Korean kids are cute!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

Since Aimi has made a blog post about this..I feel so lazy to do it so just read it from her blog aite?

Aimi's blog


mojaxiokorean said...


ble die maw datang lagiks??


Liyana said...

tak tau la moja...huhu
tp ms.sal kate nanti if ade lg program internalization,die akan bg i join..hehe..so mari2!!

sgt2 chomel...u should have listen hw they talk...
some of the questions for them before the reader's theater was...
q:'what do you do in your free time?

q:do you watch drama?
a:winter sonata!


auw. cik kancil! hehe. liyana, i curi gambar tau~ :P

and plan tgk movie sex and the city, i ok je!~

AcadygTakCool said...


Itulah ayat yg keluar dri mulut kau ketika trying to look cool..
rupanya tidak..itu Japan..!


Sekali lagik aku try bgtaw aku tahu perkataan Korean..tapi masih lagi itu bukan..masih tak cool..!

Kam Sah Hamnida!

itu bru betul!

"It was Me!" said...

Lyana.. Where did you get the pictures? Are they yours?.. Are there anymore?.. Can I have them?? HEHE.. I look pretty happy for an angry farmer don't I.. Hafriz seriously deserves an award for his performance..

Liyana said...

nazz,aimi got the pics from the technician who took our pics on that day..u can take it..i dun think aimi will mind..