My skincare regime

Saturday, June 21, 2008 Liyana Hanim 10 Comments

I take care of my skin very well.After all,I am a beauty product freak..I don't know how many masks I have tried...haha.But the truth is,I have never ever go to facials.EVER!I guess because I'm scared of the outcome as in what if I go and then my face looks worse after that???Shudders...So I do everything on my own.As in I do my own facials.

A full facial means that I wash my face, exfoliate it and then I steam my face,and then I apply a mask,wash it off,apply toner,eye cream,moisturizer and if I happen to have a zit,I put on the trusty zit cream.

But my normal day-to-day skin regime doesn't include exfoliating,steaming or putting on a mask.I do exfoliate once a week or twice a week if I sweat a lot that week..haha.

Okay...why the hell did I blog about this all of a sudden?Because Hafriz's sweet girlfriend,Izlin,asked me what I used to make me look 'cun' during the hols...heheh.'Cun' means pretty in the Malaysian language.Maybe she was kidding with the compliment...haha.But hey,I grab whatever I can get..LOL!!

Plus..I love beauty products...Have I not mention it before??One of my dream job is to become a Beauty Editor or an Author/Magazine Editor/Lecturer/Restaurateur...yeah..I'm ambitious like that!

Here's a list of what I use for my skincare regime:

Facial wash : Neutrogena Pure Mild Facial Cleanser(this is the best!!I have used since high school)

Toner :Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner(before this I use Loreal Pure Zone toner but I switch to this and it works as well)

Eye Cream:Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Eye Protector SPF 15(essential for people with heavy eye bags like moi!Izza use it as well cos we bought it together..hahaha..But I always,always scold her because she always forgot to use it and then she will talk about how deep her eye bags are..Like Moja!hahahaha.)

Moisturiser:Morning-Olay White Radiance Intensive Whitening Cream & Night-Olay White Radiance Night Whitening Cream

Sunblock:This my dear,is soooo important!!!Protect your skin from the sun because it's ,it's number 1 enemy!
Loreal UV Perfect XL Block Advanced Fluid Protector & Arms/Hands/Chest-Loreal UV Perfect XL Block Advanced Spray Protector.

Mask:St.Ives Mineral Clay Firming Mask or Garnier's Sauna Mask--really cool because once I put it on,my face feels warm..the 'sauna' effect or Loreal/Olay Whitening Mask..all of them work wonders and use them once a week will do!

Exfoliator:St.Ives Apricot Scrub Whitening or any of St.Ives Apricot scrub are great as well..

Zit cream:Clearasil Ultra Spot Clearing Cream.

Hope this helps you Izlin!!!^_^


ika said...

hi liyana ..
looking at your regime and the products you use, you should know that you are lucky to have good skin.
some people ( im talking about myself ) , have oily and acne-prone skin. sungguh dahsyat sekali.
p/s : neutrogena cleanser is the best !

moja said...

God, bnyak nye...
Ahahahaha.. nanti kene beli lah eye cream tuh.. Ahahahahahaha...
"Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Eye Protector SPF 15"
Can it be any longer than that? duh.

Hehehe. Pakar rawatan persolekan TESL.. hehehe

Liyana said...

hye ika!
i am not 'blessed' with good skin..i took care of it...hehehe
when i was 12 years old,i used clean & clear facial wash & i break out all over my forehead okay!!!

And i had bad,bad sun spots on both sides of my face when i was 15,but by the time i was 17 it was gone cos i used Loreal Double Whitening(tat u have to pump & kuar 2 diff cream in white& orange color)...

I have oily skin too!!!The problem with oily skin is that we can't use moisturizer that is too creamy cos u'll get zits!So far I use Olay & it has been good to my skin.Loreal is good to!Always use a a toner after you have wash your face to get rid of residue kays??

Zit cream like Clearasil & Neutrogena's are good.

Never,ever sleep with make up on cos that too,will end up with zits on your face.I use Johnson Baby Oil to remove it.

Liyana said...

mmg pjg giler pastuh u bley plak msg tanye psl tat...xrelevan!!muahaha
So far,I've wore that eye cream for 2 months..okay laa..

But I want to buy the Olay gel like one but no money maa!!!hahah

Liyana, i think u've answered my question on the moisturizer that supposed to moisturize our skin tiba2 they gave us pimples sbb our skin jd extra oily. hehe. fyi, i've beeen to do some facial hoping to have better skin and when i came back home, the result is disastrous. huhu. smpai skang i boikot facial2 nih.

owh, how bout scar cream? sbb pimples?

and that Loreal White Perfect Deep Whitening Eye Protector SPF 15--i am so gonna have one. terrible eye bags maa.

p.s: this is for Liyana's attention so excuse me. :P

and a good compact powder that wont clog your pores? i've been using ZA but idk whether its good or bad. and fyi, my pores ni cam significant sgt. ade any suggested product to reduce them? (my comments kalu kept privated lg best. hehe malu la :P)


Anonymous said...

my skin is so sensitive.. i have to be extra careful when choosing a product.

so far, i can only use clinique. damn expensive. unlucky me...

but luckily, i dont have blemish. just sensitive skin. itll be very itchy if i use the wrong product. especially cheap ones... yucks.. i think i have to marry a billionaire.


do u happen to know any cheaper products for sensitive skin? cut aloe vera out. im allergic to that as well.


Liyana said...

Izlin,the stuff that I discuss with you yesterday will help with your skin care.Especially that toner!About compact powder tu..I tak tau sangat because I have been using Maybelline for about 2 years now.Nanti I cari eks??xoxo

Liyana said...

Hana,your using Clinique 3 step tuh ker?tats good for ur skin!

Yup,it's true,sensitive skin is the most expensive of them all..hehehe.
I did a post just for you..check it out!

ok. thank you babe!