How to do your own facial

Monday, June 23, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Now before I start,here's the picture of the skin products that I use.To Moja...the dark blue tube is the eye cream!

I am a pretty lazy I tend to do my own facial once in a blue moon but when I do,this is how I do my own facial.Follow it step by step and do it at least once a month and the way the steps that I am doing was taken from the Get Amazing Skin article by Rachael Nichol of Seventeen US Magazine with 17 experts, Christine Chin & Andrea DeSimone, facialist based in NY & Kate Somerville,a celebrity facialist based in LA.

1.Clean your skin with your facial wash.

2.Steam your face for 15 minutes.

How to steam your face

a)Boil a pot of water

b)Pour into a big bowl.

c)You can pour essential oils in the water like Lavender or Rose,or you can put Chamomile tea bags,or chopped mint or lemon peels(I love doing this one!) in it too.Let it sit for a few minutes otherwise the steam will be too hot for you to steam your face over it.

d)Then take a towel and make a tent with your face,putting the bowl in it ,to not let the steam out of the towel & steam your face for 15 minutes.Breathe in as it is good for your sinus too!!Do it like in the picture only cover your face & the bowl with the towel.The girl in the picture is just lifting the towel to show her face...hahaha

3.Now you are ready for extraction!!Extraction is to get rid ONLY whiteheads & blackheads NOT inflamed zits.This is what the thingy for extraction looks like:To use the extractor,make sure that you have a mug of just boiled water because you have to dip the needle in the water for a few seconds,wipe it of with a tissue or cloth(cos' it will be hot)& then you can start to use that round part of the needle( and not the pointy part!!) to scrape your skin of the whiteheads.

Have a box of tissues on hand beside you, so that you can wipe the extractor every time you extract the whitehead & dip into the hot water & proceed again.

*Never ever use your hands to squeeze your spots or whitehead or blackheads!!

*Avoid extractions one week before your period,when you're most sensitive to pain.

*How extraction feels:Pain factor is medium to high,depending on how clogged your pores are.

*Results:Skin around clogged pores will be red immediately afterward(it happens to me too,so don't worry!),but it will calm down in one or 2 days.Since your pores will be clean,you'll have fewer breakouts in the next few weeks.

*Don't wear any makeup(powder or foundation) for the next 24 hours after facial.

4.After extraction,apply a mask(I use St.Ives mineral clay firming mask) and leave it for 10-20 minutes.

*This will calm any redness,hydrate your skin,or tighten your pores,depending on which type of mask is applied.

*A clarifying mask with sulfur or clay=tighten pores and eliminate oils

*A soothing mask with aloe or seaweed=calm irritation and speed up healing of blemishes

*A hydrating mask with honey or aloe=repair skin that has been dried out due to Retin-A or overtreatment of breakouts.


thanks Li. i cant wait to try! :)

and btw, ive been using that extractor too except that i didnt steam myface dulu and dip that extractor into any hot water. huhu. now i know i have to. sigh.

yeay! dah phm tent tu cmne! thanks lurve! ^^

Liyana said...

ur welcome!hope that picture helps too...

yupzz,steaming your face will open up your pores,so xla sakit sgt when you extract & by dipping the extractor in hot water,it will kill the bacteria.

Agak tedious,cos once you extract the whitehead/blackhead,you have to wipe it on the tissue & dip the extractor in hot water,wipe it again on the tissue & scrape other whitehead/blackhead.

This is to avoid the bacteria from the other whitehead/blackhead to spread to other parts of the face.

But you only have to do it once or twice a month so it's worth it!