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Thursday, July 31, 2008 Liyana Hanim 9 Comments

Today was a jam packed day for me...pheww.Tiring but fun...I manage to hangout with good friends that I haven't hang out in awhile and friends that I haven't really hang out outside of the faculty...And I'm glad that I did today because I've realize how I miss it all this while.

I'm awfully sorry..especially to Hanna,Hani & Napisah for kind off neglecting you guys since the semester starts..huhuh.It's funny how we manage to become good friends despite the fact that about 2 years ago,we started on the wrong foot.And now we understand each other so well and they are no bull kind of people..if they want to 'tegur' me they do it up front..Like a few days ago,I got an earful from Hanna for not stepping up to the plate...huhuh.I always get the straight up no holds barred from them kind of friendship...Akibatnya...hari ini Hanna telah menyentap aku dengan panah yang tajam dan berkata"Lepas ni lupa kiteorang lagi la tuh"..oucchhh...Sori babe!!Aku tidak bermaksud begitu...huhu...Hanna,aku dah ingat apa yang kau kata aku patut ingat tentang janji aku pada korang tuh...hehehe.Nanti aku bagitau kat kau eks?Napisah,start planning now!!!hehe

After class today,I had lunch with Napisah & Hanna.And since during breakfast Nazri describe the best Nasi Goreng Kampung that he had in Shah Alam,and he described it pretty enthusiastically,I was craving for it so off we went to the place to eat.Afterwards,Napisah wanted to find a birthday card for her mother and I saw this book that completely caught me off guard and I told Hanna & Napz that I want it because I'll be using it during my next semester but I didn't bring enough money for it....uwaaaaa!!!But I was like nevermind..I'll be getting some more birthday money soon...hehehe.So I can buy the book later days..But I was really afraid that there will be no copy of the book left since there were only 2 copies left....

Then we picked up Syatila at the faculty and went to main campus to get the stuffs for MeKar.Went to Unit Kebudayaan for the costumes and such and then went to VC's building to get the souvenirs stuff.Izlin & Aimi were texting me saying that they're already waiting for me at the faculty to go and watch Sex and the City...wooohooo!So off we went to drop Syatila at her house then to Hanna & Napz's house...and suddenly,Hanna took something out from her big bag...And gave me the book that I wanted to buy just now as a birthday gift!!!uwaaaaa.Turns out,when Napisah was trying on some shoes and I followed her,Hanna went to buy the book on the sly..hehe.Hanna,I love you!!!hahaha.Below is a picture of the book that Hanna bought for me...heeeee

After that,went to the fac,meet up with Aimi & Izlin and Aimi said that we should all just go in her car and so I drop my car at Hanna's place and went off with them.

Sex and the City was the bomb!!!Total chick flick but it was worth it.It was worth they way Aimi drove her car to make sure that we made it for the 5.30 show and even manage to buy snacks...hahaha.Aimi and I were gushing over the shoes,the clothes and the bags throughout the movie that I'm sure some people in the cinema were annoyed with us..but who cares!!haha.Aimi,you're a girl after my own heart with your knowledge on fashion.I was like..'Oohh that's a Prada clutch(I notice it when Charlotte hold it) '..'Oooh look at that shoe'..Look at that cupcake purse(cutie pie Lily wore it)'...'That's an ostrich leather bag'--my knowledge from reading all those InStyle magazines and fashion blogs are useful after all because some people who watch that movie might not notice that Charlotte wore a DVF dress during pregnancy or that Samantha was wearing a pair of bamboo hoops earrings(I have one in silver!!) or that Carrie wore the same studded belt 4 times in the movie(which Aimi and me keep pointing it out everytime it appears in a scene)..'...See,I knew that Aimi and I will get along just fine when she can pronounce Christian Lacroix correctly..hehehe.Or when Carrie brought out the wedding dress that she wanted to wear,Aimi turned to me and was like..."Is she for real?" and I was agreeing with her...hahaha.

The movie was great!!!I would definitely get the dvd and hope that they won't censore it like what happened in the cinema..Potong sana,potong sini that it kinda ruined the movie a tiny bit..There were some funny moments and not so funny moments in the movie.I applaud Samantha for her very strong will power...Dante is smokin hot!!!huhu.Charlotte's 'poughkeepsied' moment was so funny!!!hahaha.And the forest joke..ewww.The part when Big unveils the closet that he had remodeled for Carrie...we were like..gushing over it and was in complete awe..I want the exact same closet space too!!!huhu.And everytime Lily's in the picture we'll be like...'awwww'..hehe.She's so effing cute!!!All in all,it's a movie for every fashionista out there,though there were some fashion choices that we weren't so keen about like Carrie's big silk coat with the puff sleeves and with the big purple roses on them.

After the movie we went window shopping and we were kind off confused at some point because we wanted to go row by row so that we won't miss any store but we manage to go to all of them.ALL!!!hehe.They never get tired or hungry(okay we were kind off hungry but we pushed it aside for the sake of shopping!)of going from store to store and looking at all the clothes and stuff!hehe.See the advantage of having fashionistas as friends?Aimi and I even gave our secret fashion tips to Izlin(hushh kay babe??hehehe).Saw a few things( the cutest tee & the most beautiful dress!!) that I like and so did they,but since we didn't bring enough money to truly shop,we are going to come back in a few days to buy them and we manage to keep the name of the stores that we'll go back to in our head.....glad that I will get some more birthday money from my aunt...hey,you don't turn 21 every year okay?As we lost track of time window shopping,we realize that the place was going to close soon so we had to eat outside of the mall...huhu..All of us had dim sum and nasi goreng pattaya at my favorite mamak in Subang and it was Izlin's first time eating dim sum(and it was good right??).Was so full and then went back home,pick up my car and Aimi teman-ed me with her car from the back since we were going the same way.
Babes,I had a great time...let's do this again!!!hehehe.


The Tatie said...

i'm really glad u had fun.

Anonymous said...

It was so much fun!!
I had the best time with you and Izlin.
And, yeah, true!
this is the 1st time that the 3 of us actually spend time together outside the faculty.
I enjoyed every moment!
TeeToo.. We're COMING FOR U!!
hahaha :p


Moja&TheCity said...


baru tgok Dark Knight smalam. Lambat gile.
I planned to watch SAC tapi its already late and we marched home right after the show. I don't know why I kinda excited to watch it, but maybe you can put the blame on the poster (in ur blog) its very2 cool. And I Love to see the BFF-type-of-muvie.

bdw, how to pronounce Christian Lacroix?
Hahahahahahahaha. (I wonder why the name of the fashion fellas are so tongue-twisting) Hurmm...

w A said...

SEX, in the city? That's HOT! @_@

Liyana said...

tatie..thanks..: )

aimi!!!maybe besok kiter bley pegi balik ke shibuya & teetoo..huhu

moja...the movie is the bff kind of movie..the real kind..huhu
christian lacroix is pronounce as this --christian lekwa..

btul wa!Sex and the city is HOT!!

emoAndtheCity said...

may watch it..
nest week kowt..
or perhaps if u want to watch it again I can tag along this time..

Anonymous said...

announcement! announcement!
sex and the city sudah siap di download..
pic nye clear dan cantik..
and x sensor langsung..
not one bit.. mnjerit2 i tgk!
*nasib baik tgk alone in my room*
hahaha :p

Li, this weekend busy..
Maybe next sunday k after MeKar?

Anonymous said...

lupe nk bgtau..
i dah post our pics kat my blog :D

Liyana said...

acad..aq xkan tgk lg kot sbb ade byk scene kene potong..tension giler!!

aimi!!!!plzzzzz2222222 burn it on dvd for me????thanksssssssss!!!!
okays...next week aite??i'll try to not spend the b'day money tat i just got..huhu