Wednesday, June 04, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Have you heard about the rise of the price of petrol starting tonight(rm 2.70!!!)???damnnnn!!!It means that next semester I have to spend more money on my car...sob sob sob..Goodbye shopping or going out...uwaaaaaa!!!Tension!!!

Basically what I've been doing is reading stacks of my newly purchased books,watching more downloaded stuff,catching up on the last few episodes of The Hills season 3(I heart Lauren Conrad ever since Laguna Beach season 1 okayyyy & I have all the dvd's of Laguna Beach & The Hills!!hehehe),flipping through my mum's cookbooks to try new recipes..can't wait to bake baguette(ooohhh..I love freshly baked baguette!!!)& croissant(my youngest brother fave).

My reading far I have finish all 3 book by Annie Hawes & Debutante Divorce(it took me just 3 hours to read this..chick lit jer kot!!haha)

Can't wait for my cousin's performance at Paul's Place this Sunday.I am not going to Roxy this Saturday though I got a ticket from my brother because after much will be filled with many screaming teeny boppers(ugghhh!)& mesti sesak giler...yikes!!Besides most of my close friends are not going either...hahaha.Mule2 excited pastuh macam...errrr...xpelaaa..huhu.

Umi's operation went well and she's recuperating at Nenek's house,eating lots of Ikan Haruan soup.My cousin is staying over for a couple of days.Sempit laaa my bilik now...muahaha.Kidding!

I'm a freak because I went to The Atria to buy more books at The Big Bookshop warehouse sale a few days ago.hehehe.Seriously,from a person who has been to various book warehouse sale in more than 5 years,the best selection is at The Big Bookshop.Because they sell a lot of books that you won't get at MPH or The Times. Payless Books warehouse sale,have many books that you won't get at MPH or The Times too but the books are really old sometimes, but I still find great gems there from time to time.

I watched Charm School last night and I was appalled by the boys...What kind of boys are they???Like..ewwww...3 things that irks me off about a boy is bad manners,bad hygiene & bad fashion style..eughhhh.Like,if you have no money to buy clothes..can't you at least look like you bathe once in awhile???hahaha

Ooh,Pushing Daisies will be on 8TV soon,watch it people!I watched the 1st season since late last year...Ned is sooo cute in a bumbling kind of way..hehehe.


nina aLyssa said...

liyana i've already linked u!
lame tak jumpe u!

Liyana said...

thanks nina!!lame xjumpe u too!!!

nina aLyssa said...

omg i know what u mean. spending more than half of my weekly allowance on petrol is sangat mengarut! well, we have to cut down on the shopping la kan? boohoo..hehe btw, awesome blog!

Liyana said...

sgt mengarut!!!!!tu shopping aimlessly..hanye boley shopping utk baju raya...hahaha
thanks!!!ur blog is awesome the template!

Tatie said...

smlm aku gi isi minyak full~ sebelum naik harga today~
ko tahu tak panjangggggg gile queue~~~~ sejam aku tunggu!!!
ramai gile org hon2 gado2.
bodo la gomen! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

Liyana said...

kamu dh balik dr bandung sih???hehehe
tu laa...ayah aq kn pakai kete aq gi keje...
so die sempat isi minyak for my car jer straight after abes keje...
kete die,die try 3 kali pusing gi petronas semlm,xdpt isi minyak..
sian kete ayah aq tuh...sob sob sob
tatie,kami sume xjd gi Roxy..sob2
maybe aq gi Pauls Place jer