Thursday, July 10, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Today,I got the same Japanese lecturer for 3 semesters in a row(this is the last semester for 3rd language) & I'm sooo beyond happy!!!Habibah sensei is one of those lecturer who inspires her students and just lights up the classroom with her cheerful and enthusiastic self.When she entered the classroom today,the WHOLE class erupted with euphoria..hehehe.(Because we're hoping that we won't get the other Japanese lecturer..although she's good as well,Habibah sensei is the coolest!!).

Bon odori is this Saturday & so is Lepak With Ethos so I have to go straight after it laaa...Can't miss Bon Odori although Izza won't be around to go with me I'll be going with my cousin, and 3 of my friends...Habibah sensei ask the whole of my Japanese class to go to and when she asked who went last year,I was the only one who put up my hand so my friends started to ask for directions to go there to which I immediately blurted out that it's near the 'kubur'.And they we're like ..what??But seriously,yeah,Stadium Matsuhisa(sorry if I spell it wrong)is directly across the kubur in Sek 23...Izza parked her Kembara near the kubur there last year..cos it was so packed with Japanese people,wannabe's Japanese people(which irked the hell out of Izza..which I still remember..huhu.

On Tuesday,woke up super early around 7.20 am I think because during the holidays,I usually wake up around 12 or 1 pm..hehe.Got ready to class at Tatie's house since I slept there &....went to our 8.30 a.m class with Syud,who slept over as well(last semester most of my classes starts after lunch like 2 pm so this semester will be a chore for me because out of the 5 days of classes,I have 3 days whereby I have 8.30 am classes...sigh...)...and waited in the class with my classmates...and yupzzz...no class..AGAIN!!!Hello??We're here to learn okay!!hahah.So went to Bukit Tinggi after breakfast with my friends and watched Made of Honour which was a very sweet movie..Mc Dreamy looked so yummahhh..hahaha.

Tomorrow going to send Izza off....sob sob sob..I'm going to miss her so berry much...aiyaaaa..Also,I'm hoping against hope that I'll be able to go to Bosnia next year..please,please,please!!!


Anonymous said...

oh i never knew habibah sensei. my sensei was a chinese.

acad said...

Liyana xiejie,
haha..as u know I'm taking mandarin..
agak cool la..huhu
what is Bon Odori?
I have spotted ur pics with Izza surrounded by many japanese which I can't recall where I found the photos. N suasana cam lam stadium..
Is it?
Well can I tag along with u..

acad said...

I went to Bon Odori!
it was a great experience..
I danced along with the dancers and met many very kawai japanese babes..