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Wednesday, July 02, 2008 Liyana Hanim 12 Comments

Phew..I haven't blog for days..what a personal record!!hahaha.Been busy going out and about,here and there,everywhere!hehe.The new semester will open soon which means that I will abandon this blog for a long time...I'll be busy with 3 upcoming projects at our faculty which our student council will handle...which means that I won't have time to hone my cooking skills so I'm going to cook lotsa good food for my family in this few days!!hehe.

I want to blog about the movie SEPI actually,but recent news got me all riled up!I tent to refrain myself from blogging about politics but the recent news of this one particular dude whom all members of my family loathe..down to my late grandfather who used to be his schoolmate,has gotten me all shook up!

I don't want to name names here...but who knows,knows laa!!

I am very annoyed and appalled by the amount of drama that a particular politician whom I shall call A, is churning for the public.Just fess up that you're a bit queer won't you??Why would a guy whose smart and use to be his aide will do a police report on his queer ways if it wasn't for the fact that it could have been true?Plus,he is engage kot!And his fiance has a pretty cool blog too.

Doing such thing(police report) is not an easy thing to do..It must have been hard for him..And those allegations that he knows the DPM well...what a bunch of crap!Here's a picture of me with Tun Dr.Mahathir,3 years ago at the Perdana Discourse series...and by taking a picture with him..it shows that he knows me very well ke???-Pardon the bad fashion choice in my part..that was 3 years ago & I just entered the university that time.All I can say is that Tun Dr.Mahathir is very humble and friendly in person.And listening to him talk about education was very inspiring and it was peppered with jokes and his own experience growing up-

I'm sure that guy who took pics with other political figures just meet them along the way and for people who loves politic like me(though I tend to keep my opinion on it to myself& family) ,having your picture taken by a political figure is akin to taking your picture with a celebrity! Even Ezam(ooops I'm naming names now..but who cares!) said last night on the news that this is about 'akhlak' and it's not political.Just fess up and stop this melodrama laa!It's so tiring.I'm sure the guy just want justice.A is someone whom he admire years ago and he 'violated' him.It must have been hard for him because his uncle even said that he almost tried to commit suicide because to him he had committed a big sin.

And for other people who supports A,just open up your eyes please?'Fabrication' my ass!!Just come out of the closet already laa..Like Tun Dr.M said,he's not surprise by these suppose 'allegations' on A....The truth will prevail!!And I truly pity his family who has to hide his fetish.Dulu bolehlah...Now the truth is finally coming out!!!

P/S:Is it me or is the weather getting very,very hot nowadays??I have about 5 BIG ulcers=2 which are at the back of both side of my mouth + 3 scattered all over...(this is the FIRST time I have this much of ulcers!) in my mouth making it difficult to chew or talk even!!Aaahh the agony!!Can anybody give me tips in how to cool down my body temperature??


w A said...

Is HE not one of US now? See there's no use of being coverinas when apparently one day, sooner or later your cover will mess up anyway.

Stay true to yourself! @_@

Liyana said...

One of UR club la kan die tuh Wa???Btul tu!!!U stayed true to yourself...relaxs jaa kan???huhu.There's no harm in admitting that ur queer..takyah laa nk cover2..poyos momos jer die tuh!

Wa,sem dh nk bukak!!!Xsabar nk jumpe anda sume!!!

Hafriz said...

I heard his queer habits has been there since he was in mckk. Hmm.

Zen said...

It is possible that such statement can be fabricated for specific reasons. Let's say that he has ties with undesirable foreign countries and some patriot decided to something about it.

To stop him from whatever he's doing, they need to put him somewhere where he can do anything, like, the ISA, for example. I need not speculate what and why.

NOt taking sides here. Politics are dirty business.....

Liyana said...

hahaha..most definitely hafriz!dude ur back frm Bandung kaa???beli hadiah ngak??muahaha

hmm..zen,i have to NOT agree with you..Like duh..people in the know,knows of his 'special' relationship with the United States.He choose to hide at the Turkish Embassy(which,they DID NOT invite him) because it's an Islamic country(so that his supporter will think how could he had sodomize a guy?)instead of going to the US embassy.

But the fact of the matter is,this whole sodomy thing is PERSONAL and not POLITICAL.
But he is making it look like it's some big conspiracy to topple him down and then he tries to divert people from the fact that he did something WRONG & DESPICABLE(I have no problem with ppl being gay/lesbian or bisexual but when you sexually violate somebody,you SHOULD take responsibility about it!).

And he also named names(Tan Sri Musa& etc) about events that had happened so many years ago only to be brought up NOW???WHY NOW???Think ppl!

And plus,the victim is a nobody.If he lodge a police report about the sodomy,he of course would have known that between someone like A who's 'gah' & him,a student,who would you think people will believe instead?But he wants justice & that's why he did a police report.And I think it's sad to think if A manage to get away with this,again.

Like Tun Dr.Mahathir said,he is not suprise the fact that this police report is made to A.hah.

Tatie said...

minum air kelapa!

i'm gonna zip my mouth bout this whole A-the new queer-thingy. (:

babe, see ya. mwah!

Liyana said...

hahaha...dh minum air kelapa tp satu cawan jer...my mum kate xelok utk badan..kui2

can't wait 2 c u babe!!!dpt gaks bukak my blog eks???i'll pick u up monday morning for class kays??xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

"And plus,the victim is a nobody.If he lodge a police report about the sodomy,he of course would have known that between someone like A who's 'gah' & him,a student,who would you think people will believe instead?But he wants justice & that's why he did a police report.And I think it's sad to think if A manage to get away with this,again."

He's not a NOBODY. He was an Ex student leader, who opted out from his university due to his poor results (His pointer is 1.69, by the way). He then said that he was offered a scholarship (which is VERY hilarious as he had admitted in the Star that his results are poor).

He is an aide for someone who has lots of supporters, (ya, I know that he works for A, who is so against the govt and perhaps is thinking to take over the nation), but an aide for a prominent figure at the age of 23 without a degree, is pretty IMPRESSIVE. Don't you think so?

A lad who the DPM himself admits seeing him few days before he lodged the report. (plus the picture of him with the DPM's assistant, too much coincidence, ya?)

Plus, it is not PROPER for people to go to the DPM office to support their scholarship application. How many university dropouts do that? Why the DPM? Why not the Ministry of Education or Higher Education?

If you don't believe me, you can google him or check his backgroundas or something.

(There's a statement saying he's related to the PM. I don't think it's true, but who knows?? and who cares too :) )

His fiance has a blog, which I believed was set up a few days ago. Could it be one of the defense machine or just a coincidence? View her if you feel like it:


Reality check. He's not a NICE guy either.

Funny thing is, he's young. A 23 y/o man against 61 y/o. If I was him, I just shoved A off my back, and lodged a police report after the 1st incident, rather than letting it happen for another 3 times. Plus, A had had operations at his discs years ago. He's not as strong as before, right?

Plus, A is the NOBODY in the govt. Why would he be afraid of A? A has lots of supporters, true, but, he did not have the police, the judiciary system nor the parliament. so, why should he be afraid of A?

I'm not taking sides, but wouldn't be nice if we check both sides or write about the whole situation, rather than "OMG, A is indeed a gay, there's new evidence! I must write about it!"

I hate Malaysia's politics.

p.s: I feel like I'm watching OUR own downfall. Oil price-Abdullah-Najib_Althantuya-Suspended Malaysia Stock Exchange-We just accept what we had been spooned-Anwar-Saiful-Raising rice price-. Too much to handle!!

p.p.s: Happy bday to Saiful Bukhari himself who will turn 23 on the 6th. May Allah bless you.

p.p.p.s: Interesting post, keep it up! :)

Liyana said...

wow...thanks for your comment anonymous..Definitely made me think about it..But I have to say that politics are not dirty but the people in it that makes it dirty.

But from ALL of this 'drama' that is coming out from left,right and everywhere..I have to say it's a battle between A & DPM to bid for the PM post.That's why suddenly all of their dirty laundry is being shown to the public but yeah,it is pretty hard to tell which one is telling the truth and which one is lying.

So many speculations and accusations has been made that I'm sure the public will be tired of it soon... that maybe we should be looking at other candidates to replace the PM..someone who's name starts with M(nt our former PM though) or R.

wah, bergambar dgn Dr. M!

Liyana said...

to anonymous..I just found out that Saiful represented Uniten during the Youth Summit,January last year...Very impressive..I guess during that time,his gpa was way better than what was reported now...People do fall from their grace sometime you know?Maybe that's what happened to him...who knows?

From everything that came out in the news lately,the line between truth and lies is so blurry that only God knows who's truly genuine.

Liyana said...

Hye kak aishah(sorry if i spell your name wrong!)...

Pic dgn Tun Dr.M tu time pre-degree,me & Izza along with other UiTM debaters d'jemput utk join Perdana Discourse Series at Perdana Foundation kat Putrajaya...huhu.Ade lg pic me & Izza with Tun Dr.M & Siti Hasmah skali..kat page Fotopages I ade all the pics...