On a lighter note

Sunday, July 20, 2008 Liyana Hanim 11 Comments

On Friday afternoon,after class,me,Tatie & Syud went to Bukit Tinggi(I love that place cos' it's big but it's not that crowded so I can shop without feeling 'rimas') and spend ALL of my birthday money.With the birthday money,I bought 4 pair of shoes,2 perfumes,2 pairs of jeans,a few accesories,a book(Moja,I bought 3 cups of tea...muehehe),a shoe organizer,&a cd changer. Phew...I got into a Becky Bloomwood frenzy that day...that Syud and Tatie had to hold me from entering other shops so that I won't buy unnecessary things.hahah.

Oh,had an encounter with a fuckingly rude sales person at...get this..Vincci jer kot!She was so rude even my friends were shocked & I seriously wanted to kick her ass..Dah la selekeh and you work on commission and you had the nerve to be rude to a customer???!!!I ended up not buy anything from them...hah!!I have read bad experiences with sales person on my friends blog but I have not experience it on my own and when I did I was like..hell no!That did not just happen to me!!hahaha.

But I LOVE all the shoes that I bought from the other cute shoe stores there....droolsss..I have been trying them on in my bedroom cos they're so pretty but I won't put up the pics here cos' I don't want to end up having the same shoe as others..heheh.But I bought one suede platform pumps in sage green(it's so beautiful but yeah,I can't have a boyfriend whose not taller than me because I love wearing 3 or 4 -inch heels),a pale pink kitten heel with rose print,a black gladiator-ish sandal & a black patent leather ballet flat with a silver buckle.

I bought 2 black shoes because I have only one black pumps in my shoe collection.I have too many red shoes..And funnily although I have many red items,I don't have a red piece of clothing except for undies & a jacket...For example,for my b'day..I got a pair of red ballet shoes from Syud,a pair of red flip flops from Tatie,a red LV Monogram Vernis clutch from Izza..I have red earrings,red bag...I guess because my favorite colors is red & white & pink too..
Oookay..I sound like a total flake right now...but hey,I don't shop every week..I tend to shop & buy many things one time & then I won't shop for a whole semester..I get it over and done with..hehehe.

A funny thing happened while we were eating at Pizza Hut...someone who shall remain nameless...when the cute waiter came to our table to put our orders,forked the garlic bread and the bread flew out of her hand and fell under the table...hahaha.And the cute waiter was so nice that he,get this...got under the table & picked it up!!!LOL...We were dying of embarrassment and laughter...hahaha.I love going out with my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^


Syud said...

oi2..how about 'the flying honeydew' and 'the incredible straw' incidents? hehehe :)

Acad said...

I'm broke..
shit broke..!!!
Thank God I wasn't there or else I would end up shopping until I drop albeit my current economic status..!
macam taw jek saper yg melakukan insiden itu..
mesti *a*ie kan..
Was she on high of sugar that day..??

Liyana said...

-__-....haha..hey..atleast aq xwat bende tuh depan abg tuh...muahaha

hw come ur shit broke man???
yeshh i definitely shop till i drop because after this there will be Mekar & Feskem so I won't have time to shop nymre...huhu

yg melakukan insiden itu adalah org yg d'atas tuh...muehehe
eventhough tatie agak sugar rush time tuh & die yg plg lapar tp aq & syud yg clumsy kat PizzaHut...huhu

moja'sCups of Tea said...

riaknye dah beli buku tuh. Hahahahaha

Liyana said...

moja....jealous much???muahaha

"It was Me!" said...

Lyana.. You left me speechless and my mouth hanging with this post.. That's quite a lot of stuff you bought.. HEHE.. How'd you manage to carry it all?.. I only bought 1 speaker last weekend.. And that was quite heavy already.. HEHE..

Tatie said...

asal benda bukan2 je...
aku la yang buat??

Liyana said...

OMG!!The hottest&handsomest class rep read my blog???LOL...
Ala Nazri...ppl dun turn 21 every year rite??hehehe.

I used my birthday money wisely...added to the list of stuff that I bought,there are more but i'll spare u guys the 'WTF was she thinking' thoughts...hahaha

Aduh,enaknya tatiaaa!hahaha

Syud said...

heh heh.
aduhhh ya tatia..
kami yg clumsy, kamu yg dpt name.

MojaJelesi said...

Of courrrrrrrse! Hahahaha. :)

xde dwet...

nex month la.. X pown curi je ko nyer. :P

Liyana said...

lerrr...nk curi aq punyer???isk2
nanti aq kasi pinjam lerrr...ape da!!

aq xstart bace lg buku tuh...bru dlm 3 page jer...xde masa dowh!!!