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Like Izza said...'dzuuuuuper'...hehehe.

Yesterday,woke up,suppose to send my brother to my grandma's house at 10 but stretched until 10.40 am...My face was swollen from last night because I was bitten by a strange bug but I had no time to go to the clinic.As I was driving,I worried that the peeps might arrive at KTM Subang before I did..huhu.Around 11.20,sampai my grandma's house,called Hafriz since he has no credit.Got the bad news that KL Sentral operations was halted until 1.00 pm!Izza was stucked at Bangsar.So I called her and ask her to go to Sentral and wait there with Hafriz while I drove from Shah Alam to pick them up.

When I got there,the friggin police didn't allow cars to pass true KL Sentral main entrance...SOOOO I had to turn back...I was like how the heck can I pick those two up then??So I drove again to the main entrance and made an illegal U-turn and waited for them behind the police van(cos' they were manning the entrance).Luckily the police just buat dunno when I stopped my car at waited for my peeps there.

After a few minutes of standing there and giving confusing directions(It went like this..."Aq kat bwh billboard VIOS,bwh Meridien...kiri aq Putra...LOL!) to Izza..around 12.30,they allowed cars to go through the main entrance,picked the peeps up & Izza drove my car to Sunway!!Yeayyyy!!!!The peeps was muy impressed with the fact that I manage to find KL Sentral without getting lost..yeay me!!!hehe

Had lunch at Ole-Ole Bali-I looked it up through food bloggers beforehand, & apparently it's really yummy..& yeah it was!!Really2 good food!Glad that we didn't go to eat fast food...I'm the birthday girl so they had to go with my choice of place to eat..^_^.Thanks Hafriz for treating us!!!The lime barley cooler there was such a delicious drink...My throat becomes dry when I think about it...heheheMy grilled chicken apokat(grilled chicken with garlic ciabatta bread,coleslaw& avocado/apokat)..sooo damn good!!!Even Izza says so!Nasi campur ole-ole made Izza go bonkers!Hafriz had the nasi campur ole-ole also..

I looked mighty weird with my swollen face.Hafriz thought that I was getting more chubby when he looked at me,but when both of them got a better look at my face,it was indeed swollen(went to the doc last night & he said that from the inside of my mouth also can tell that it's swollen..).

Then we watched SEPI!!!!!As I told Hafriz,I am a 'sepi' person so this movie is so right for me..It was good.It was Izza's 2nd time watching it but she doesn't mind.Afdlin is so cute in it.But I still love Pierre!!!sigh...hehehe.I'm sure Hafriz has blog about the movie but I'll do it on Monday.Cos' I'll be pretty busy this upcoming days...^_^...It's hard being famous(taken from Acad..hehehe)!

I have done so much shopping in this past 2 days with the birthday money that I got from my parents,my brother(he's younger than me but he's working currently before entering the uni,so he has quite a big paycheck for someone his age & it's great that he gave me some of his money!!!hehehe),my aunts & my grandma.

Bought 2 pair of shoes,an Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co -esque necklace,a hairband(I have so many now...must be Blair's influence..hehe),a new eyeshadow/blusher palette with 6 cool eyeshadow color of my choice & 1 blusher(my old one got lost somewhere..oops!)&In-Style July(love the plastic Balenciaga sunnies that Anne Hathaway wore in the's round while mine is square!!sob sob).

Have soo many more things to write but...arrghhh so damn tired!Was at Putrajaya from 8 am till late afternoon today!!Shop,shop again there while helping my mum too.And drove for like 2 hours straight after that...(don't ask why!!)..muehehehe.


Acad yg muda dri Li said...

Happy birthday..!!
Hepi 21st birthday..!!
Kamu sudah semakin di mamah usia..

May All Wishes Come True...Ok not all wishes!

Liyana said...

eeehhh...ko lg mude dr aq????
sedar laaa diri ko pun 21 gaks this year!!!muahahah