Menangis kerana Izza!!!!

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Izza called me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 hour worth of long distance conversation that clarified everything between both of our lives.
I told her everything that happened here and she told me everything that happened there.
Menangis aku bercakap dengan die...huhu
Menceritakan masalah2 hidup yang menyebabkan dia berkata.."What??"..hahaha.
Dan dia terkejut jua..takpe laa Izza,jangan risau eks???I'll be fine!!
IMY sooo bloody much!!Thanks so berry2 much for calling....
Macam tau2 jer that I really need to talk to you...:(
I'm sure that gypsy lecturer looks cool..take a picture of her for me kays??
And the Keanu Reeves lookalike classmate of yours!!hahaha...
Remember that you're 'exotic' so nab him laaa!!!hahah.
Weii aku nak lavender from your garden there!!!!jelesssssssssssssssssss dgn garden ko tuh...


Time management

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Today was a jam packed day for me...pheww.Tiring but fun...I manage to hangout with good friends that I haven't hang out in awhile and friends that I haven't really hang out outside of the faculty...And I'm glad that I did today because I've realize how I miss it all this while.

I'm awfully sorry..especially to Hanna,Hani & Napisah for kind off neglecting you guys since the semester starts..huhuh.It's funny how we manage to become good friends despite the fact that about 2 years ago,we started on the wrong foot.And now we understand each other so well and they are no bull kind of people..if they want to 'tegur' me they do it up front..Like a few days ago,I got an earful from Hanna for not stepping up to the plate...huhuh.I always get the straight up no holds barred from them kind of friendship...Akibatnya...hari ini Hanna telah menyentap aku dengan panah yang tajam dan berkata"Lepas ni lupa kiteorang lagi la tuh"..oucchhh...Sori babe!!Aku tidak bermaksud begitu...huhu...Hanna,aku dah ingat apa yang kau kata aku patut ingat tentang janji aku pada korang tuh...hehehe.Nanti aku bagitau kat kau eks?Napisah,start planning now!!!hehe

After class today,I had lunch with Napisah & Hanna.And since during breakfast Nazri describe the best Nasi Goreng Kampung that he had in Shah Alam,and he described it pretty enthusiastically,I was craving for it so off we went to the place to eat.Afterwards,Napisah wanted to find a birthday card for her mother and I saw this book that completely caught me off guard and I told Hanna & Napz that I want it because I'll be using it during my next semester but I didn't bring enough money for it....uwaaaaa!!!But I was like nevermind..I'll be getting some more birthday money soon...hehehe.So I can buy the book later days..But I was really afraid that there will be no copy of the book left since there were only 2 copies left....

Then we picked up Syatila at the faculty and went to main campus to get the stuffs for MeKar.Went to Unit Kebudayaan for the costumes and such and then went to VC's building to get the souvenirs stuff.Izlin & Aimi were texting me saying that they're already waiting for me at the faculty to go and watch Sex and the City...wooohooo!So off we went to drop Syatila at her house then to Hanna & Napz's house...and suddenly,Hanna took something out from her big bag...And gave me the book that I wanted to buy just now as a birthday gift!!!uwaaaaa.Turns out,when Napisah was trying on some shoes and I followed her,Hanna went to buy the book on the sly..hehe.Hanna,I love you!!!hahaha.Below is a picture of the book that Hanna bought for me...heeeee

After that,went to the fac,meet up with Aimi & Izlin and Aimi said that we should all just go in her car and so I drop my car at Hanna's place and went off with them.

Sex and the City was the bomb!!!Total chick flick but it was worth it.It was worth they way Aimi drove her car to make sure that we made it for the 5.30 show and even manage to buy snacks...hahaha.Aimi and I were gushing over the shoes,the clothes and the bags throughout the movie that I'm sure some people in the cinema were annoyed with us..but who cares!!haha.Aimi,you're a girl after my own heart with your knowledge on fashion.I was like..'Oohh that's a Prada clutch(I notice it when Charlotte hold it) '..'Oooh look at that shoe'..Look at that cupcake purse(cutie pie Lily wore it)'...'That's an ostrich leather bag'--my knowledge from reading all those InStyle magazines and fashion blogs are useful after all because some people who watch that movie might not notice that Charlotte wore a DVF dress during pregnancy or that Samantha was wearing a pair of bamboo hoops earrings(I have one in silver!!) or that Carrie wore the same studded belt 4 times in the movie(which Aimi and me keep pointing it out everytime it appears in a scene)..'...See,I knew that Aimi and I will get along just fine when she can pronounce Christian Lacroix correctly..hehehe.Or when Carrie brought out the wedding dress that she wanted to wear,Aimi turned to me and was like..."Is she for real?" and I was agreeing with her...hahaha.

The movie was great!!!I would definitely get the dvd and hope that they won't censore it like what happened in the cinema..Potong sana,potong sini that it kinda ruined the movie a tiny bit..There were some funny moments and not so funny moments in the movie.I applaud Samantha for her very strong will power...Dante is smokin hot!!!huhu.Charlotte's 'poughkeepsied' moment was so funny!!!hahaha.And the forest joke..ewww.The part when Big unveils the closet that he had remodeled for Carrie...we were like..gushing over it and was in complete awe..I want the exact same closet space too!!!huhu.And everytime Lily's in the picture we'll be like...'awwww'..hehe.She's so effing cute!!!All in all,it's a movie for every fashionista out there,though there were some fashion choices that we weren't so keen about like Carrie's big silk coat with the puff sleeves and with the big purple roses on them.

After the movie we went window shopping and we were kind off confused at some point because we wanted to go row by row so that we won't miss any store but we manage to go to all of them.ALL!!!hehe.They never get tired or hungry(okay we were kind off hungry but we pushed it aside for the sake of shopping!)of going from store to store and looking at all the clothes and stuff!hehe.See the advantage of having fashionistas as friends?Aimi and I even gave our secret fashion tips to Izlin(hushh kay babe??hehehe).Saw a few things( the cutest tee & the most beautiful dress!!) that I like and so did they,but since we didn't bring enough money to truly shop,we are going to come back in a few days to buy them and we manage to keep the name of the stores that we'll go back to in our head.....glad that I will get some more birthday money from my aunt...hey,you don't turn 21 every year okay?As we lost track of time window shopping,we realize that the place was going to close soon so we had to eat outside of the mall...huhu..All of us had dim sum and nasi goreng pattaya at my favorite mamak in Subang and it was Izlin's first time eating dim sum(and it was good right??).Was so full and then went back home,pick up my car and Aimi teman-ed me with her car from the back since we were going the same way.
Babes,I had a great time...let's do this again!!!hehehe.


Korean kids are cute!!

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Since Aimi has made a blog post about this..I feel so lazy to do it so just read it from her blog aite?

Aimi's blog


Saje jerrr

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Inspirasi untuk kelas koko sastera(literature appreciation)....

Saya tak suka,
orang yang tak faham tapi buat-buat faham.

Saya tak suka,
orang yang tak tahu hujung pangkal tapi main teka-teki.

Saya tak suka,
orang yang tak tahu segalanya,tapi nak menghakimi.

Siapalah aku?
Siapalah engkau?
Engkau tidak tahu semuanya...
Diam-diam ubi berisi..
Biarlah hanya aku dan dia yang tahu.
Santapan hari ini...

Bila kita marah pada seseorang,adakah kita akan terus menyerangnya?
Tentu tidak kerana kita orang yang bijak bukan?
Kerana sesuatu yang telah diluahkan dengan kemarahan,tidak boleh ditarik balik.
Kata-kata kadangkala boleh membunuh.Ingat itu.

Jadi,daripada menyimpan di dalam hati,seseorang itu akan meluahkan pada orang lain.
Dengan harapan,orang itu dapat mendengar dan memberi nasihat.
Bukan menceritakan kepada orang lain dan memburukkan mereka yang terlibat.

Lumrah dalam persahabatan,tiada yang sempurna.
Aku,engkau,dia dan mereka..semua tidak sempurna.
Persahabatan yang utuh akan ada perselisihan,sesuatu yang tidak ramai orang fahami.
Tidak semuanya indah bak sang suria.
Itulah yang menguatkan sesebuah persahabatan.



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Today something funny happened and of course I laugh my ass off...hahaha..I still think it's hilarious(to the person whom I shared it with just now...)

And a saying to that wise friend of mine....

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Theodor Seuss Geisel

And to those who seem to think that they understand when really,you have no idea of the whole truth baby!'s something for you...hahaha.

"Never make an assumption.Because when you do,you make an ASS out of U and ME."


Comfort zone

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Everybody has one of those bad days.One of those days where all you want to do is scream out loud or curl up into a ball and cry your heart out.Sometimes I get into a bad place...emotionally.It's nobody's fault's just the way things goes sometimes..Part and parcel of life??My bad place is a place where I get very sensitive or moody or the tendency to be really mean with no apparent reason...haih...Nobody's perfect right?

But there are always things that you can do to make you feel better when you're in a bad place.So I tend to turn to things that brings me comfort.I love watching television shows like Gilmore Girls,Friends and The Martha Stewart Show.Watching these shows,weirdly,lifts my mood a lot.I have watch both Friends and Gilmore Girls so many times that I practically remember what happened in each and every episode.Thanks to the dvd that I have of each season..hehe.And I love watching the Martha Stewart Show before I go to bed (because I can't watch the show in the morning due to classes)...And movies that comforts my soul are Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events,Simply Irresistible,Mary Poppins,The Goonies,Parent Trap, Yours,mine & ours and the Nancy Drew movie(the movie is not that good but I love Nancy Drew!).I have watched these movies countless of times that it's amazing the dvd still tak rosak.

Books that comfort my soul has to be my collection of living in Italy books that are written by Frances Mayes & Annie Hawes.I have all the books written by them although some of them,like Frances Mayes's 'A year in the world',is not just about travelling in Italy..I have read that book countless of times that the pages is in disarray.Oh,back when my laptop was still 'alive' I love playing The Nancy Drew games...something that I shared with one of my seniors,Kak fact,she was the one who lend me the games at first and then I got addicted and bought them for myself.

Food-wise...I don't know what are my comfort foods actually...But when I get really,really down..which rarely happens...I make myself a big mug of frroozzeennn chocolate.It's my own recipe and it's full of chocolatey goodness and full cream milk and lots of ice....It's soo good but definitely not for someone on a diet..I think by drinking it,it's a meal on it's own.Oooh,I also love fluffy white marshmallows...I can eat a bag without realizing I have to make sure that I only take like 5 and put it in a bowl or mesti habis punye!And Oreos....yummahh..yeah..I have a big sweet tooth..What else...???hurm....Oooh,cakes!!I love cakes...especially Secret Recipe's Caramel Cream Cheese & Cheese Choc...yum!!!Last week I had a slice of Caramel Cream Cheese courtesy of Joe...Or Baskin's Pralines & Cream,Winter White Chocolate or Cherries Jubilee ice cream...Or Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream(in form 3,I eat this almost every week!haha).And I love J.Co's glazy doughnut...gile sedap!!!On the not sweet side of...,I love BBQ Nachos or any good sour-cream & onion potato chips(Ruffles is the best!!)..Damn..I'm getting hungry writing this...huhu



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I still remember the day clearly..It was the 1st of February of 2008..we were at DE,having tea..Suddenly amid all the jokes & gossiping...she became all serious like...I think it goes something like this..

Izza:"Liyana,I have something to tell you(with a mighty serious face)"..

Me:"What??Is it about *&#@%??"

Izza:"No..It's something to do with me..But you must promise that you won't tell anyone!Because I haven't told my parents yet either"

Me:Are you pregnant???I told you to take birth control pills!(okay this is fake!hahaha)


Me:What???You're scaring me!

Izza:I'm going to Adelaide next semester..


Izza:(laughing her ass off)I know you would react like this!LOL...That's why I didn't tell you at the fac just now..(because she knows I will scream at Tesl sq,then everybody will knw!)

And then Izza proceed to tell me about UNISA & everything..And the weeks to come I helped her search for her IELTS book...and such... being the blabbermouth that I am..had to keep myself quiet for a month & a half last semester... before the news leaked itself due to the lecturers at the faculty...not my fault!!But I was dying to tell someone about the good news & I was glad that Hanna knows it from Safa (cos he left for UNISA as well) so both of us commiserate together when we found out that both of them will be leaving...

Initially,I didn't plan on blogging about Izza because so many people has done it & it seems so cliche'...hahaha.Plus,our more than 3 years of friendship speaks volume and blogging about the fun and not so fun times we had is quite frankly,a bit painful to me now because she's not here.... T_T....

But Izza send me a postcard a few days ago [which is also addressed to all of our girlfriends and it is now almost 'lunyai' because I passed it to almost everybody I know,even the guys(who's name wasn't on the postcard but I'm sure it's because Izza couldn't fit everyone's name on it...)]& I manage to YM with her and I told her that many people blog about her 'pemergian' but I haven't done it because I think it's cliche' and I wanted to wait and do the bestest post on her among the others...(cehhh...)hahaha.But she said to go ahead and blog about it so that she have something to read...muahaha

I will make this post something on the bright side of things instead of being all sappy and wishing that she didn't leave me here alone to rot...muahaha.Kidding!Thanks to my friends like Tatie,Syud,Hanna,Napz,Hani,Hafriz,Hani,Moja,Acad,Wawa,Wan,Hafriz,Niza,Tajul & so many more who keep me company ever since she left town..haha.

*Izza Bt Izelan Bin Basar(her real name),Izzaize(frm Hafiedz),Izza the bimbz(frm Herbert),Izza the crazy gelabah(frm acad),The Royal Crapster,Ms.Chan(lololololllll),Mrs.Daljit(lololololllll)...and so many more nick name too....She likes to create nicknames for others too(karma dpt nick name byk2!)...Some of the nicks that she gave me throughout these years were Li,Kojap(Korea+Japan),Leeanne(the most glamorous said Napz), and so on.She also created nicknames for Napisah which was Napster,Nappy & Napz.I knew that this friendship will last when she came to my house in Puncak Alam..and taught my 2 little brothers how to use the sign language...hahaha

*She also likes to create new words or over used some words because she has so much free time on her hand...muahaha.Some of the words that was created and coined by Izza was 'What the fish?'(which KAMI rip off her since she's been using that sentence since 2005 kot!),'Cut the crap','Wow,massive!(lololololllll)','Wowee mama mia!',the word 'Super'(pronounce as Tsuuperr) and so many more..actually she did create a whole language which was endorsed by me & Syameer during Dielle and the language involve us speaking everything in half..Like "Ape cerite" becomes "Ape cer"...LOL..

*She likes to eat at Al-Awaal(her favorite mamak which I sooo don't get!) and order her Nasi Goreng Kampung..There's a funny story that happened when she went to another mamak place that wasn't Al-Awaal..she wanted the nasi goreng kampung but she remembered that the last time she went there,they cooked it not to her liking so she pointedly told the mamak that she wanted her nasi goreng to be off specific color and such...and get this...when I wanted to order,the mamak gave me a sort of form to fill myself...giler insulted!She also like the ayam cheese burger from the mom & pops stall in front of our faculty...And last sem,when the BBQ Meltz came out,she ate it every week!No kidding!

*There has been many great memories that I had with Izza.And there were some very kesedihan memories too...Once,both of us was in PJ and we were dead DEAD BROKE..we manage to scrounge up some coins & I still remember her buying rm1 of keropok lekor & I bought 2 kuih vadai & we ate in the car..the full incident of the whole thing & how we end up there,shall remain a mystery..hahaha.

There's many more great memories that we've shared together that there won't be any space to write it down I'll stop myself here before I get too carried away...

I'm glad that although she's thousand miles away in OZ,she doesn't forget her friends here(for now laa...hahaha)...especially me..I'm super glad that despite some turbulence that we had in our friendship before..some of it were my fault,some were hers,some were because of others...she still stood by my side through the good and bad times...Izza,your such a great person & don't you ever,ever forget that!I miss you heaps(especially in class because during pairwork..hahaha...)& can't wait for you to come back home safely..Lots of hugs & kisses & hope that you love this post!!!


Family that you choose

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The family that you choose..that's what friends are..I have been blessed with many great friends.And I value their friendship very very much.To me, once the bond of friendship have been sealed between one person to another,the loyalty and trust should not be taken lightly.And for that matter,there are some friends whom have violated the trust that I gave them,who choose to sit and do nothing when their friend is being bad mouth about,have been distanced from my life.

This week has been a week of many reunions with my old friends.I met my old schoolmates from SRK Sek9,Aisyah Zaini,Amal & Fathia on Monday and had lunch with them.It was great being able to meet them after all these years.Aisyah is studying in Melbourne and she went back the night after we met...while Amal & Fathia studies in Shah Alam like me.

I met Akim on the same night while going to watch Dark Knight.Akim played the character Buru in Dielle The Musical which was produce by my faculty.Although Akim doesn't study at my faculty,we became good friends from Dielle but since the past few semesters,we've been busy and it's great to catch up again.He's such a 'sempoi' guy and I'm glad that he's in my life again..

Today,I met my old highschool mate at the faculty and her name is Shafira.The moment she came up to me,I was shrieking & screaming with glee & we hugged each other so tightly.I was so happy that she's finally here.Because I heard that she's suppose to be studying in the same faculty as I am because she's from Maktab and they're suppose to be linked here but during my 3rd semester,I didn't see her among the others.Turns out she's the junior batch and now she's in the 3rd semester while I'm in my 5th semester now (To Acad&Moja & other part 3 nice to Shafira kays??She's a great girl!!!).I was ecstatic and can't wait to show her around & help her with her drama!!!!


I need you

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I always pride myself as being a strong person,inside.When something upsets me or when I get sad,I cry a little,and then it's done.I don't need a boyfriend to have fun either.I can have fun on my own with my friends and family.How else did I manage to stay single all these years?

Today,I had a conversation with 2 of my friends at a restaurant.One,just broke up with her boyfriend.Another,have been single for 7 months.And they find it hard not being in a relationship and both of them want to be in one again.I told them that hey,you guys should find me a boyfriend because I haven't been in a relationship in a long time compared to both of you.And then they said that for you,being single is something that is normal but for us,it's hard not being in a relationship.I guess that's true.I've had this conversation with my bestfriend..What will happen when we do actually have a boyfriend?Because we are so used to being single...

After the conversation,I had a phone call that made me cried.My guy friend who have never seen me cry in front of him,quickly paid the bill.The phone call was from my mother.She asked me to not come back home(home in Shah Alam means my grandma's house) late because my dad will be coming to help carry my grandma into the house.I was like,wait a minute,nenek is out of the hospital(I was all blur because tomorrow I was supposed to pick up my mum from Puncak Alam & send her to HUKM so that she can take care of my grandma)??

My mum told me that the reason why my grandma was acting all insane-like(that for the past few days the doctor wanted to put her in the 'wad gila') is because she had a minor stroke which resulted with one of the fuse in her brain to be that explains why she was deemed crazy by the hospital staff.So because of that,they can't operate her because she'll either die or be in a coma.They can't do anything anymore rather than just let her out of the hospital and go home.And my mum said that at home she will be bedridden and that means she has to wear diapers and that her time maybe soon because there's nothing left to do...

I am a strong person..I know that..But when I heard that,something inside of me just broke down.And I couldn't picture myself seeing my grandma waits for her time to come.It's too painful.And suddenly I felt the ache, and then I realize,that yeah,this is one of those moments where I wish,I really,really wish that I had a boyfriend to hug me and let me cry on his shoulder.Because really,that's what I want to do now.

Thanks a lot for my friends who were there to hear me tell the sad news to them and comfort me in my tears...Thanks so much to Tatie,Hanna,Napz&Syud.Izza,these are one of those times where I wish you weren't so far away...: (

My grandma is back here....My aunt's bought a wheelchair for her so that she can move around freely...My dad is here as well which makes me feel a whole lot better and not as sad!Because I tend to be a big emotional ball and likes to cry when it comes to things about my family because I love all of them so much...Sikit2 jer mesti senang menangis and tersentuh...(blame the meaning of my full name...huk2).My dad wants to bring my grandma to see an acupuncturist (like Pete in Private Practice)...I'm hoping for the best....


Dark Knight

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Liyana Hanim 9 Comments

I have to admit,I am not a big fan of action movies or superheroes movies for that matter.But since tonight someone wanted to treat me to watch Dark Knight with food and everything..I was sold!Besides,I was almost broke and hearing the rave reviews that it got from my other friends,I was a bit curious to watch it..Now it's 3 am something in the morning and I just got back a few minutes ago..I have to say the movie blew me away!

Heath Ledger is amazing!!He is THE JOKER.You won't recognize that it's Heath at all...he was remarkable and he played the character so damn well!!!Memang tabik spring to the late Heath Ledger.Overall,I enjoyed watching the movie, I want to say much about it but I think it's better for you guys out there to go and watch it for yourself.And of course Christian Bale did Batman justice and he is just utterly gorgeous eventhough he doesn't have an upper lip...hehe.He's like my dream guy...sigh...hahaha.Berangan plaks.And who knew Aaron Eckhart had in him?His character is different than what he played in the movie No Reservations and he definitely proves that he can play different roles.

Oookay,I'm very very sleepy and have been sleeping for only 4 hours in 2 days!!!!aiyoooohh...So many things happen today but I'll blog about it some other time...toodles!!


On a lighter note

Sunday, July 20, 2008 Liyana Hanim 11 Comments

On Friday afternoon,after class,me,Tatie & Syud went to Bukit Tinggi(I love that place cos' it's big but it's not that crowded so I can shop without feeling 'rimas') and spend ALL of my birthday money.With the birthday money,I bought 4 pair of shoes,2 perfumes,2 pairs of jeans,a few accesories,a book(Moja,I bought 3 cups of tea...muehehe),a shoe organizer,&a cd changer. Phew...I got into a Becky Bloomwood frenzy that day...that Syud and Tatie had to hold me from entering other shops so that I won't buy unnecessary things.hahah.

Oh,had an encounter with a fuckingly rude sales person at...get this..Vincci jer kot!She was so rude even my friends were shocked & I seriously wanted to kick her ass..Dah la selekeh and you work on commission and you had the nerve to be rude to a customer???!!!I ended up not buy anything from them...hah!!I have read bad experiences with sales person on my friends blog but I have not experience it on my own and when I did I was like..hell no!That did not just happen to me!!hahaha.

But I LOVE all the shoes that I bought from the other cute shoe stores there....droolsss..I have been trying them on in my bedroom cos they're so pretty but I won't put up the pics here cos' I don't want to end up having the same shoe as others..heheh.But I bought one suede platform pumps in sage green(it's so beautiful but yeah,I can't have a boyfriend whose not taller than me because I love wearing 3 or 4 -inch heels),a pale pink kitten heel with rose print,a black gladiator-ish sandal & a black patent leather ballet flat with a silver buckle.

I bought 2 black shoes because I have only one black pumps in my shoe collection.I have too many red shoes..And funnily although I have many red items,I don't have a red piece of clothing except for undies & a jacket...For example,for my b'day..I got a pair of red ballet shoes from Syud,a pair of red flip flops from Tatie,a red LV Monogram Vernis clutch from Izza..I have red earrings,red bag...I guess because my favorite colors is red & white & pink too..
Oookay..I sound like a total flake right now...but hey,I don't shop every week..I tend to shop & buy many things one time & then I won't shop for a whole semester..I get it over and done with..hehehe.

A funny thing happened while we were eating at Pizza Hut...someone who shall remain nameless...when the cute waiter came to our table to put our orders,forked the garlic bread and the bread flew out of her hand and fell under the table...hahaha.And the cute waiter was so nice that he,get under the table & picked it up!!!LOL...We were dying of embarrassment and laughter...hahaha.I love going out with my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^


She's doing fine

Sunday, July 20, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

My close friends knows that currently,my grandma's in HUKM(wad orthopedic perempuan,4th floor) .She's been there since Wednesday because she broke her hip bone & her right leg when she was trying to put on her 'kain' in the bathroom and instead her feet 'tersadung' and she fell on the bathroom floor.I wasn't there when the accident happen because on Tuesday evening I went back to my parents house in Puncak.My dad who was on his way back from KLIA at that time,who luckily was near Batu 3,drove quickly when my aunts called him & came & help my brother Haziq, to lift my grandma off the bathroom floor(my 2 single aunts who live with her can't lift her off the floor).

I visited her yesterday at HUKM along with my family and when we got there,there were so may other relatives!hehe.There were like 4 other families there( my cousins' and their family,my cousins with their husband & fiance,my parent's cousins's were there too)and there were tons of food that my aunt asked us to eat it or else it would spoil.My grandma will have to stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks or so after she's had the surgery which she haven't yet.But she's doing fine and we brought her the food that she wants to eat like nasi ayam,rendang,lemang(yes,it felt like Hari Raya at that time) but after she has finish eating,she ask my aunt to buy nasi ayam for everyone...LOL.

In our BIG,HUGE family,she's the caretaker because she's the only grandparent in our life.Our grandpa,Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin Al-Radzi passed away on the 24th of December 2004.And even when she was in hospital,and she said this yesterday,in front of all the families,that she was bummed out that she didn't go to the market that day...LOL.She LOVES to cook and when you go to her house,she'll ALWAYS make sure that you get something to drink or eat and you can never,ever starve in her house.She's constantly feeding people or cooking.Maybe that's where my love from cooking comes from.I help her cook since I was a tiny little girl and now I can make all the dishes that she's famous for in the family like Sambal tumis petai,Mee Rebus,Laksa,Asam Pedas,Kuih Cara & so many more....

Nenek,I hope you get better soon and don't worry too much on who's going too cook for us while your in the hospital aite?:)


Long lost friends

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My primary school years was one of the best years of my life.I went to 2 different primary schools.In standard 1 until 4,I studied at SRK Seksyen 6 Shah Alam(the old one not the new 2nd one) & then some of us were sent to the new SRK Seksyen 9 due to the fact that our address was near to the school so I had to split from some of my friends in SRK Seksyen 6.

This pic was taken from Nabil's Facebook
I had so much fun being a kid and the experience and the people and the memories,though some of them have fade away from my is still etched in my mind and heart.I still remember most of them and have met some of them in these few years.I lost contact with most of them because after UPSR,my family and I move to Seremban and then to Penang.But in Form 3 I came back to Shah Alam & studied at SMK Seksyen 9 but there were so many new faces & the old faces had new friends so I did feel lost there and after PMR,a month & a half of Form 4 at SMK Seksyen 9,then I move back to Seremban.

The experience of always being a new kid,moving from one place to another,having to adjust to a new place almost every year..made me feel lost and like I don't belong sometimes but in time I got used to it and now making new friends is not something that is hard to do for me.But the one thing that I crave the most is stability and it's something that I never have.Maybe that's why I so want to be in a stable relationship with a great guy.It's a great feeling to belong to someone whom will always be there for you & stay like a rock.I haven't been in one for almost 4 years now!Maybe it's just not my luck yet?? sidetracked a little bit...

The point is...I was really elated when I manage to reach my other hard to reach old school friends through a chance encounter through my course mate's Facebook.See..Facebook & Friendster is a great tool to meet and keep in touch with your old or long lost friends!I am glad that they still remember me because I definitely still remember them.Old friends like Aisyah Zaini & Syafiq's really great to see that they're doing well & that they still remember you.Because when I look back at the old school picture of 6 Berlian on Nabil's Facebook,I can't help but smile and realize that 9 years ago...who would have thought that we would be who we are today?We were just kids who loves to have fun...hmmm..maybe that never really change for me??hahaha.



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Currently I'm at my parents house in the isolated but peaceful place that is Puncak Alam.Got back yesterday straight after Amanat Dekan.... to which when my name was called out from the list of our faculty's student council line up of board members,my friends clapped their hands loudly and made lots of noise..hahaha.They're definitely the loudest bunch of people in the big INTEC hall and I love them for it!

The funniest part was when the Dean introduce the line up of lecturers like she does every year and when it comes to the 5 or 6 or so lecturers that are cool,popular & nice,all of my friends would shout loudly ,cheered and clappity clap some more...hahaha.Which made the lecturers laugh and Mr.Kieran/Karim even made the Princess Diaries type of waving when the camera pointed at him when the students cheered him loudly...hahaha.Dr.Chan got the most loudest cheer of all and he was smiling and laughing...and Izza would have cheered with us if she was in the hall...:(

Had a very good night sleep on my plush,plush bed last night and woke up around 12 pm today..hehehe.

HIMYM stands for How I Met Your Mother.My favorite sitcom at the moment.I watched the 3rd season recently and one episode made me ponder.......The episode started with scenes of Ted with his new squeeze,Cathy doing things like dating,jogging(Barney's reaction was hilarious!) and then he introduce her to the gang.Afterwards,he was puzzled why his friends had a problem with her when he doesn't see anything wrong with her at all.

This part made me wonder because at some point in everyone's life,when we're so into someone,we tend to not notice their annoying quirks or if we love our friend,their annoying quirks doesn't get too us as much as others who doesn't like or love them as much as we do...

Then,Ted begged the gang to tell him what was wrong with Cathy(who was played by Lindsay Price of Lipstick Jungle).So Marshall told him that she talked to much.And suddenly the sound of glass shattering was heard...because it meant that Ted's illusion of Cathy was shattered.

So then the gang of HIMYM,started to point out each others annoying habit.Lily chews really loudly(the sound effects that come after that revelation was so funny!),Robyn uses the word 'literally' a lot,Ted likes to correct people,Marshall sings whatever he does and Barney tends to space out when people are talking to him,speaks in a high pitched voice sometimes and I can't remember what the other one was(he has 3 annoying quirks).They all started to fight and argue because they let each others annoying quirks get to them because before this,they didn't really notice it before.

But in the end when Marshall got his bar results,they were all happy for him and celebrated at the pub.What the 'old' Ted said about the scene made total sense to me,"You see,when someone's bad habit are pointed out to you,it's hard to ignore them...But if you love them enough,those bad habits are easy to forget"...:)


Jam packed days

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So many things have been happening to me in the past few days.

There's supposed to be a paragraph here about the night at Bukit Tinggi but when I upload the pics today,the paragraph become all jumbled up & some of the words below has been changed because of the mixed up..sigh-----

On Friday,after class which started at 8.30 a.m and ended at 12.30 p.m.Then I had a meeting at 3 pm which ended at 5 pm and then me and my friends went straight to KLIA to send Izza off to Adelaide.Had to change from my baju kurung to my normal clothes at the faculty toilet because I had no time...huhu.Went to KLIA with Hafriz,Tatie & Syud in my car while the other car who followed us was Jeng,Chip,Acad,Moja & Azri.

The night before,I had a long conversation with Izza on the stuff in my life,gossips and such... and then I told her that I found out that 'someone' might be going to send her off tomorrow to which she was like..'ookay..why??'...hahaha.I was like...'Exactly!!!'..that 'maybe' happened and I was like...'ookay...why is that person even here??'.It's really ironic because...hurmm....nevermind laaa...

And then,on that same day....added to the fact that I was PMS-ing...old wounds pun resurface...when I see people who 'fake' being close friends in front of was the last time you hang out again????.....Like hello???You don't even know that person really well but you act like you are, in front of people..WTF???

At KLIA,met Izza along with my other friends.Gave her the gifts and she had to stuff everything into her suitcase to which I manage to see the content of her luggage(tak lipat eks???)...muahaha.Cried a lil bit when she asked me & Hafriz to bring her stuff to her when she was with her family...but then she told me not to cry or she'll cry as well.... :(.She gave me a red & gold LV purse as a birthday gift to which she said it's a bit pricey(which means 'you better take care of this well or else!!'muahaha) and it's an old design but it's worth it for a great friend like me kan??hahaha.

Was at KLIA from 6 pm- 9.30 pm...Hafriz & I manage to see the last sight of her as she entered the gate...she even blew us a kiss after she almost entered the wrong gate to which Hafriz & me turn to each other and said..'that's so Izza'...7 semesters of having her around...I'll definitely,definitely miss her presence this

After KLIA,went to McD cos Hafriz wanted to buy food for Izlin(I'm proud that my bestie is a good boyfriend to her..most of the time la kan Izlin???hahaha).Then went to Aimi's house with and helped her,Nazri,Niza,Tajul & Pi'e to prepare the food for Lep
ak with Ethos tomorrow morning...Where else can you find seniors who are willing to cook for their juniors and do an event to welcome them to the faculty other than TESL seniors??

Made coleslaw and ice cream with the peeps and the went ba
ck home around 2.30 a.m, along with 2 cars which followed me home(Aimi's & Pi'e's) because the huge amount of chicken is too heavy for me to carry and it had to be put in,in my house since we have a fridge and a freezer too.So the guys(Hafriz,Niza,Tajul,Pi'e & Nazri) helped carry it inside.Plus,Aimi will be coming to my house in the morning to get the marinated chicken so she had to know the way there.The guys was delighted to see the wall to wall red carpet in the house to which Tajul want to roll all over the carpet...hahaha.

Lepak with Ethos was a success despite some disappointments...and after that,I went to Bon Odori..and on Sunday went to Whoa Willow!'s reunion at Windmill with the 'glam nak mams' theme which I followed to a T.hahaha.Then went to Sunway,then Asia Cafe and then lepak at Pak Li pulak.... and now I'm at home.Which seems to be happening to me this whole week...Go out early in the morning and come back home very late...huhuhu.I'll blog about what happened during Lepak with Ethos,Bon Odori & the reunion in a couple of days & post some of the pics too..Tomorrow I only have one class & it starts at 5.30 pm so hopefully my scholar money is in my ac in the morn so that I finally shop!!!!woohoooo!!!



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Today,I got the same Japanese lecturer for 3 semesters in a row(this is the last semester for 3rd language) & I'm sooo beyond happy!!!Habibah sensei is one of those lecturer who inspires her students and just lights up the classroom with her cheerful and enthusiastic self.When she entered the classroom today,the WHOLE class erupted with euphoria..hehehe.(Because we're hoping that we won't get the other Japanese lecturer..although she's good as well,Habibah sensei is the coolest!!).

Bon odori is this Saturday & so is Lepak With Ethos so I have to go straight after it laaa...Can't miss Bon Odori although Izza won't be around to go with me I'll be going with my cousin, and 3 of my friends...Habibah sensei ask the whole of my Japanese class to go to and when she asked who went last year,I was the only one who put up my hand so my friends started to ask for directions to go there to which I immediately blurted out that it's near the 'kubur'.And they we're like ..what??But seriously,yeah,Stadium Matsuhisa(sorry if I spell it wrong)is directly across the kubur in Sek 23...Izza parked her Kembara near the kubur there last year..cos it was so packed with Japanese people,wannabe's Japanese people(which irked the hell out of Izza..which I still remember..huhu.

On Tuesday,woke up super early around 7.20 am I think because during the holidays,I usually wake up around 12 or 1 pm..hehe.Got ready to class at Tatie's house since I slept there &....went to our 8.30 a.m class with Syud,who slept over as well(last semester most of my classes starts after lunch like 2 pm so this semester will be a chore for me because out of the 5 days of classes,I have 3 days whereby I have 8.30 am classes...sigh...)...and waited in the class with my classmates...and class..AGAIN!!!Hello??We're here to learn okay!!hahah.So went to Bukit Tinggi after breakfast with my friends and watched Made of Honour which was a very sweet movie..Mc Dreamy looked so yummahhh..hahaha.

Tomorrow going to send Izza off....sob sob sob..I'm going to miss her so berry much...aiyaaaa..Also,I'm hoping against hope that I'll be able to go to Bosnia next year..please,please,please!!!


First day back!!

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I'm blogging this straight out of Tatie's PC,in her room because I'm staying over here tonight...Initially,we're suppose to send off two of our friends,Farhana & Safa who'll be flying off to Adelaide tonight...but since our class ended around 7 pm...there's no way we could make it there....sob sob!!!!!Because they can only see their family and friends before 7.50 pm before they take off..But I'm glad that my other friends like Hanna could make it there to send them off...Gonna miss them so much!!!!Hopefully all the Aussie girls won't take advantage of Safa like he claimed they would because he thinks he is oh-so-HOT!

First day was super duper great!Class got canceled in the morning..and then had two meetings with two different society...huhu..Finally got to eat around 3 something after not getting any chance to eat at all since morning!!!!uwaaaaaa...

Gonna be superrrrrrrr busy this semester and after discussing with my seniors on what I should be expecting this would be one heck of an adventure...I got many gifts from my friends today!Arigato gozaimasu!!!Got a pair of ballet shoes,flip flops,notebook,book&necklace.Love the 2 people who gave me all those things!!!hehehe..muahxxxxxxx

My friend Moja bought the Diary of Anne Frank to the Ethos Society meeting and showed it to me today out of spite, because he knows that I've been searching for that book high and low...hurmmphhh..Saya sangat jeles & please buy me one kays???wink wink...muahaha.

Izza,balik laa sini cepat!!!Udah laa shopping di Bandung itu dong...hahaha.Thank God that your flight is on the 11th & your friends have no classes during the afternoon so we can send you off with ease!!!!Mishhh you & come backkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hafriz,mana souvenir dari Bandung itu???hehe.

Oh,I miss my Mama too--I see& talk to her everyday during the hols & had 2 'lost on the highway' adventure with her during the hols too...!!I wanna go hooomeee...heeeeeeeeee...ya saya anak yang manja... :p


One more day to go!!!

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This past few weeks I have been cramming everything into my life..Going here and there..stuffing my face with good food(exercise be damn!haha),sleeping late and waking up late...playing,movies..Basically,I've put my holiday time to good use.Because come Monday,it's back to class!!!Which means less sleep,all nighters,being broke...hahahaha.I'm excited to see my friends but then again I dread the amount of work that will come my way.My project for my faculty needs a lot of tweaking and I haven't met the representative from the 2 other faculty who wants to collaborate with my faculty.Haih...Just thinking about how all of it will come into place makes me shudder.I'll be busy the upcoming weekend as well which means I won't get to go back home to see my family...sob sob.Come 11th Izza will be off to Australia...can't wait to send her off and bawl like a baby with my other girl friends that night..haha.Toodles!!I'm off to lunch with my brothers & will be having delicious nasi lemak..yumm!!!


Just fess up man!

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Phew..I haven't blog for days..what a personal record!!hahaha.Been busy going out and about,here and there,everywhere!hehe.The new semester will open soon which means that I will abandon this blog for a long time...I'll be busy with 3 upcoming projects at our faculty which our student council will handle...which means that I won't have time to hone my cooking skills so I'm going to cook lotsa good food for my family in this few days!!hehe.

I want to blog about the movie SEPI actually,but recent news got me all riled up!I tent to refrain myself from blogging about politics but the recent news of this one particular dude whom all members of my family loathe..down to my late grandfather who used to be his schoolmate,has gotten me all shook up!

I don't want to name names here...but who knows,knows laa!!

I am very annoyed and appalled by the amount of drama that a particular politician whom I shall call A, is churning for the public.Just fess up that you're a bit queer won't you??Why would a guy whose smart and use to be his aide will do a police report on his queer ways if it wasn't for the fact that it could have been true?Plus,he is engage kot!And his fiance has a pretty cool blog too.

Doing such thing(police report) is not an easy thing to do..It must have been hard for him..And those allegations that he knows the DPM well...what a bunch of crap!Here's a picture of me with Tun Dr.Mahathir,3 years ago at the Perdana Discourse series...and by taking a picture with shows that he knows me very well ke???-Pardon the bad fashion choice in my part..that was 3 years ago & I just entered the university that time.All I can say is that Tun Dr.Mahathir is very humble and friendly in person.And listening to him talk about education was very inspiring and it was peppered with jokes and his own experience growing up-

I'm sure that guy who took pics with other political figures just meet them along the way and for people who loves politic like me(though I tend to keep my opinion on it to myself& family) ,having your picture taken by a political figure is akin to taking your picture with a celebrity! Even Ezam(ooops I'm naming names now..but who cares!) said last night on the news that this is about 'akhlak' and it's not political.Just fess up and stop this melodrama laa!It's so tiring.I'm sure the guy just want justice.A is someone whom he admire years ago and he 'violated' him.It must have been hard for him because his uncle even said that he almost tried to commit suicide because to him he had committed a big sin.

And for other people who supports A,just open up your eyes please?'Fabrication' my ass!!Just come out of the closet already laa..Like Tun Dr.M said,he's not surprise by these suppose 'allegations' on A....The truth will prevail!!And I truly pity his family who has to hide his fetish.Dulu bolehlah...Now the truth is finally coming out!!!

P/S:Is it me or is the weather getting very,very hot nowadays??I have about 5 BIG ulcers=2 which are at the back of both side of my mouth + 3 scattered all over...(this is the FIRST time I have this much of ulcers!) in my mouth making it difficult to chew or talk even!!Aaahh the agony!!Can anybody give me tips in how to cool down my body temperature??