A thousand splendid suns!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

Got my hands on A thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini yesterday....Thanks to my beloved parents who bought it for me because I'm 100% broke...hehehe..I have read until Part 4...I just can't put it down..I only put it down when I go to sleep..Will continue to read it after this and then I'll write my review on it here!!So far,it definitely is better than The Kite Runner..Khaled Hosseini is definitely an amazing author...

Finish reading the book less than half an hour ago.It is amazing.Truly amazing.Touching,beautiful,sad,shocking,educational,eye-opening,compelling,riveting and so many more.I am in awe over Khaled Hosseini's ability to write an even better book than his first book,The Kite Runner.I don't want to spoil much of the storyline because to me it is a very worth book to buy,read and keep.The book revolves around two female characters,Mariam and Laila and how hard life was to them.Mariam,a harami (a child born out of wedlock) and how her life took a turn for the worse just because her father was ashamed of her existence.And of Laila, a beautiful girl whose life is just like any other girl in the world, but it all change one day because of the war.The brutality of it will shock others who read the story but that is the reality of life for women there.But the theme of the book to me is also important.It tells us that because of love,pure love that is not tainted by anything,a person will be able to overcome abuse,hardship and many more brutality of life.Which some people might scoff at..,but really,read the book and you'll see how trivial your everyday problems are compared to those who are living in oppression.

A thousand splendid suns will be turned into a movie too as I read about it on Khaled Hosseini's blog--


I am glad that finally,after many years of searching,I have found an author that I could look up to,that inspires me to write a book of my own,that opened up my eyes to the brutality of life in Afghanistan,that is able to write a second book that is better than the first(which is rare because usually,an author's second book doesn't measure up to the success of the 1st book).I can't wait to see what Khaled Hosseini's third offering will be.


nhn said...

i've read it too. its awesome :)