The curse of SYTYCD

Friday, June 13, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

When I watched the second season of So You Think You Can Dance this year,during the audition episodes,it brought back memories,the times that me and my friends spend a week at DBKL,for the production of our musical,Whoa Willow!I wonder if the contestants also met the nice and chatty Aunty Selvi and if they were haunted by the ghosts at DBKL(seriously..that place is 'keras'.A number of my friends 'kena' during that one week we were there).

Oh,I finally manage to watch SYTYCD from start to finish yesterday..I haven't really watch the show during the holidays.I have to say,the dancers are really good.I don't remember their names but the 1st 4 couples was very good and so were the last couple.Oh yeah,last year,the reason why I never really paid any interest towards SYTYCD is because of the bad host.Like really...last year my friends and I,in particular Izza(muahahaha),was really,really annoyed by the host...she who shall not be named.Izza will be like,blabbing about her mistakes to me while I laugh at her expressions.But..ugghhh...she really did a bad job as a host for the show!!!It's really,really annoying or as they say, 'mengjengkelkan'.So I thought that since Aishah Sinclair will be hosting SYTYCD this season,she'll do a better job,although my friends doesn't like her either.

So as I watched yesterday's show,I made the conclusion that there's a curse for the host of SYTYCD.That they'll always be bad.Although Aishah wasn't as bad as the former host,she was bad.I watched last week show for like a few minutes and the host just annoys the hell out of me, that I just switch the channel.Seriously..last week she was really,really bad.I was like...doesn't she practice or something before the show?And her Malay is bad too...Like...hello???Just because you're mix-blood takkanlah dah lupa bahasa Melayu.Even the way she pronounce Malaysia in English is laughable & she's a Malaysian kot!!!!Please la find a better host like Belinda or Marion or Rina.Freaking annoying okay!!!


Anonymous said...

liyana! remember me?


Liyana said...

of course i remember you!!!the dielle family!!!!hehehe...hw r u??i'll link ur blog to mine kays??

w A said...

oww you were being quite harsh to her! pardon her attempt i'd say. Just overlook the matter and feast your eyes on the nicely done executions. yeah she was a turn-off but I would love to see how she would improve. IF EVER. @_@