Thursday, May 01, 2008 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Just watched my favorite current tv shows,Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill.

Don't want to spoil much info but...Jenny's a biatchhh!!!!!!!!!!
You can't bring down Queen Bee huney...you're so gonna pay for it...
Long live Blair Waldorf!!

I got inspired by OTH's current episode when they said what they want in their life at the moment...

I want to believe in the goodness of people,that not everyone is bad...so I'm trying...

I want to be able to open up myself to a guy and let him into my heart...hopefully in months to come,I'll find out who he is...

I want to earn more money so that I don't burden my parents...thanks to Ad & Mr.Kamran,I might just be able to get more work...

I want to have fun with my friends& Izza before she leaves...can't wait for finals to end!

I want to feel what being in love and loved is all about..like what Tatie & Ejoi have..^_^

I want to be good to my body and take care of myself better...got to stop taking those drugs...ahahahahaha..kiddin!

I want to truly forget someone and move on...It's for the best.


Acad said...

I dun watch OTH or GG..
Btw..I'm searching for works now!
I want to be able to open my heart to a girl too
I want to have fun with Izza too
I want to feel what being in love and loved too
I want a perfect body too..a perfect one..flawlessly perfect
I want to truly forget someone and move on too


Anonymous said...

i've just watched my fav tv show too!!!
Power Rangers Mystic force...
n i got inspired too!! (^ ^)
i believe that magic do exist if we believe in it
(sarcasm meter going overboard)

p/s: ignore this comment

Liyana said...

izza,tatie,nad,moja tgk jer gossip girl!!!
carik laaa keje..dpt gaji besau nanti belanjer laa aq...

acad,bley x ko wat 'I want' sendri???

tat's nt really a show kay??
tats for kids...hahaha

Tatie said...

u will..
hidup ni macam roda..kan? (:

Acad Power Ranger Merah said...

Power rangers is a show too..even it's for kids..
well what to do..we got addicted..like u guys with the gossip girl and etc..