She's doing fine

Sunday, July 20, 2008 Liyana Hanim 1 Comments

My close friends knows that currently,my grandma's in HUKM(wad orthopedic perempuan,4th floor) .She's been there since Wednesday because she broke her hip bone & her right leg when she was trying to put on her 'kain' in the bathroom and instead her feet 'tersadung' and she fell on the bathroom floor.I wasn't there when the accident happen because on Tuesday evening I went back to my parents house in Puncak.My dad who was on his way back from KLIA at that time,who luckily was near Batu 3,drove quickly when my aunts called him & came & help my brother Haziq, to lift my grandma off the bathroom floor(my 2 single aunts who live with her can't lift her off the floor).

I visited her yesterday at HUKM along with my family and when we got there,there were so may other relatives!hehe.There were like 4 other families there( my cousins' and their family,my cousins with their husband & fiance,my parent's cousins's were there too)and there were tons of food that my aunt asked us to eat it or else it would spoil.My grandma will have to stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks or so after she's had the surgery which she haven't yet.But she's doing fine and we brought her the food that she wants to eat like nasi ayam,rendang,lemang(yes,it felt like Hari Raya at that time) but after she has finish eating,she ask my aunt to buy nasi ayam for everyone...LOL.

In our BIG,HUGE family,she's the caretaker because she's the only grandparent in our life.Our grandpa,Sheikh Haji Jamaluddin Al-Radzi passed away on the 24th of December 2004.And even when she was in hospital,and she said this yesterday,in front of all the families,that she was bummed out that she didn't go to the market that day...LOL.She LOVES to cook and when you go to her house,she'll ALWAYS make sure that you get something to drink or eat and you can never,ever starve in her house.She's constantly feeding people or cooking.Maybe that's where my love from cooking comes from.I help her cook since I was a tiny little girl and now I can make all the dishes that she's famous for in the family like Sambal tumis petai,Mee Rebus,Laksa,Asam Pedas,Kuih Cara & so many more....

Nenek,I hope you get better soon and don't worry too much on who's going too cook for us while your in the hospital aite?:)


Syud said...

Nenek! Semoga semboh!