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Currently I'm at my parents house in the isolated but peaceful place that is Puncak Alam.Got back yesterday straight after Amanat Dekan.... to which when my name was called out from the list of our faculty's student council line up of board members,my friends clapped their hands loudly and made lots of noise..hahaha.They're definitely the loudest bunch of people in the big INTEC hall and I love them for it!

The funniest part was when the Dean introduce the line up of lecturers like she does every year and when it comes to the 5 or 6 or so lecturers that are cool,popular & nice,all of my friends would shout loudly ,cheered and clappity clap some more...hahaha.Which made the lecturers laugh and Mr.Kieran/Karim even made the Princess Diaries type of waving when the camera pointed at him when the students cheered him loudly...hahaha.Dr.Chan got the most loudest cheer of all and he was smiling and laughing...and Izza would have cheered with us if she was in the hall...:(

Had a very good night sleep on my plush,plush bed last night and woke up around 12 pm today..hehehe.

HIMYM stands for How I Met Your Mother.My favorite sitcom at the moment.I watched the 3rd season recently and one episode made me ponder.......The episode started with scenes of Ted with his new squeeze,Cathy doing things like dating,jogging(Barney's reaction was hilarious!) and then he introduce her to the gang.Afterwards,he was puzzled why his friends had a problem with her when he doesn't see anything wrong with her at all.

This part made me wonder because at some point in everyone's life,when we're so into someone,we tend to not notice their annoying quirks or if we love our friend,their annoying quirks doesn't get too us as much as others who doesn't like or love them as much as we do...

Then,Ted begged the gang to tell him what was wrong with Cathy(who was played by Lindsay Price of Lipstick Jungle).So Marshall told him that she talked to much.And suddenly the sound of glass shattering was heard...because it meant that Ted's illusion of Cathy was shattered.

So then the gang of HIMYM,started to point out each others annoying habit.Lily chews really loudly(the sound effects that come after that revelation was so funny!),Robyn uses the word 'literally' a lot,Ted likes to correct people,Marshall sings whatever he does and Barney tends to space out when people are talking to him,speaks in a high pitched voice sometimes and I can't remember what the other one was(he has 3 annoying quirks).They all started to fight and argue because they let each others annoying quirks get to them because before this,they didn't really notice it before.

But in the end when Marshall got his bar results,they were all happy for him and celebrated at the pub.What the 'old' Ted said about the scene made total sense to me,"You see,when someone's bad habit are pointed out to you,it's hard to ignore them...But if you love them enough,those bad habits are easy to forget"...:)


Anonymous said...

i love mr kieran!!!!
a bog shout for him wohoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!1

How I met Acad said...

I watch this sitcom too but don't really know which season..
I love it and I love Barney..of course literally..he is absolutely hilarious and whenever he opens up his mouth..!

Liyana said...

hahaa...yesh hana mr kieran rocks!!

acad,currently the show is in it 4th season...
yup i love barney too but he's definitely NOT the guy i want to date or introduce to my girlfriends...hahaha
but he's hilarious!i'm watching the 3rd season & there's so many cool guest stars from enrique iglesias,mandy moore,britney spears,heidi klum,miranda kerr,sarah chalke...the list goes on!!I have the 3rd season on dvd!!