Long lost friends

Friday, July 18, 2008 Liyana Hanim 6 Comments

My primary school years was one of the best years of my life.I went to 2 different primary schools.In standard 1 until 4,I studied at SRK Seksyen 6 Shah Alam(the old one not the new 2nd one) & then some of us were sent to the new SRK Seksyen 9 due to the fact that our address was near to the school so I had to split from some of my friends in SRK Seksyen 6.

This pic was taken from Nabil's Facebook
I had so much fun being a kid and the experience and the people and the memories,though some of them have fade away from my brain...it is still etched in my mind and heart.I still remember most of them and have met some of them in these few years.I lost contact with most of them because after UPSR,my family and I move to Seremban and then to Penang.But in Form 3 I came back to Shah Alam & studied at SMK Seksyen 9 but there were so many new faces & the old faces had new friends so I did feel lost there and after PMR,a month & a half of Form 4 at SMK Seksyen 9,then I move back to Seremban.

The experience of always being a new kid,moving from one place to another,having to adjust to a new place almost every year..made me feel lost and like I don't belong sometimes but in time I got used to it and now making new friends is not something that is hard to do for me.But the one thing that I crave the most is stability and it's something that I never have.Maybe that's why I so want to be in a stable relationship with a great guy.It's a great feeling to belong to someone whom will always be there for you & stay like a rock.I haven't been in one for almost 4 years now!Maybe it's just not my luck yet??

Oookay..got sidetracked a little bit...

The point is...I was really elated when I manage to reach my other hard to reach old school friends through a chance encounter through my course mate's Facebook.See..Facebook & Friendster is a great tool to meet and keep in touch with your old or long lost friends!I am glad that they still remember me because I definitely still remember them.Old friends like Aisyah Zaini & Syafiq Kamarul...it's really great to see that they're doing well & that they still remember you.Because when I look back at the old school picture of 6 Berlian on Nabil's Facebook,I can't help but smile and realize that 9 years ago...who would have thought that we would be who we are today?We were just kids who loves to have fun...hmmm..maybe that never really change for me??hahaha.


aisyah zaini said...

im sooooo gladdd syafiq made that sks 9 group hahahahahah berguna jugak.
goshh liyaaanaaa i reallllllyyy want to meet u!

happpy sangattt iiiiiiiiiiii
kenapaaa la u tak msggg iiii before thisss masa u baca blog ii

i misss u!

Liyana said...

i want to meet u too..lamer giler xjumpe..9 years kot!!
ingat lg tat u tinggal kat seksyen 11 dulu...
i'm living there at my grandparents hse while studying at uitm..huhu

i segan kot!!! ur life is so damn fabulous man!!i've link ur blog with mine!!!xoxoxoxo


sweet nye dpt jumpa kwn2 lama semula. =)

moja said...

Reuniting with good old frens memang best!
Tonnes of things to be said, gossips to be passed around the table!
Laughter is a must! Geez. I Love Reunion!

what could be finer? :)

aisyah zaini said...

i wishhhhhhhhhhhh

uheuhauehaueha cant wait to see you tomorrow!

if ur still intouch with whoever ajak dieorang k


Liyana said...

yeay aisyah see u on monday!!!!^_^

yup moja..reunion is gr8 & we had this big one last year but i couldn't go cos it clash with other events..sob sob...so hopefully there'll be another 1 soon!!