Semester break are for???

Friday, May 09, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

What do you do during your semester break??
I have 2 months of break and I have vowed to do more reading,cooking,exercising,relaxing,sleeping,watching dvd's & working(gonna be a part-time kindergarten teacher..hehehe).
Last semester break,I was into this whole chocolate thing and I bake Chocolate pudding cake(there is a cake like that!),chocolate loaf,chocolate cookies,death by chocolate cake,chocolate explosion cake & my testers are of course my 3 brothers and my parents..^_^

Now I am trying to be more healthy after a whole semester of eating fast food & fried food..I am back to my healthy eating ways,exercising & reshaping my ass..hahahaha.

I was craving for fries one day but I didn't want to deep fry them..trying to be healthy and all,so since my mum has many herbs growing in her garden & I read somewhere that rosemary pairs well with potatoes....I mix a little bit of extra virgin olive oil,Maldon sea salt & rosemary with frozen Simplot crinkle cut fries & baked them in the oven according to the instructions behind the Simplot bag...The results??Yummy fries that were not at all oily!!!

Today when I woke up,I had a sudden craving for banana bread...And since my dad bought a bunch of great looking bananas yesterday..I search online for a banana bread recipe & proceed to bake.The result is...a very,very delicious banana bread!!Here's the link for the recipe if anyone wants to try it!
Here's a picture of the banana bread that I made today!

As I am trying to be more healthy..I am trying to eat more grains,fruits & vege.Lentils is very good for the body so I made Dal Curry to go with Puri.Puri is an Indian bread that puffs up when we fry them(I will try to bake them instead of frying)..I first ate Puri when I was a little girl at my grandma's friend house,Auntie Kamariah.She taught me how to make Puri and my little brother,Raffiq loves it when I make it at home.Here's a few pics of me making the Dal curry..

The mixture of mustard seeds,jintan manis,garlic,shallots & curry leaves....smells goood...
Boiling the lentils.
And taaddaah...homemade Dal curry!