Tuesday, June 10, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!I really,really regret the fact that it took me such a long time to finally watch the movie Stardust.My dad bought the dvd of the movie a few months ago because he's a fantasy movie buff.He loves those kind of movies but I am not really a fan of that genre.I mean,I watch LOTR,Harry Potter,Eragon,The Golden Compass and Narnia because I have read the books beforehand so I wanted to see what it looks like on screen.So when Stardust came out late last year,I didn't give much interest to it.Probably because I was busy with finals or was it adjudicating?I didn't remember but the point is,I didn't get to watch it at the cinema.

Captain Shakespeare(Robert De Niro) & Tristan

But last night,I was bored and since the dvd is picking up dust on my dvd shelf(I took a stack of dvd from my dad to watch, but never did have the time to do so),I picked it up and played it.I finish watching it around 4 a.m.And I have to say,hands is one,or probably the BEST fantasy movie EVER!Amazing,amazing cast.From Ben Barnes,Michelle Pfeiffer,Robert De Niro(love his funny Captain Shakespeare character...hahaha),Claire Danes,Charlie Cox,Ricky Gervais,Rupert Everett(the ghost brothers are so funny!!), and many more.I heart Charlie Cox.Maybe because I have a thing for guys who can pull of the long hair look.It's incredibly sexy to me..hehe.Ben Barnes,Josh Holloway(Sawyer from LOST),Orlando Bloom(in LOTR & Elizabethtown)..all of them looked sexy with long hair..Yummy..hehehe

Charlie Cox as Tristan

The remarkable cinematography in Stardust is to die for.It makes the movie looked incredible!!And I love the fact that the movie has everything from humor,to romance, to thriller,action and fairytale.I am definitely going to buy the book written by Neil Gaiman this weekend.And...yup,I am going to watch the movie again after this...hehehe.It's so good!Thanks to my dad for buying the dvd for keeps!!!!!

Oh,I also recommend you people to watch this classic fairytale/comedy movie which is one of Scarlett Johansson fave movie as well.The name of the movie is The Princess Bride.The movie came out the year I was born so it's hard to find it in dvd form in Malaysia but I have the dvd after searching high and low for it last year.It's definitely a keeper!