and I was like...takyah masak bwk tikar jer...hahaha..Yesh the culprit is Mr.Freaky..aka Firdaus Putra our beloved Ethos president ...was the reason why I didn't get to watch the sunrise during the picnic because all of us went at exactly 7.30 am instead!
In my car was Freaky,Izza,Acad & Jeng.While in Nad's car was Azri,Chip,Moja & TatieIn the car..as I played my favorite cd's,Izza requested for the 'kong-kong' song...hurmpphh...

Basically,the 'kong-kong' song is Hao Xin Fen Shou sung by Wang Lee Hom & Candy which I memorise the lyrics and even know the meaning of the song & I love the song and even blog about it in my FS blog last year but when Izza & Tatie listen to it in my car when we go out,they'll mock the chorus part and started calling the song the 'kong-kong' song..huhuhu.....
So Freaky,Acad,Izza & Jeng also started to mock all the Cantonese,Hokkien & Mandarin songs that I play in my car that morning...huhuhu...
The start of a great day!! That's me driving with the latecomer next to me..

What they did at the back while I was driving...Acad&Izza the camwhores!!!

We stopped halfway at Putrajaya cos I don't remember the way...hence..since all of us are camwhores....Even the drain becomes a place to take photos..tsk2...

So we finally found the place & proceed to lay the tikar and ate breakfast..Took more pictures...

And played a little bit of Uno..

And took more pictures....

Since it was getting hotter the peeps suggested Alamanda and I asked Freaky to drive my car as a punishment and he even drove when we went back to Shah Alam & fill the tank with his money..hahaha..

At Alamanda,we walked around to cool down from the heat...and then played at the arcade..I can still hear Moja's scream when he played Daytona(mmg sah2 xpernah drive!!), and the 3 girls screaming during Daytona too..I played the dance off with Freaky(mmg laa kalah!!Dia terror!!!).Jeng,Azri& Acad also played the Dance game.

After Alamanda...the peeps want to find a place for us to take pictures some more...

I am soooo going to miss you guys during this semester break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Till next time.....hopefully we'll see each other at Roxy's Summer Splash or my birthday bash(crossing everything and hope that it'll happen!) or Izza's send off....Love you guys----Izza,tatie,freaky,acad,moja,nad,chip,jeng & azri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


acad the photogenik said...

I juz love my photo with izza at the back of car Li..
I look so fragile..!!
owh I really am missing the moment already..
n ur birthday party..
siap la kalau x ajak..!!
I'll go and burn all the place..

Tatie said...

when is your birthday again?
dah start rindu..........):

Liyana said...

tatie ku syg...my b'day is on d 25th of june!!
tau la b'day sy time cuti sem so slalu org lupe...sob2

eh,ur b'day bile eks???wat i knw is tat it'll be next sem kn???

acad,jgn risau,satu umah ko aq ajaknyer!!eh bile b'day ko eks??b'day moja pom aq xtau..muahaha..sgt jahat...^_^