First day back!!

Monday, July 07, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

I'm blogging this straight out of Tatie's PC,in her room because I'm staying over here tonight...Initially,we're suppose to send off two of our friends,Farhana & Safa who'll be flying off to Adelaide tonight...but since our class ended around 7 pm...there's no way we could make it there....sob sob!!!!!Because they can only see their family and friends before 7.50 pm before they take off..But I'm glad that my other friends like Hanna could make it there to send them off...Gonna miss them so much!!!!Hopefully all the Aussie girls won't take advantage of Safa like he claimed they would because he thinks he is oh-so-HOT!

First day was super duper great!Class got canceled in the morning..and then had two meetings with two different society...huhu..Finally got to eat around 3 something after not getting any chance to eat at all since morning!!!!uwaaaaaa...

Gonna be superrrrrrrr busy this semester and after discussing with my seniors on what I should be expecting this would be one heck of an adventure...I got many gifts from my friends today!Arigato gozaimasu!!!Got a pair of ballet shoes,flip flops,notebook,book&necklace.Love the 2 people who gave me all those things!!!hehehe..muahxxxxxxx

My friend Moja bought the Diary of Anne Frank to the Ethos Society meeting and showed it to me today out of spite, because he knows that I've been searching for that book high and low...hurmmphhh..Saya sangat jeles & please buy me one kays???wink wink...muahaha.

Izza,balik laa sini cepat!!!Udah laa shopping di Bandung itu dong...hahaha.Thank God that your flight is on the 11th & your friends have no classes during the afternoon so we can send you off with ease!!!!Mishhh you & come backkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hafriz,mana souvenir dari Bandung itu???hehe.

Oh,I miss my Mama too--I see& talk to her everyday during the hols & had 2 'lost on the highway' adventure with her during the hols too...!!I wanna go hooomeee...heeeeeeeeee...ya saya anak yang manja... :p