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My Fannie Flagg's book collection is completed....except for that one book of hers which is a cookbook but I don't need a cookbook on Southern American cuisine do I?hehe.I bought her latest book 'Can't wait to get to heaven' yesterday.

The thing that I love most about Fannie Flagg books is that the stories revolves around close knit families and neighborhoods,and basically they are like characters from Stars Hollow(Gilmore Girls town) put in a book.Reading her books never fail to make me feel warm and fuzzy.Like soul food.When I was a kid,I watched this made-for-tv movie titled 'Fried green tomatoes' and the story stuck to my mind until I was in university.One day,around 2 years ago,I went to this book warehouse sale and I found this book titled Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle Stop Cafe.I thought it sounded familiar,so I bought it and read it and I realize that this book was made into that made-for-tv-movie title Fried Green Tomatoes and I have never stopped buying Fannie Flagg's book after that.

Other people got all riled up during mega sale for clothes and stuff, but I get really,really excited when it comes to book warehouse sale & I can spend hours,literally,HOURS,poring over books at warehouse sale and making sure that I don't miss any hidden gems among the piles and piles of books....I love every minute of it!!!I have been to MPH,Times,Payless Books & The Big Bookshop warehouse sale.When I went to the recent Big Bookshop warehouse sale,my family went shopping and left me there because I love taking my time to go over each and every row of books and they get bored standing around waiting for me.hehehe.There were so many great books that I was in heaven.I wanted to buy so many things!For like RM150 you can get around 7 books!That's cheap okayyyy!

My brothers only read Harry Potter or Gempak/Manga so they don't share my excitement with books.My dad read gardening and DIY books while my mum read interior design books so they are not avid readers like me either.The one thing that everybody in my family reads(except for my dad) is Archie comics.My mum was the one who reads them ever since she was little,until NOW,along with Beano comics and when we were little we started to read them too.My mum still buy Archie comics until now and all of my brothers and me still read them.

You know that scene in the 2nd season of Gilmore Girls where Rory when to the library clearance book sale and Dean had to wait hours for her to finish buying books and she got so excited because of the books that she found while Dean was all bored sitting there waiting for her?That is what I am like when it comes to books.

And in season 1 where Rory's grandpa came to visit Stars Hollow and he saw the many books on Rory's book shelf,under her bed & in her drawers?That's what my room is like.Though I have a table filled with media devices, according to the transition of time.At first,when I was in high school,my dad bought me a tv because I have 3 brothers and what I want to watch are totally different than them.And then back then,VHS player was still used,so I got that to.But with time,VCD player came out & I got that.Now,I have a DVD player too which my dad bought for me 1 1&1/2 year ago.The thing I love about my dvd player is that I can burn all of my fav tv shows on dvd from the pc and I can watch it from the comfort of my room,on my tv!It's pretty great because even my dad's dvd player & my brother's dvd player can't play dvd that was burn straight from the pc...Oookay,I sound like such a geek now...

I have no place to put my books anymore and I wonder if I can fit another bookshelf in my room.Oh,I am reading 2 books by Annie Hawes at the moment.Extra Virgin and Ripe for Picking.I love them!Annie's British and she's been living in Liguria for 15 years so the books are about her adventure and life in Liguria.Sort of like a rougher version of Frances Mayes laa.

I also bought the original DVD of 'Hanazakari No Kimitachi e' at Speedy because I want to keep it cos' it's soo funny & the guys are super kawaii & hottt!!!!Previously I watched it from the dvd from my friend& I fell head over heels for the character Nakatsu Shuichi played by Ikuta Toma(I did a post on him 2 months ago I think...hehehe).I want to buy Honey & Clover(also starring Ikuta Toma) too but I was already broke again by that time...Never birthday is in 25 days!!!!woooohoooo!!!Turning 21!!!!