Ayat-ayat cinta

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

After reading a blog entry from my friend, on the movie Ayat-Ayat Cinta a couple of months ago,I was so excited to watch it for myself because of Moja's rave reviews.The movie is based from the book of the same name from author Habiburrahman El Shirazy.The main characters,Fahri played by Ferdi Nuril,Maria Girgis played by Carissa Putri and Aisha played by Rianti Cartwright.All three of the main cast are Muslim in real life as well.

To me,Ayat -Ayat Cinta wasn't that great of a movie but overall it was good.Fahri,the main character of the movie is a pious Muslim and admired by a bevy of girls for his charisma,his devotion to his religion and overall,at the start of the movie it seems like he's a perfect person.But as the movies goes,we realize that hey,nobody's perfect...

The review of the movie from imdb is just spot on :

In choosing Aisha,Fahri might be a tad shallow but then again,he's only human(watch Fahri's reaction during the scene when Aisha unveils her burqa during Taaruf).The movie gets interesting when Fahri was accused of raping Noura.That really got my attention because what a cow she is!Fahri helped her from being abused by her father and reunited her with her biological family but instead she repays Fahri kindness by claiming that he raped her?That really angered me.
The movie also became interesting when we sees how hard it was for Fahri to be fair to both of his wives and we get to see that polygamy is not something that is easy for both the husband and wife.
Ferdi Nuril played his role very well.I admit it,if I met someone like Fahri in real life,I might have a crush on him just like what happened to Nurul,Noura,Aisha and Maria.A good movie but I thought there were loopholes here and there.It's worth to watch though.So go and watch it!