Jam packed days

Monday, July 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

So many things have been happening to me in the past few days.

There's supposed to be a paragraph here about the night at Bukit Tinggi but when I upload the pics today,the paragraph become all jumbled up & some of the words below has been changed because of the mixed up..sigh-----

On Friday,after class which started at 8.30 a.m and ended at 12.30 p.m.Then I had a meeting at 3 pm which ended at 5 pm and then me and my friends went straight to KLIA to send Izza off to Adelaide.Had to change from my baju kurung to my normal clothes at the faculty toilet because I had no time...huhu.Went to KLIA with Hafriz,Tatie & Syud in my car while the other car who followed us was Jeng,Chip,Acad,Moja & Azri.

The night before,I had a long conversation with Izza on the stuff in my life,gossips and such... and then I told her that I found out that 'someone' might be going to send her off tomorrow to which she was like..'ookay..why??'...hahaha.I was like...'Exactly!!!'..that 'maybe' happened and I was like...'ookay...why is that person even here??'.It's really ironic because...hurmm....nevermind laaa...

And then,on that same day....added to the fact that I was PMS-ing...old wounds pun resurface...when I see people who 'fake' being close friends in front of others...Urm...like...when was the last time you hang out again????.....Like hello???You don't even know that person really well but you act like you are, in front of people..WTF???

At KLIA,met Izza along with my other friends.Gave her the gifts and she had to stuff everything into her suitcase to which I manage to see the content of her luggage(tak lipat eks???)...muahaha.Cried a lil bit when she asked me & Hafriz to bring her stuff to her when she was with her family...but then she told me not to cry or she'll cry as well.... :(.She gave me a red & gold LV purse as a birthday gift to which she said it's a bit pricey(which means 'you better take care of this well or else!!'muahaha) and it's an old design but it's worth it for a great friend like me kan??hahaha.

Was at KLIA from 6 pm- 9.30 pm...Hafriz & I manage to see the last sight of her as she entered the gate...she even blew us a kiss after she almost entered the wrong gate to which Hafriz & me turn to each other and said..'that's so Izza'...7 semesters of having her around...I'll definitely,definitely miss her presence this semester...hu

After KLIA,went to McD cos Hafriz wanted to buy food for Izlin(I'm proud that my bestie is a good boyfriend to her..most of the time la kan Izlin???hahaha).Then went to Aimi's house with and helped her,Nazri,Niza,Tajul & Pi'e to prepare the food for Lep
ak with Ethos tomorrow morning...Where else can you find seniors who are willing to cook for their juniors and do an event to welcome them to the faculty other than TESL seniors??

Made coleslaw and ice cream with the peeps and the went ba
ck home around 2.30 a.m, along with 2 cars which followed me home(Aimi's & Pi'e's) because the huge amount of chicken is too heavy for me to carry and it had to be put in,in my house since we have a fridge and a freezer too.So the guys(Hafriz,Niza,Tajul,Pi'e & Nazri) helped carry it inside.Plus,Aimi will be coming to my house in the morning to get the marinated chicken so she had to know the way there.The guys was delighted to see the wall to wall red carpet in the house to which Tajul want to roll all over the carpet...hahaha.

Lepak with Ethos was a success despite some disappointments...and after that,I went to Bon Odori..and on Sunday went to Whoa Willow!'s reunion at Windmill with the 'glam nak mams' theme which I followed to a T.hahaha.Then went to Sunway,then Asia Cafe and then lepak at Pak Li pulak.... and now I'm at home.Which seems to be happening to me this whole week...Go out early in the morning and come back home very late...huhuhu.I'll blog about what happened during Lepak with Ethos,Bon Odori & the reunion in a couple of days & post some of the pics too..Tomorrow I only have one class & it starts at 5.30 pm so hopefully my scholar money is in my ac in the morn so that I finally shop!!!!woohoooo!!!