The most action I got early this year

Friday, June 13, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

After a whole semester of getting a car and next semester I will use my 'gedabak besar' dad's car a lot to go to class,I can't help but remember the horrific and action packed adventure I had with my lil white baby the first week(yes...the FIRST week) I got it.People usually,USUALLY,get into accidents on the ROAD....But lo and behold...I just had to be original and different than the others!

As I recall,I think it happened early February this year...I was on my way to my grandma's house from Izza's house and it was around 4 something in the afternoon.I stop my car,in front on my grandma's gate and suddenly and I don't know what the devil possessed me and I accidentally put my feet on accelerate instead car,hit this big gate,you know the ones that bungalow houses has with the gold trimmings and everything..the heavy,heavy ones & to make matters worse,it was yeah,it was like I was in some action movie or something.

My car vrooommm...hit the gate and the gate fell down with a BANG..luckily,it got under the car not over it or I would have died crushed by the heavy,heavy gate.It made such a LOUD noise that the whole neigbourhood heard it and even the bibiks from left,right and front houses came out to look and my grandma who was about to perform her Asar prayers,came out to the upstairs balcony in her telekung and was like "Ya Alllah!".I was in the car,with the big heavy white iron gate underneath my car,on my right,the trees and shrubs on my grandma's garden made it impossible for me to come out of the car so I had to scoot over and go to the other side.

But of course I was in shock and in my head I was like,"Did that just happened to me?".And I was thinking the fact that my dad will chop my head off,because the first day I drove my car and went out with my friends,I reverse the car wrongly and hit this van in the bumper causing like 4 deep lines of paint from the van stamped on the bottom front of my car.

So,with the right side of the gate stuck under my car(the left side was still intact on the gate),I tried to reverse the car but it wouldn't budge.To top it all off,because of the impact of the crash,the number plate in front of my car fell out.I was panicking, so I called my aunt and asked her to call one of the guys who works for our relative's Esso and thank God when he came and he pulled the gate from under my car,and he put the car in the driveway.But of course there was a big dent on the left side of may car(which a lot of my friends asked about this semester,to which I lied when answering about it..even 1 of my bestfriend,Hafriz..didn't really know because I know that he will make fun of you know brother!!!).

After that,I called my mum and she told my grandma & aunts to not tell my dad because he will chop my head off if he finds out... and then I called Izza to which she and Tatie was puzzled about the whole thing because really..does this happen to NORMAL people??NOOO!!It had to happened to me!!!They even laugh about it afterwards...sob sob sob.And then I texted a few people.Because duh...the whole thing shocked me!!!!Have you seen the size of my grandma's gate and get this,that gate is much,much older than ME!!And of course when my aunt got back,they had to POINT OUT that for so many years,never ever have ANYONE hit the gate with their car before!My friend Syukri who got back from Auckland,called me straight after I texted him and yes,even he LAUGHED on the phone because yeah..only me would think of 'langgar-ing' the gate on my FIRST week(sorry Syuk cause didn't get to hang when u were in M'sia...I know ur reading this!!!^_^..I miss u & I haven't YM in a looooong time cos I malasss!!!).

I thought that I would be able to keep it a secret from my dad but of course,when he came to my grandma's house,he did a thorough inspection of my car and since he has a very sharp pair of eyes,he notice the dent to which my mum was like covering up for me so he shruggged that off but then as he knelt down and inspect the bottom part of the car...he saw that it was a mess!!!He went ballistic and yeah,we fight,I cried.And he took the car to the service center and when he got back,he said that the total cost of repair would be around 1k!!!I was like inside...shitzzzz.Because I have wrecked my laptop monitor, so I need 1k to fix it but now of course my dad won't fork the money to repair that now because of this.I felt so guilty that I didn't have lunch and sleep all afternoon.When I woke up,my aunt 'balaci' to me that actually the cost of repair was only rm200!!But my dad wanted to scare me so that I would be more careful.Hurmpph!So yeah,after that I took great care of my car and had never ever ever got involve in any accident after that...huhu.That whole crash,really,if you were there,looked like it came out of an action-packed movie.muahaha.

P/S:Have you guys seen Chace Crawford's high school picture at Perez Hilton today?heheeh.See,with lotsa grooming,someone can totally looked HOT!!