Final results are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

As I was chilling at my house...suddenly I got a very scary text message from a friend saying that final results are out.I was like..what???Wasn't the results suppose to come out on the 9th???Why now???Why on this relaxing day????

With a deep breath and a gulp of the fresh mountain air...I log in and checked my results.And..with a sigh of C's or failure..hehehe.Mostly B's & A's...wooohooo!!!Now I can sleep with relief...Because before I would fear the impending day where my results will come out because I thought that I did badly in a couple of subjects.Thank God.Scream at my mum that I got no C's and she was like..what's going on??Because I rarely get scream-excited in the house..hehehe.Called Izza after that to share the great news!hehe.Sleepover lets go!!!

Oh,btw I won't be going to Pauls Place because a son of my dad's friend is getting married on the same day & time.Between my family and a gig,of course my family is more important.Besides,I'm sure there'll be more gigs that my cousin will perform at sometime this year.So now I'm looking forward to my birthday!!!This 25th of June I will be turning 21!!yeay meee!!heheh.Bye peeps!


w A said...

Dear Liyana,

Sorry to trouble you, but Ive changed my blog link (again) to I decide to work my blog under pseudo now. haha.

Yours Truly.

Liyana said...

huhuhu...i've link u worries!