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Thursday, May 15, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

I went to Bryan Boy's blog and found this entry on Ali Micheal.On how she was only picked for one Paris show because they claim that her legs is too fat and in the recent TeenVogue article, she said that because she was pressured to lose weight,she didn't get her period in over a year and the doctor said because of the fact that she is not consuming any fat into her body,her level of estrogen is so low that she might not be able to have children on the account that her ovaries have shut down.Below,is the interview with Ali Micheal on the Today Show.

And this is the article that was featured on TeenVogue

I have a friend who a while back ago was so obsessed over losing weight(you know who you are & I hope you're not doing that anymore) and yup,her mother brought her to the doctor and the doc said that some of her hormones are low and others are too high.I used to live with her and yeah,a person's diet does affect their health.When you don't eat properly,you kind of know that sooner or later your hormones will act up and that what happened to my friend.Hmm..I guess Ali's story does resemble what she was going through.But not just her either...I have another friend who didn't get her period for months because of her diet.It's worrying because like it or not,the pressure to be thin does not just exist among models,it exist in the 'real' world too.Granted, afew years ago,I even had a friend who paste pictures of before and after of Lindsay Lohan(she used to be healthy and then skinny) on her desk to motivate her to lose more weight(didn't matter the fact that she wasn't even overweight!).

But then again you just have to ask..Why do these girls who are not overweight in the first place,feels the need to lose more weight?A friend of mine that I mentioned above whom had problems with her hormones, was hurt over the remark of a former friend over her weight and that sparked off the whole obsess with her weight thing but even a year after that remark,she still had problems with her eating habits.Does it mean that once you start to lose weight 'unhealthily' you find it hard to be healthy again?Or does it all stem from insecurity and lack of self esteem?It is something to ponder about.Early this semester,I also started to lose weight a after 2 of my guy friend said that I have started to look chubbier.But I didn't stop eating,I just exercise my ass off,doing Mari Windsor's Pilates everyday.But I haven't done so in over 2 months and have been eating too much 'bad' foods and yeah,I have gain a few pounds now.I know that as long as I get back on the right track and exercise more,the pounds will come off.So here's a toast in being healthy!


mojaNakKurus said...

mwahahahaha! cheers bebeh! Losing weight xperlu se 'depress' itu! Gotta xcercise soon.. hehehe..

Liyana said...

yesh..cuti nih mase utk kurus..
tp semlm diet consist of mee hoon&pizza
and today..nasi lemak...yikes!!!!
camner nk kurus nih???hehehe