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I still remember the day clearly..It was the 1st of February of 2008..we were at DE,having tea..Suddenly amid all the jokes & gossiping...she became all serious like...I think it goes something like this..

Izza:"Liyana,I have something to tell you(with a mighty serious face)"..

Me:"What??Is it about *&#@%??"

Izza:"No..It's something to do with me..But you must promise that you won't tell anyone!Because I haven't told my parents yet either"

Me:Are you pregnant???I told you to take birth control pills!(okay this is fake!hahaha)


Me:What???You're scaring me!

Izza:I'm going to Adelaide next semester..


Izza:(laughing her ass off)I know you would react like this!LOL...That's why I didn't tell you at the fac just now..(because she knows I will scream at Tesl sq,then everybody will knw!)

And then Izza proceed to tell me about UNISA & everything..And the weeks to come I helped her search for her IELTS book...and such...
Yeah..so..me being the blabbermouth that I am..had to keep myself quiet for a month & a half last semester... before the news leaked itself due to the lecturers at the faculty...not my fault!!But I was dying to tell someone about the good news & I was glad that Hanna knows it from Safa (cos he left for UNISA as well) so both of us commiserate together when we found out that both of them will be leaving...

Initially,I didn't plan on blogging about Izza because so many people has done it & it seems so cliche'...hahaha.Plus,our more than 3 years of friendship speaks volume and blogging about the fun and not so fun times we had is quite frankly,a bit painful to me now because she's not here.... T_T....

But Izza send me a postcard a few days ago [which is also addressed to all of our girlfriends and it is now almost 'lunyai' because I passed it to almost everybody I know,even the guys(who's name wasn't on the postcard but I'm sure it's because Izza couldn't fit everyone's name on it...)]& I manage to YM with her and I told her that many people blog about her 'pemergian' but I haven't done it because I think it's cliche' and I wanted to wait and do the bestest post on her among the others...(cehhh...)hahaha.But she said to go ahead and blog about it so that she have something to read...muahaha

I will make this post something on the bright side of things instead of being all sappy and wishing that she didn't leave me here alone to rot...muahaha.Kidding!Thanks to my friends like Tatie,Syud,Hanna,Napz,Hani,Hafriz,Hani,Moja,Acad,Wawa,Wan,Hafriz,Niza,Tajul & so many more who keep me company ever since she left town..haha.

*Izza Bt Izelan Bin Basar(her real name),Izzaize(frm Hafiedz),Izza the bimbz(frm Herbert),Izza the crazy gelabah(frm acad),The Royal Crapster,Ms.Chan(lololololllll),Mrs.Daljit(lololololllll)...and so many more nick name too....She likes to create nicknames for others too(karma dpt nick name byk2!)...Some of the nicks that she gave me throughout these years were Li,Kojap(Korea+Japan),Leeanne(the most glamorous said Napz), and so on.She also created nicknames for Napisah which was Napster,Nappy & Napz.I knew that this friendship will last when she came to my house in Puncak Alam..and taught my 2 little brothers how to use the sign language...hahaha

*She also likes to create new words or over used some words because she has so much free time on her hand...muahaha.Some of the words that was created and coined by Izza was 'What the fish?'(which KAMI rip off her since she's been using that sentence since 2005 kot!),'Cut the crap','Wow,massive!(lololololllll)','Wowee mama mia!',the word 'Super'(pronounce as Tsuuperr) and so many more..actually she did create a whole language which was endorsed by me & Syameer during Dielle and the language involve us speaking everything in half..Like "Ape cerite" becomes "Ape cer"...LOL..

*She likes to eat at Al-Awaal(her favorite mamak which I sooo don't get!) and order her Nasi Goreng Kampung..There's a funny story that happened when she went to another mamak place that wasn't Al-Awaal..she wanted the nasi goreng kampung but she remembered that the last time she went there,they cooked it not to her liking so she pointedly told the mamak that she wanted her nasi goreng to be off specific color and such...and get this...when I wanted to order,the mamak gave me a sort of form to fill myself...giler insulted!She also like the ayam cheese burger from the mom & pops stall in front of our faculty...And last sem,when the BBQ Meltz came out,she ate it every week!No kidding!

*There has been many great memories that I had with Izza.And there were some very kesedihan memories too...Once,both of us was in PJ and we were dead broke..like DEAD BROKE..we manage to scrounge up some coins & I still remember her buying rm1 of keropok lekor & I bought 2 kuih vadai & we ate in the car..the full incident of the whole thing & how we end up there,shall remain a mystery..hahaha.

There's many more great memories that we've shared together that there won't be any space to write it down here..so I'll stop myself here before I get too carried away...

I'm glad that although she's thousand miles away in OZ,she doesn't forget her friends here(for now laa...hahaha)...especially me..I'm super glad that despite some turbulence that we had in our friendship before..some of it were my fault,some were hers,some were because of others...she still stood by my side through the good and bad times...Izza,your such a great person & don't you ever,ever forget that!I miss you heaps(especially in class because during pairwork..hahaha...)& can't wait for you to come back home safely..Lots of hugs & kisses & hope that you love this post!!!


Anonymous said...

aww.. so sweet!!


Mojax said...


Izza senget n Liyana the witch!!

acerbicacad said...

semalam aku ngan moja tengok gmabr2 Izza time pre..

*tahan gelak
**sorry x tertahan lagik


Liyana said...

thanks aimi!!!!muahxxxxx

weihh..moja mengada eks???ko tuh diva no 1!!!haha

tuh pics2 yg aq ltk tuh byk pic time pre..huhuh..dr mane korg tgk pic pre die???