Truly amazing female singers

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm sorry to her fans,but I just don't get the hype with Marie Digby.Her voice is nothing to shout about.BTW,Mandy Moore did a cover of 'Umbrella' long before she did..duh!
Now Regina Spektor..that's a singer with a voice that can do so many things to it--

I'm going to list some of my favorite female singers here with a favorite video of mine of each of them.

1.Regina Spektor

I discovered her on the net around 3 years ago and have never stop listening to her songs.Her voice is amazing and she likes to make each of her songs unique because of her wide vocal range.Some of her songs make me smile while listening to it like 'Consequence of Sounds',Hotel Song','Poor Little Rich Boy', and 'On the radio'.Her beautiful song 'Samson' made me research what happened between Samson and Delilah.Plus,Disney has chosen her to sing the theme song for the Prince Caspian movie.The name of the song is 'The Call' and I haven't stop listening to it yet.

Consequences of Sounds

On the radio

2.Rachael Yamagata

Izza told me a story about her how she become the girlfriend of that one dude in the Smashing was so sweet,how they met each other and such.And then I started to listen to her songs and she sound great!She sound amazing when she sings live...My favorite song is Be,be your love...I used to listen to that song for days...But she's famous for the song 'Worn me down'.

Be be your love

3.Sara Bareilles
I have Sara's album 'Little Voice' loooong before it hit the Malaysian market...It's a great album and I play it all the time in my car.Although most of the songs is about love,the great thing about the album is that each song is very different than the other.My favorite songs from the album is Gravity,Bottle it up,One sweet love,morningside and between the lines.


4.Bethany Joy Galeotti
I love,love her character on One Tree Hill(one of my favorite tv shows & still is).She has such a beautiful voice(4 octave,I heard) and I love the song Halo and the song When the stars go blue(duet with Tyler Hilton).


When the stars go blue

5.Kate Voegele
I loved her ever since she added my on Myspace,sending a message to support her music & then I watched her on the latest season of One Tree Hill & she's great!I listen to her songs on the cd that I burn while I'm driving.I love the song Wish You Were Here and It's only life(which was used for Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 movie trailer..can't wait for that movie!!!)

Wish you were here

Other favorite female singers of mine are
1)Brandi Carlile
listen to Tragedy,which I almost wanted to use for my group MTV assignment 2 semesters ago

2)Grace Potter
listen to Falling or Flying