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Dedication is an indie movie that was shown in the US late last year.Ever since I watched the trailer last year,I wanted to watch it but I know that it'll take a looong time before I'll be able to.Probably because I'm a big fan of Mandy Moore..I have all of her movies on dvd,even the stinkers(like Chasing Liberty& Saved).But since it's an indie movie & not the blockbuster-kind,it didn't make it to Malaysia's big screen.I was so surprise to find the dvd last week while I was going out with my cousins.Because of exhaustion,I watched it a day after I bought it.

It was amazing.It wasn't like the normal run-of-the-mill romantic movies.It's different,it's quirky and although I have not watch Billy Crudup before,I fell in love with him in the movie.He's a complete asshole in the movie but I guess that's the charm.Because to think about it,it's better when a guy is an asshole to you up front because when he tries to be sweet to you,it just makes you melt, rather than a guy who's all sweet and mushy to you at the start and then suddenly became an asshole(been there,done that!).This indie movie to me,have one of the best romantic movie script ever!It's definitely real and not sugar coated stuff.Buy it,watch it,ponder about it & keep it.A keeper & must watch!

Some of my favorite scenes/things from the movie is when
a)Henry's one liners on the meaning of life."Life is nothing but the occasional burst of laughter rising above the interminable wall of grief" & so many more Life is....from him.

b)The many quirks about Henry.He has to sleep on the floor,on a mattress with heavy objects on top of him to make him feel safe.He never stirs things clockwise. He never drives a car because to him they're death boxes...hahaha.The funniest part was when he had to drive a car with emergency lights on, to find the rock that he gave Lucy.

c)What a big asshole Henry is,is shown when he met Lucy at the diner,he went on and on about the life of the waitress and.....You have to watch it for yourself!

d)The scene in the restroom between Lucy & Henry ,during Lucy's book signing,made me cry...The lines uttered by Henry is so funny/sweet/sad altogether.