Family that you choose

Friday, July 25, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

The family that you choose..that's what friends are..I have been blessed with many great friends.And I value their friendship very very much.To me, once the bond of friendship have been sealed between one person to another,the loyalty and trust should not be taken lightly.And for that matter,there are some friends whom have violated the trust that I gave them,who choose to sit and do nothing when their friend is being bad mouth about,have been distanced from my life.

This week has been a week of many reunions with my old friends.I met my old schoolmates from SRK Sek9,Aisyah Zaini,Amal & Fathia on Monday and had lunch with them.It was great being able to meet them after all these years.Aisyah is studying in Melbourne and she went back the night after we met...while Amal & Fathia studies in Shah Alam like me.

I met Akim on the same night while going to watch Dark Knight.Akim played the character Buru in Dielle The Musical which was produce by my faculty.Although Akim doesn't study at my faculty,we became good friends from Dielle but since the past few semesters,we've been busy and it's great to catch up again.He's such a 'sempoi' guy and I'm glad that he's in my life again..

Today,I met my old highschool mate at the faculty and her name is Shafira.The moment she came up to me,I was shrieking & screaming with glee & we hugged each other so tightly.I was so happy that she's finally here.Because I heard that she's suppose to be studying in the same faculty as I am because she's from Maktab and they're suppose to be linked here but during my 3rd semester,I didn't see her among the others.Turns out she's the junior batch and now she's in the 3rd semester while I'm in my 5th semester now (To Acad&Moja & other part 3 nice to Shafira kays??She's a great girl!!!).I was ecstatic and can't wait to show her around & help her with her drama!!!!