Dark Knight

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Liyana Hanim 9 Comments

I have to admit,I am not a big fan of action movies or superheroes movies for that matter.But since tonight someone wanted to treat me to watch Dark Knight with food and everything..I was sold!Besides,I was almost broke and hearing the rave reviews that it got from my other friends,I was a bit curious to watch it..Now it's 3 am something in the morning and I just got back a few minutes ago..I have to say the movie blew me away!

Heath Ledger is amazing!!He is THE JOKER.You won't recognize that it's Heath at all...he was remarkable and he played the character so damn well!!!Memang tabik spring to the late Heath Ledger.Overall,I enjoyed watching the movie, I want to say much about it but I think it's better for you guys out there to go and watch it for yourself.And of course Christian Bale did Batman justice and he is just utterly gorgeous eventhough he doesn't have an upper lip...hehe.He's like my dream guy...sigh...hahaha.Berangan plaks.And who knew Aaron Eckhart had in him?His character is different than what he played in the movie No Reservations and he definitely proves that he can play different roles.

Oookay,I'm very very sleepy and have been sleeping for only 4 hours in 2 days!!!!aiyoooohh...So many things happen today but I'll blog about it some other time...toodles!!


Yes. Hehe. best2.

Acad said...

Blom tgk..

(tnpa menghiraukan kewejudan Hafriz)

MojaBurnsTheWitch said...

date! Kantoi!

"It was Me!" said...

Lyana, I've just seen the Dark Knight too!! I've posted a blog about it.. Check it out.. To acad ethos, just buy the DVD.. HEHE.. that's how I saw it.. Crappy quality though..

Anonymous said...

everyone is talking about batman. i blum tengok T_T

Liyana said...

eh moja bile pulak aq gi dating???
although yg blanja ws a guy,he ws a fren of my cousin & we went with like 3 other people laaa!
xmaen la bercinta2 nih now!!!muahaha

Liyana said...

acad..pegi tgk sbb sgt besh!
hafriz dh tgk 4 kali aq rase..
syud dh tgk 2 kali!huhu

Liyana said...

moja,nick ko poyo!!muahaha

Liyana said...

isk2,,nazz...ape nih promote piracy???haha