I melt & cried

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

L: Oh,God.

H: I spent my whole life wanting something and doing my very best not to find it.Never even going near the places it might be and suddenly,I got the goddamn thing practically chained around my neck.

L: What are you talking about?

H: You.You.You're the....you're...you're the goddamn thing.You're...I mean,you're...you're...Aaaahh...I can't describe you...I don't...I don't....I don't write that kind of shit...I write...you know,the people who write the real books,the love books and the poems and even those stupid little fucking novels with the hunky assholes on the cover.You know...you know what I'm talking about?

You're like,princess shit.You know,fairy tales.You know what I'm saying?The million guys are after her and they're blinded by your beauty kind of shit.Real big stuff you know...even we got the dick who kidnaps you and sticks you in a cave and you're guarded by a 5-headed dragon,and you know,the tales of your plight are spread throughout the land and now all the guys go and put on their shoes so they can see what's up,but none of them have...have the balls to save her except for me.

I would go through anything for you.And still...there I was,looking for a way not to see it.Anything.

L: Stupid idiot.

H: Yes.

L: Yeah.

H: Yes,I'm a big,fat,stupid idiot.