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Thursday, May 08, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Wow I haven't update my blog in so many days!!!Been busy with my last paper,shopping trips,movie nights & the best of all..which happened yesterday...the picnic with my friends!!!It was such a fun and relaxing day....sigh..I am sooo going to miss them this semester break!!!Izza,Tatie,Acad,Nad,Freaky,Moja,Jeng,Chip & Azri...Love you guys so much!!!!
Oh....this is such a spoiler for peeps who haven't watched Gossip Girl's 16th episode...
Erik is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!(The show is OFFICIALLY different than the books!)

I also want to say many,many congratulations to Faizal Tahir for nabbing 4 awards at the recent AIM!!!!You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

I got inspired by Moja's wishlist...but my wish list is much more extravagant..it is a wish list after all?

1.A pair or more of Roger Vivier's sunglasses

Sigh..how delicious looking does these sunnies look like???drooll.....
I want one in pink plastic....I've been lusting for it since last year.....

The name of this pink one is : Lunettes Belle Vivier, Roger Vivier, $445

2.A Reebok treadmill!!!!

Okay,contrary to popular belief,before I entered UiTM,I was a health freak.My diet consist of vegetable soup(the watery kind..not cream ones),orange juice& apples.I exercise for an HOUR everyday or atleast 5 times a week.I had no spare tyre whatsoever...my old pics can vouch for that.BUT,after entering UiTM,I did keep up with my fitness regime at first but as the semester pass,I start to feel really lazy about it.And I start getting to know what Mamak food is all about and eating fried rice dishes(my mum is a health freak too so yup..we don't frequent Mamak stalls or nasi berlauk places at all!!!).By having my own threadmill,I can run while watching the tv or reading a book(ala Reese Witherspoon in Legally

3.A humongous teddy bear!!!!!!

I have never been one of those girls who have many teddy bears(like my mum!!) or sleep with a teddy bear...But recently,I am getting more and more attracted to big,big and huge teddy bears..saw one at Sunway a few weeks back but when I went there recently,it wasn't there anymore.sob sob.When we went to Alamanda after the picnic,I saw an even bigger teddy at ToyCity and it is RM700!!!But I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.A mini-library at my home filled with books that I want to read but haven't bought yet..^_^

Yes,I am a dork sometimes & I love to read!There are soo many books that I want to read but have no time or have no money at that particular time to buy it...huhuhu.

5.Nokia 8800/iPhone
I have never really been a tech geek but I would love to have this phone.It's so gorgeous & sleek or an iPhone will be just as great too...^_^

6.iPod Touch

Woohoo!!My love has always been towards Ipod Nano but this new baby takes the cake!!!Its beeootifoolll..

7.A Fendi B Bag
I fell in love with this bag since sometime last year..It's so unique& gorgeous!
The price range is from US $1360-2000...woooweee mama mia!(like Izza would say..hehe)

8.Lots and lots of shoes!!!!!!!!!!

I love,love shoes!I have many pairs,from gladiator flats to ballet flats to wedges to platform heels to kitten heels..Would love to have my own shoe closet a'la Becky Bloomwood..^_^.
But I tend to wear the same pair of sandal over and over again..hehehe.
But if I get any of these shoes I would definitely treasure them forever and ever!

Christian Louboutin's

9.All the cool beauty products that are not available in M'sia!

I am a big fan of make-up stuffs,perfumes & cool bath products...Here are a few things that I haven't seen in our country but want to have!!!

Their body wash line are so amazing!There's cucumber melon,chocolate ,blackberry vanilla,warm vanilla sugar & many more!!!

This brand has so many pretty products.Can you imagine have beauty products with smell such as Buttercream frosting,Cocoa buttercream frosting,pink potion,pink champagne,pina colada & peach parfait???Heavenly...

10.Paige Premium Denim jeans!!!!---http://www.paigepremiumdenim.com/

I don't think this brand is available here...(anybody knows if it is..please tell me!!)But ever since I saw the jeans and read on how amazing it is in In-Style...I want one or two or three pair of it...teehee


Acad said...

The jeans look..errmm..arrr..errmm

Liyana said...

Paige Premium Denim the'Laurel Canyon' jean was deemed by In-Style magazine(dun remember which issue but i'll check back later...)as the MOST flattering pair of jean on every woman that has tried it on!

Kinda like that pair of jean in the movie the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...huhuhu
And the current issue of In-Style(May 08) are featuring the most flaterring jeans for all shapes & sizes & yuppzzz..Paige Premium Denim is on it!!!wooohoooo

Tatie said...

picnic sangat best.
sngat syg semua!!!!