Money makes the world go round.....really?

Thursday, June 12, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Read The STAR newspaper today, and turn to page 51 and read Brave New World by Azmi Sharom.It's so damn funny and it made me laugh.Because I have met those kind of children in real life..the one who can't stop yapping about the fact that they go to overseas for holidays every year...which bores me to tears and people who have to listen to it too...I just want to say to my mum always love to use this phrase.."So what?"..hahaha.

Recent happenings around the world..the ever rising price of oil has become such a big issue...that it is being discussed everywhere even when I went to the wet market with my parents recently,..the man selling the fruits is talking about it with his friend,non-stop.As I was picking out the mangosteens,choosing the best ones,he,the fruit man,was talking about the fact that it's not that there's no oil,there is,but these people can't afford it.Then the brutal of reality hits me.If I think that the recent rise of oil prices will put a damper on my family expenses, what will become of the people who have even less than me,who have to fill up their car/motor tanks?So yeah,oil subsidies is not beneficial to the poor,it benefits those who are already rich.The gov should give direct subsidies to the poor as they are the one who will truly be affected from the rise of oil prices.

We from the middle-class, can still live our lives with the rising prices of everything from petrol to food ,if we make the necessary changes in our lives.My dad and me will exchange our cars when the semester opens.I'll drive his car to class,while he drives my car to work since my car saves more oil than his.Besides,his work place is much farther than our house and he sometimes car pool with his friends.

Oh yeah,the think that irks me most about money is that there are people who have more money than others who feels that,that instantly makes them far more superior than other people.I have met many well-off people who are incredibly down to earth and nice.They certainly doesn't feel the need to drop how much they earn or what expensive stuff they buy in their daily conversation.But then there are people,who because of some chemical in their brains maybe..feels the need to actually mention to people suddenly, in a normal conversation, the fact that their father has how many million of money in the WTF?????Like,is that necessary?I have also met people who can't stop talking about money when they go out with my friends.I find it sad that their lives only revolve around money.Sure,money is important.I am not going to deny that fact,but it is not everything!You can have all the money in the world but if you have no one to share it with,is your life worth living?To me,LOVE makes the world go round.Without love from my family and my friends,I won't be happy and contented as I am today.


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Hmm...these group of people you mentioned...very familiar..*wink*

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