Comfort zone

Saturday, July 26, 2008 Liyana Hanim 5 Comments

Everybody has one of those bad days.One of those days where all you want to do is scream out loud or curl up into a ball and cry your heart out.Sometimes I get into a bad place...emotionally.It's nobody's fault's just the way things goes sometimes..Part and parcel of life??My bad place is a place where I get very sensitive or moody or the tendency to be really mean with no apparent reason...haih...Nobody's perfect right?

But there are always things that you can do to make you feel better when you're in a bad place.So I tend to turn to things that brings me comfort.I love watching television shows like Gilmore Girls,Friends and The Martha Stewart Show.Watching these shows,weirdly,lifts my mood a lot.I have watch both Friends and Gilmore Girls so many times that I practically remember what happened in each and every episode.Thanks to the dvd that I have of each season..hehe.And I love watching the Martha Stewart Show before I go to bed (because I can't watch the show in the morning due to classes)...And movies that comforts my soul are Lemony Snicket: A series of unfortunate events,Simply Irresistible,Mary Poppins,The Goonies,Parent Trap, Yours,mine & ours and the Nancy Drew movie(the movie is not that good but I love Nancy Drew!).I have watched these movies countless of times that it's amazing the dvd still tak rosak.

Books that comfort my soul has to be my collection of living in Italy books that are written by Frances Mayes & Annie Hawes.I have all the books written by them although some of them,like Frances Mayes's 'A year in the world',is not just about travelling in Italy..I have read that book countless of times that the pages is in disarray.Oh,back when my laptop was still 'alive' I love playing The Nancy Drew games...something that I shared with one of my seniors,Kak fact,she was the one who lend me the games at first and then I got addicted and bought them for myself.

Food-wise...I don't know what are my comfort foods actually...But when I get really,really down..which rarely happens...I make myself a big mug of frroozzeennn chocolate.It's my own recipe and it's full of chocolatey goodness and full cream milk and lots of ice....It's soo good but definitely not for someone on a diet..I think by drinking it,it's a meal on it's own.Oooh,I also love fluffy white marshmallows...I can eat a bag without realizing I have to make sure that I only take like 5 and put it in a bowl or mesti habis punye!And Oreos....yummahh..yeah..I have a big sweet tooth..What else...???hurm....Oooh,cakes!!I love cakes...especially Secret Recipe's Caramel Cream Cheese & Cheese Choc...yum!!!Last week I had a slice of Caramel Cream Cheese courtesy of Joe...Or Baskin's Pralines & Cream,Winter White Chocolate or Cherries Jubilee ice cream...Or Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream(in form 3,I eat this almost every week!haha).And I love J.Co's glazy doughnut...gile sedap!!!On the not sweet side of...,I love BBQ Nachos or any good sour-cream & onion potato chips(Ruffles is the best!!)..Damn..I'm getting hungry writing this...huhu


Nina Alyssa said...

omg i love Simply Irresistible,The Goonies & Parent Trap too! :D

Liyana said...

yeay Nina!!!!I watch Simply Irresistible since i ws 12 years old..
Ssh giler nk cari Simply Irresistible on original dvd...and 2 years ago,my uncle bought it 4me!!!sgt2 sgt2 happy...hehe

The Goonies is a movie that even my 3 brothers love...sgt klaka & chomel...adventure for kids..^_^
Parent Trap mmg sgt besh...

Syud said...

ur comfort foods make me hungry.
pwease pwease pwease make me one of your choc thingy. pwease :)

Nina Alyssa said...

tau xpee! the dvd susah gile nak cari! i had to download it at youtube hehe kesian kan i! omg eclairs dlm citer tu cam sedap gile kan! hehehe

my brothers & i pun love the goonies hehe even my mum actually! haha

nway, lamer x jumpe u dear!

Liyana said...

sgt!!!eclairs tuh nmpk sgt sedap...
i plg ske part yg amanda found out bout tat man adjust their belt when they think of sex and then when she goes out,she notices when they do it..klaka...hehehe

i lurve the vanilla orchids in d movie...omg...kan best if my parents tanam d plant in our garden..heee
ye ker?sian u..bley jer u pinjam my dvd & burn...hehe

the goonies besh...tgk tat samwise in lotr guy time kecik2..hehe..

lame xjumpe u 2!^_^
jom la hang out when ur free...hehe