The sun-the skin no.1 enemy!

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Taken from the article Age of Enlightenment by Laurel Naversen Geraghty of Allure Magazine.

NASA defines "radiance" in relation to the origin points of meteors;for earth-bound physicists,"radiance" means emanating heat.For the skin,however,the term is more difficult to pin down.The most radiant skin is free of discoloration,according to Procter & Gamble researchers,who found this quality can make a woman look as many as 20 years younger than a woman with mottled skin.

Many dermatologists define radiance as the skin's ability to reflect light---something that's determined by its texture."Heaps and valleys of dead skin cells do not reflect light well,"explains Leslie Baumann,professor and director of cosmetic dermatology at the University of Miami.

What these dermatologists' definitions have in common is a reverence for clear,glowing skin.And the desire to fit the bill is widespread. "Women of every ethnicity are hugely concerned with it,"says Amy B.Lewis,assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Yale Medical School."Fair women are sun-sensitive and get blotchiness and freckling; many Asians crave lighter skin;and when African-American and Indian people have a pimple or a rash,they often get hyperpigmentation-dark splotches that can last for months."

But the true source of many pigment problems,you've heard it before and you'll hear it again,is the sun.Without sun protection,radiant skin could remain elusive as the origin of a meteor shower.

When in doubt,blame any skin problem on the sun.
"The production of tyrosinase--the pigment-creating enzyme--is a direct result of being in the sun,"Ranella Hirsch says."People will get a temporary improvement from a(skin-brightening/whitening)treatment,only to get instantly worse when they step outside without sunscreen(!!!!!!)".

But blindly slathering on SPF 60 won't cut it.SPF ratings correspond only to protection from UVB,the sunburning rays,not the deeply penetrating UVA light,which causes pigment problems.
(I guess,that's why there are friends of mine who uses cream with SPF as high as 100+ but it doesn't help their skin at all!)

Inspect the ingredients to make sure a sunscreen contains a potent UVA filter,such as Mexoryl,or a stabilized form of avobenzone,such as Helioplex,and wear it every day,year-round
."My melasma patients say they use SPF 30 every day and can't understand why they're not getting anywhere,"says Lewis."But as soon as I put them on a really good UVA blocker,like Mexoryl--boom,they start responding."


I can't wait for this two products from Neutrogena(from In-Style BEST BEAUTY BUYS 2008) to be available in Malaysia!!!(or is it already here??Have to go & check it out!)

1.Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55-
"Afraid of breaking out from your sunscreen?Dermatologist say this is the right choice for you.'It has a light,creamy texture that melts into your skin,"says Wellesley,Massachusetts derm,Elissa Lunder.

2.Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Body Mist SPF 45-
"I can do my back myself with this spray," says NYC derm Debra Jaliman."It leaves no residue and it provides great UVA & UVB protection."The lightweight formula is also good for acne-prone skin,says Jaliman.

Two products that has Mexoryl that was featured in In-Style April 2008 Best Beauty Buys is

1.Lancome UV Expert with Mexoryl SPF 20

2.La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizing Cream SPF 15-the best of the best because I have read about it not only on In-Style magazine but I'm sure that it will be expensive once it's available here!!!


free tanning service!


man, i gtg buy sunblock pronto before those pigments grow a continent on my skin!