One more day to go!!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

This past few weeks I have been cramming everything into my life..Going here and there..stuffing my face with good food(exercise be damn!haha),sleeping late and waking up late...playing,movies..Basically,I've put my holiday time to good use.Because come Monday,it's back to class!!!Which means less sleep,all nighters,being broke...hahahaha.I'm excited to see my friends but then again I dread the amount of work that will come my way.My project for my faculty needs a lot of tweaking and I haven't met the representative from the 2 other faculty who wants to collaborate with my faculty.Haih...Just thinking about how all of it will come into place makes me shudder.I'll be busy the upcoming weekend as well which means I won't get to go back home to see my family...sob sob.Come 11th Izza will be off to Australia...can't wait to send her off and bawl like a baby with my other girl friends that night..haha.Toodles!!I'm off to lunch with my brothers & will be having delicious nasi lemak..yumm!!!


Anonymous said...

yum nasi lemak... i miss eating that

syud said...

gudluck li!! gudluck!!