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I'm in the midst of baking choc chip cookies with hazelnut for a friend who had ordered a week ago for it..huhu.Waiting for it to turn a delicious shade of golden brown...
Life has been hectic so I didn't have anytime to sit down and bake.This post will be about what I've been cooking for the last few months...From baguettes,to pau kaya to mee rebus.I only took pictures but I always forget to blog about them because there's always something better to blog about..hah...

My mum bought a book on baking bread a year ago in the hopes that I can make croissants for the family..especially my younger brother,Raffiq,since it's his version of 'rice'.After finding the croissant margarine a few months ago,I tried to bake them but...sigh..It didn't shape well.It tasted like croissants from Delifrance though but I'm ashamed to take any pictures of it..haha.I also tried to bake baguettes because I LOVE BAGUETTES!Especially a freshly buttered one,straight from the oven.(not the tough as wood one that you get at the supermarkets) .And I manage to bake them successfully and they tasted yummy and the smell of freshly baked bread filled the house...

And then one day,I was craving for pau kaya.Actually,I was craving for red bean pau but there were no red bean paste available.I love everything that has red bean paste in it.Pau,mooncake,buns & the traditional Malay kuih 'tepung gomak'(my dad's favorite bukak puasa kuih).So I made steamed kaya pau instead.I got the recipe from Suanne of Chowtimes blog.The link for the recipe is HERE.
Mee rebus Kedah is a dish that my grandma is very famous for in our big family..from her children to her grandchildren to her own nephews and nieces,everybody loves her Mee Rebus and she even makes a small get together for all of us when she was well,to come and eat the dish.Thankfully,she passed down the recipe to me and every time I make it,it tastes exactly the way she does it.She's now bedridden but she's going through physiotherapy and acupuncture so she's getting better.: )Below is the picture of the ingredients but at that time I totally forgot to take pictures of the final outcome.. But basically,in our family,a serving of mee rebus consists of yellow noodles,blanched bean sprouts,fried tofu,cucur udang,strips of beef (that has been boiled) or boiled shrimps,a half boiled egg,chopped spring onions,coriander,sliced red chillies,chopped lettuce and fried shallots all together in a bowl and pour on top of everything is the think orange-red gravy.DELICIOUS!
The ingredients that are needed to make the tasty gravy are

a)lots and lots of mashed sweet potato & potato
b)blended prawn heads(with a lil bit of hot water)
c)coriander & spring onions (hit them a lil bit with the mortar,like the picture below)
d)beef stock(with the beef)
e)chilli paste
f)tomato ketchup

Mix them all together & you'll have a fantastico gravy!!



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Happy Merdeka Day to everyone & Selamat Berpuasa!!!

Here are a few previews of tv shows that I'm psyched to watch in a couple of days!!!!

Gossip Girl Season 2

Extended preview

Clip 1 of episode 1

Clip 2 of episode 1

Clip 3 of episode 1

Clip 4 of episode 1

OTH season 6(Lucas picked Peyton..damn!!!)

Spoilers & Pics

Naley(Nathan + Haley=Naley=I wish to have that r'ship!!haha)


Beverly Hills 90210

Found a great food blog..perfect for someone who have a sweet tooth like me!!

This is what awaits me every weekend when I go back home...

Sugar canes cut up into bite sizes..
My mum will buy the sugar cane from the pasar malam & the first time she bought it,the seller was like,"Akak nak tebu jer?Tak nak air tebu?"(you want just the sugar cane not the water?) and my mum would say,"Oh anak perempuan saya tuh suka makan tebu..."(my daughter loves to eat sugar cane)...haha.I love chopping up the sugar cane into bite sizes and in my family,it's only me & mum who eat sugar cane as a snack...weird kan??


The 'rents

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Whenever I go back to my parents house..I find myself in a feeding frenzy...
Like somehow there's always good food and my parents have this need to make sure that I have a proper meal every day--like 3 times a day instead of the 1 meal per day that I do during weekdays..I rarely eat breakfast..I know..that's bad!I only do lunch...& dinner after 8pm is a big no-no(occasionally like when I sleep at Hanna's house every week after koko & we have to go out for dinner afterwards).

In my case,when I'm happy(or in lurve-example okay,i'm not in lurve..yet!hehe),I tend to lose more weight(Kinda like that character in Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes)..i.e I take care of my diet better instead of stuffing my face silly..huhu.But whenever I go home...it's hard to do so.
Case in point:Today I had Nasi Lemak for breakfast and then for lunch,soto ayam and then goreng pisang& keropok lekor(the grease!!)..yeouucchh!!!

Oooh,today shopping excursion was muy successful...I bought(okay,my mum bought it laah since it was her money..haha).....

a)6 claw clips or crab clips( like my fren,Mak calls em') or ke-kek(like Hanna calls em') in the shaped of a butterfly (because I always end up losing them or breaking them..better buy byk2)

b)3 pairs of square CZ's stud-I love them because they're so classic & goes with everything.And yes I always lose them because they're small..But this time it's a bit bigger,square-shaped and bling bling looking..ehehe.So hopefully it'll last me until the end of this year..haha

c)A pair of slip-on kicks.Okay,this is just too cute that I had to have them.I'll describe them here..They're white but with a sweet pink lining and has multi colored polka dots on them.They're so cute & comfy!!There's so many pretty designs like pink hearts with yellow background,Paris-chic shopping background,colorful stripes but I went with the polka dots cos' the combo of colors are just so cute!But I'll come back to buy the Paris-chic one next week...hehe.Hopefully my mum will let me laa...

I have had my eye on this ombre bag just now..but I'll wait and buy it next week cos' the shoes was my limit for the day..huhu.Wait for me baybeh!!

*I miss his laugh* :( cepat balik!!!!


Rock On!

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Silent Scenery
Imaginary Frens

Yesterday night I went to Laundry to support my cousin,Syazni's, band 'Imaginary Frens' performance for Sound of Urbs.So I had to do something bad which was cut class...hahaha.Hey,in my defense,I haven't ponteng that class yet..haha.So that's a first!Anyhoo,after class,and 'studying' Metho Reading,got ready,went out with my cousin around 8 pm,pick up Mel & Ida and then Shazni(this is Male Shazni,not the Female Syazni).Off we went with Mel driving the car because I'm lazy like that..haha.Arrived there,sat at the seats above and next to the stage..rase rockstar gitu..haha.Cos' that's wear the performers table are and of course there were free beers...-_-..haha.Which Syaz was like.."Minum la teh o ais tuh!"hahaha.

Because we came there at 9 something,the food for the bands(there were 4 bands altogether) were gone....sad cos Syaz said that they served seafood spaghetti and pizza...damn!Hang out,hang out.Borak2.And I actually stash my Reading notes in my bag(konon nak study if dieorg xperform lagi) but of course I only touch them once that night and didn't read them at all throughout the night.haha.Shazni(male) took pics of us,the bands performance and it's on his Facebook (Shaz's Facebook).

The night started with one band which I forgot their name but they were very good.They played mostly cover songs but they did play 2 original songs.The next band
Silent Scenery(for their Myspace CLICK HERE)however,blew me away.I was totally transfixed as I sat on the sofa and was in complete awe( yes I was sitting so in front that all the photographer's asses were in my way!).They looked like any normal guys that you might bump into at your uni cos' they sat in front of us before the performance and seriously,if you see them you never thought that they are such rockstars on stage!..2 of the looked preppy with their button down shirt...and the lead guitar was wearing a funny hat BUT they are beyond awesome.Their music doesn't even have that much lyrics.It's mostly instrumental but god were they good or what!They sound unbelievable.Seriously..I have never seen a band that was so in sync and was basking in the music and just feeling the music.They looked so focus on their music and watching them play was undescribable.I just sat there on the sofa with my jaws literally on the floor.They played it like they mean it..huhu.Mel bought the cd from them and we played it in my car as we drove back home, with the windows down and the cool breeze flowing in..so perfect!But they do sound better live.. I love the all the bands that night(ookay maybe not really the last band laa..sorry!).

Syazni's Imaginary Frens who played after Silent Scenery didn't dissapoint and I'm so proud of Syaz and I'm sure Kak Hani,her big sis feels mucho mucho proud than I do.Thanks to Syed and his friend who came eventhough he had a tahlil just before (how ironic rite from a tahlil to a gig?haha.But like he said,'doa is doa,gig still gig!')They came just in time,right before the band was about to play...(Have fun in Phuket & buy me something!!haha).Imaginary Frens rocked the house.And it did helped that a lot of Syaz's supporters and friends came that night.Sangat kecoh!Syaz's voice did broke a little during the 3rd or the 4th song but they still rocked the house with their leather jackets on!haha.Oh,the cutest thing happen..this cute guy came and Kak Hani introduce us and I was like,'Imaginary Frens dah habis perform dah bru nak dtg?' and he was like to my cousin,'tu la...blah2(xingat the exact words)..xpela asalkan kiteorg dpt amek gamba dgn dieorg'.Turns out they're( he came with his friends) are fans of the band..and I was going with Mel like...'cute nyer Syazni ade peminat setia!!!'haha
After that we hung out a bit,camwhoring and around 2 am,we went back.I went home,study a lil bit and sleep for not more than 3 hours...

Glad that tonight I'll be able to sleep far more than that!!Tomorrow is shopping day with the family!!!And I'm more excited over the month of Ramadhan than celebrating Merdeka itself(maybe because of the current political situation and also because FESKEM was cancelled due to the fact that we did all out for MeKar and INTEC was suppose to handle FESKEM and take over it..but -_-....).I can't wait to Sahur with my family this Monday & buka puasa for the first day of the Puasa Month with them!!!weeeeee!!!Okay,gonna sleep a little bit before going off to tutor Ms.Salliza's 2 adorable nephew's...^_^


15 things

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Was tagged by the cutie Izlin aka Mrs.Hafriz...hehehe

15 weird things/habits/little known things about me...(if you want to judge me from all this...it's fine by me!!LOL)

1.I don't eat chicken drumstick..ever...unless I really have too!(and I was scolded by my fren Napz & d 'kutuk'cos of this...muahaha)

2.I don't eat jeruk or assam...Except for mango pickles that I make on my own according to my aunt's recipe and the occasional jeruk buah salak from Alor Setar.

3.I don't take sambal belacan.I eat my ulam,raw,without it.However,I do eat petai,durian & tempe.

4.I'm allergic to all seafood except for fish& crab.I have scars on both legs to prove it.

5.I pronounce Malay words weirdly and I always,always get made fun off by Hanna,Napz...Like 'tengok' instead of 'dengar' or cerite(stressing the 'e' sound).

6.I tend to snort(once in a blue moon) when I laugh to a funny joke....muahaha..Only the privilege few have heard it...

7.I am very liberal on a lot of things but one thing that I'm conservative about is relationship..in the sense that I'm a one man only girl...so don't expect me to be your FUBU or FWB..sorry!!!I won't settle for anything less.When I commit myself to a guy,I commit to him ONLY.

8.I can't tolerate people who cheat in a relationship..I've seen what it does to people that I love and it breaks my heart to see them hurt...

9.I tend to be too honest sometimes which gets me into a whole lots of trouble..Like putting my foot in my mouth...huhu.Like Hafriz described me on my Facebook testimonial "sgt terus terang"...

10.I am a fan of Zulhuzaimi..serious!!!It's been 3 years I think...Malay man still gets my blood going..haha.Faizal Tahir is a must too!!!woooottt.Love,love his 'Warisan Wanita Terakhir' rendition on OIAM that I burn it on cd and listen to it in my car almost everyday...eheh.

11.In the 3 years that I've been in Uni,I have only,truly,honestly opened up myself and given a chance to a guy..ONCE.Yes,ONCE.I am not choosy or picky but merely SELECTIVE...Because I don't feel the need or want to entertain the anonymous msges or phonecalls from strange males or guys that I barely know..sorry..You gotta be cruel to be kind.If I'm not interested,I'm not interested.

12.I talk in my sleep and I kick around on the bed a lot...hahaha..Damn that is not flattering!

13.I have a very strict skin regime.Cleanse,tone,moisturize,sunblock and the occasional zit cream,scrub & clay mask..phewww!Today,I teman-ed Napisah to help her choose stuff for her face...I love shopping for people!!!(provided they pay for it laaa..)

14.I'm always afraid that the bookshelf above my bed that my dad made for me in our house,will one day fall on top of me while I asleep..habis la muke aq!!!haha

15.I don't drink anything with alcohol,I don't smoke(Syed mmg sgt jht with his question!) & I'm still a virgin..Does that make me seem uncool?SO WHAT???hah.But I do love hugs and kissses..wink wink...^_^

I'm tagging:Anybody who wants to do this!


Family day out

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Goodness gracious me!!!I just realize that yesterday was a Family Day out that I haven't had with my family in like almost 3 weeks???fuuuhhh..That's why it was so great..hehe.I'm supposed to finish my assignments but what the heck...This only take a minute or two..hehe.Oookay,yesterday morning after meeting up with the teacher for the interview again(to get materials from her),went out with la familia and yuppp just like I blog about it a few days ago,had a shopping spree!!!My mum saw this cute sunny yellow bag and got it for me and luckily she bought it because it was the last one there!..I totally didn't notice that bag but yeah,my mum has a pretty discerning eye in fashion than I do..sometimes...muahaha

Then I found the most purrrfecccttt rose pink aviators yooo!I have been searching high and low for the right pair of pink sunnies..Izza bought me a pink one during Pre-degree but it broke before she could even hand it over to me..sigh...And if you recall,I did a wishlist a few months ago HERE and on that list is the most purrfect pink Roger Vivier sunnies that I want but I'll never get because it's not available here....and I have made my calculations that it'll cost me approximately 1k to buy em'... :(.But yesterday I found the purrfect pair of rose pink aviator...and of course I just had to get them..hehe.And now it's safely tuck in the glove compartment of my car...^_^

The advantage of going shopping with your parents is that..you don't have to pay for stuff..eheh.And I also saw a pretty floaty flowery top with a braided neck line...swooon.So I got that too....And my mum bought a pretty top for her too.And then my mum bought me a pretty pink top from Somerset..I love that shop...so girly!My lil bro bought a cap...My dad bought lots of Rayban's for his side business and my other bro bought nothing..hahaha.My other bro Haziq,was at my grandma's house cos he had to go to work so he couldn't go...too bad...(more for me!!muahaha)

I'm also loving Cashmere Mafia and I have only watch 3 episodes at the moment but I love it!!!!!!!I love a show about women with strong personality,goals,achievements and a great fashion sense to boot!Because to me,being a feminist doesn't mean you have to disregard your sense of fashion....I love Mia Mason because I am a fan of Lucy Liu ever since her Ally McBeal's days....She was such a great character in that show(Ally McBeal)...almost dominatrix-like.I have a few lines that I love from Cashmere Mafia like this one(it was in the 2nd episode and I don't remember the exact line but it was between Juliet & the busy mum).. "I had to sit there and watch while she fed my children tofu" and her friend replied "She's a monster!"..LOL!!!
GTG for brunch!!!!Byessss


Hail BB!!

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I think Bryanboy is amazing!Bryanboy truly defines the power of bloggers...I myself has been sidetracked by the reason on why I set up this blog in the first place these past couple of weeks..This blog has been set up for almost 2 years and at first it started as a food blog but then I deleted everything early last year because I wanted a new look and a fresh start for the blog.

Okay back to Bryanboy..he is a fashion blogger who lives in the Philippines and because of his dedication to fashion on his blog, and his utter devotion to Marc Jacobs,he manage to get a bag named after him by Marc Jacobs himself!How cool is that?The bag name is the Marc Jacobs BB bag..of course it is named after Bryanboy!Not only that,but the way the male model dressed for the recent Marc Jacobs ad campaign suspiciously looked like it was styled by Bryanboy himself!!

Some of my favorite Bryanboy historic fashion moments are:
1)A Moment of Marc Magic

Cole Mohr for Marc by Marc Jacobs Part Deux

2)Luisa Via Roma: From Firenze With Love

*I just realize that my new layout doesn't show the day of the post,it only shows the time..hurm..nevermind laa I'll stick to this layout..*


The Secret Life of Bees

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The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd are one of my favorite books and it was on Laura's Bush list of 25 books to read before you turn 25(or was it 21 books..I forgot because the list of the books is tuck in a file in the nook of my car somewhere..Currently I think I have only manage to cross of almost 10 from 21/25 books..).
Laura's Bush is of course the wife of George W. Bush and the reason why I have her list of books to read before I turn 25(21),is because she was a librarian and she was honored(on April 2005) by the American Library Association for her years of support to American libraries and librarians and she even has her own foundation which is the Laura Bush Foundation For America's Libraries.

Back to the book,if you click the link above,you'll learn more about the book...but I'll write a short description here.The book revolves around Lily Owen and her life as she fled from her estranged father,to find who her mother was before she died(which has something to do with Lily,i won't spoil it here..go and read it yourself!).And how she comes upon the family of beekeepers who accepts her as one of their own family members.

I'm excited that the movie version of the book will come out in October and the girl playing Lily Owen is Dakota Fanning!Alicia Keys,Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson is in the cast too!!Looks like(hopefully) it'll be a good movie...Can't wait!



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Meet the teacher for the Reading interview today..she's a friend of one of our neighbour.She's a TESL graduate as well and she knows a heck lot about Teaching Reading and when I gave her the questions that she's suppose to answer...gulp..Turns out the questions that our lecturer gave us are very vague and she actually helped me by narrowing them down..and she even offered to lend her books for my lesson plan...How helpful is that??Phew..Glad that my mum manage to find her for me..huhu.Now on to study and more assignments to complete!


New look

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This blog haven't had a new template in almost a year!So I decided to give it a new look but all of my list of bloggers,stat counter& other things have gone...But nevermind cos it was worth it!Found 2 new cool fashion blog...Karlascloset & Style Rookie(she's only 12 years old!!hw cool is tat?).

Words of wisdom that I'll always remember:'All they can do is talk.'



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I heart Sara Bareilles so much!The video clip of her Fairytale single is so cute!!!!There's another video clip which is the original one but I love this current one better.Ever since last semester,her CD,Little Voice has been constantly played in the car whenever I drove myself back and forth from my parent's house.Her lyrics are so witty and funny and some of them are sad too.The meaning of this particular song is that relationships are not all about fairytales and whenever I listen to the song I would laugh because of the messed up/quirky fairytale characters described in the lyric.My old blog post of her album can be read here.

Fairytales by Sara Bareilles

Cinderella's on her bedroom floor
She's got a crush on the guy at the liquor store
Cause Mr. Charming don't come home anymore
And she forgets why she came here
Sleeping Beauty's in a foul mood
For shame she says
None for you dear prince, I'm tired today
I'd rather sleep my whole life away than have you keep me from dreaming

I don't care for your fairytales
You're so worried 'bout the maiden though you know
She's only waiting on the next best thing
Next best thing, yeah

Snow White is doing dishes again cause
What else can you do
With seven itty-bitty men?
Sends them to bed and she calls up a friend
Says will you meet me at midnight? Oh, oh,
The tall blonde lets out a cry of despair says
Would have cut it myself if I knew men could climb hair
I'll have to find another tower somewhere and keep away from the windows

I don't care for your fairytales
You're so worried 'bout the maiden though you know
She's only waiting on the next best thing
Next best thing, yeah

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom
Man made up a story said that I should believe him
Go and tell your white knight that he's handsome in hindsight
But I don't want the next best thing
So I sing, I hold my head down and I break these walls round me
Can't take no more of your fairytale love

I don't care for your fairytales
You're so worried bout the maiden though you know she's only waiting
Spent her whole life being graded on the sanctity of patience
And a dumb appreciation
But the story needs some mending and a better happy ending
Cause I don't want the next best thing
No no I don't want the next best thing



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I have been meaning to blog about recent events that has been happening to my uni,the 'famous' UiTM...Unless you have been living under a rock or in a cave,you must have heard the news that more than 5000 thousand UiTM students went to the Selangor MB office to protest over his remarks that 10% of the place in UiTM should be given to non-Bumiputera students.My friends and I saw the notice being put up at our faculty on the morning of the day before,the protest.Initially, when I read the notice,I felt,along with my other friends,that what Khalid was proposing, wasn't right.That as they say,UiTM is the last bastion for the Malays and Bumiputeras.But I have to say after some deep thinking,personally,I have mixed feelings over it.I wonder how the people of other races must feel seeing more than 5000 students fighting to NOT let them in their university.It must have hurt their feelings, but on the other hand,I understand the feelings of the students who went to protest.Although on this blog(click here),the blogger seems to think that the UiTM students were forced to protest.Some of my friends went to protest and they did it because of their love for the university so don't judge them because of it.

But what really irks me is that the overgeneralization of some people and political figures on UiTM students.They say that the reason why they want to bring in non-bumiputeras student to UiTM is because we don't know how to mingle with people of other races and what pisses me off the most is when this one 'infamous' political figure said that 'Kita tak nak pelajar Melayu yang bodoh'(as shown on the news of his speech)..Bodohkah semua pelajar UiTM?Why the heck most of UiTM students are able to get jobs in just a couple of months after they graduate?And UiTM students have many accolades from debates to interior design to fashion,we have won many awards and yet,they say that UiTM students are stupid.Where is the sense in that?Just because there are a few bad apples,they overgeneralize things.That just blows!

I have good friends from other races that I do keep in touch until today.My Scrabble teammates Puvanah and Suresh who with me, help my school become the 1st Scrabble champion of Negeri Sembilan,beating TKC students as well! When I live in Penang,it was very 'muhibbah' there.All of us spoke Malay with a Penang accent.Which I find so cool to listen to my Chinese and Indian friends talking that way.My old friends,Vinothini (who never fails to invite me to her house during Deepavali and stuffing myself with yummy Indian sweets especially the bright pink coconut candy...yummm!),Dharmini and Sharon who blurred the racial lines between us by speaking in a language that all of us could communicate in which brings me to what irks me a lot...Non-Bumiputeras who doesn't know how to speak BM at all,like at all and yet they call themselves Malaysian?Sorry to people who feels offended but if you are born and bred in Malaysia but you can't speak the Malay language then what is up with that?

On a brighter note,do read the current NUR magazine because my mum's friend/former employer's daughter,Nurul Huda, is on the front cover and she's a UiTM graduate.And a month after she graduated,she was accepted to work at Hijjas Kasturi Assoc.Sdn.Bhd and now she's the Interior Designer for them!


Every cloud has a silver lining

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Initially I wanted to blog about the 3 days that was spent at the Pidato Kemerdekaan comp but since Aimi has done a day by day blog on it..it's better for you guys to read it there..

Ms.Salliza told me and Hanna about the Pidato thing and that she needed 6 runners altogether during MeKar closing nite and intially,Hanna & the others were suppose to help me..but a day after that they realize that they'll be busy with moving out and stuff so I manage to ask help from some friends(thanks to Acad,Azri,Aimi,Chip,Moja & Tajul!).During those 3 days I met an old debate friend,Izzy and someone from my debate past that was freaking annoying!hahaha.If you read Aimi's blog you'll know who he is...

Yupzz..my life has been busy lately..But thank God Feskem will be given to Intec to do and Mapra(malam pra-graduan) will be given to SMPP since PMFP has bust our ass off for MeKar,Pn.Hajah says that we should not be the only ones doing everything...huhu.So since I have free time,I have been working..and I'm getting paid good money.My job is to tutor high school kids and I spend 6 hours with them,3 days a week.Need to save money for new sport rim for my car..huhu.

And things has start to look up in the family/grandma situation.After my mum has taken care of my grandma for a few days,my aunts took her back to her house and take care of her..And,they are taking my dad's advice in doing acupuncture for my grandma...Yeay!!!All is well.Like they said,'Blood is thicker than water" rite?My mum told me all the perils when she was taking care of my grandma & some of them made me LOL...hehehe.All I can say,is that,my mum has so much patience & she's a trooper!!!

Can't wait for my cousin's gig at Laundry Bar..wooottt!Support cousin gue deh!!!Gonna go there with my cousins & brother.Can't wait for shopping trip with the parents soon..giler dah lamer xkuar with them..huhu.Lunch is ready so gtg!!!Toodlesss!


Thank you

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Today I got an e-mail that just made me feel so much better.Thanks so much to that angel!
Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!!!


Si Luncai

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Tetibe teringat ayat nih
"Si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya?Biarkannn..."(To Moja..this line is from the P.Ramlee movie titled,'Bujang Lapok'..haha.Watch it cos I know you haven't!)

Have to wake super early tomorrow to pick up Ms.Sal and go to De Palma...huhu.

Malas nak 'membelog'(gaya perkataan Hanis Zalikha..hehe)..Tapi nk bgtau d'cni..Acad hotstuff semenjak dua hari ini...tak ku sangka kau akan begitu laris...muahaha.Dari yang memakai sparkly pink nail polish to yang pakai kerawang mawang di kepala..sume minat kat ko nokkk!kui2...


Cool quotes

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A good friend gave me this quote today..Thanks babe!:

"If you spend time judging others, you will never have the time to love them."

And I love these quotes too....

"True love is, when everything in the world is going wrong,
all you have to do is look at that special person and,
suddenly, everything in the world is right again.

"If you love someone, tell them...
for hearts are often broken
by words left unspoken."

"Trying to forget someone you love,is like trying to remember someone you never even knew.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked." -- Bernard Meltzer.

A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway. -- Fr. Jerome Cummings

"Usually our criticism of others is not because they have faults, but because their faults are different than ours."
Roger Eastman

"Some of us are inclined to look to the weaknesses and shortcomings of others in order to expand our own comfort zone."

Marvin J. Ashton (Ensign, May 1988, page 63)


Just a thought

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I love sharing my thoughts with people I know who can shed some light to it and make things clear for me or have the ability to banter and discuss about various things in life.Today I made a conclusion from our healthy little debate on a particular topic...There are still people out there who are only able to accept their own definition of a certain thing,anything for that matter.Although this world is filled with millions of people with millions of different definitions and interpretations,still,there are people who seems to think that everything should be in a certain way and they can't possibly fathom others who are different than them.I am blessed to have met people from all walks of life and know for a fact that everybody is different and unique in their own way.Not one is the same as the other.We might have some similarities but deep down,everybody is different from one to another.And for that,we can't force anybody to be how we want them to be.Suddenly the song by The Beatles,'Let it be',is in my head...:)


Family matters

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Okay,this post is regarding my family so I don't expect all of you to understand but I'm just angry at some unbelievably selfish people and need to vent it here before I can fully focus myself on studying for tomorrow's test..

Sometimes it puzzles me..where is the humanity?How can you don't want to take care of your own mother?As you all know,my only grandmother left in this world is bedridden because of her broken hip & she can't do surgery because of her stroke.But that doesn't mean she has to stay in bed all the time..She needs to do physiotherapy like the doctor ordered but some stupid people doesn't want to do anything(they'd rather my grandma just stay sick & lay on the bed like a vegetable) so,they dump my grandma unto my mother's shoulder.

My mother,who has 2 children still in school(excluding me & my other brother) and a husband to take care off and she does everything on her own,without the help of a maid whatsoever,now have to also take care of my sick grandmother.Today,both of my lovely and benevolent parents--my dad had a very IMPORTANT meeting today but he had to take a leave in order to go to HUKM along with my mum & my 3 brothers so that both of my parents can learn how to do physiotherapy.According to JAIS(my mum called them & ask for advice),in my family's current situation the order of who should take care of my grandma is as follows:
1)The son
2)The unmarried son or daughter
3)The married daughter

Number 1 is out of question because one of my grandma's son is in Alor Setar while the other 2 are busy with their lives.BTW,my grandma has 9 children okay!NINE!

My problem is with the number 2.My 2 inconsiderate aunts,both who are UNMARRIED doesn't want to take care of my grandma....How kurang ajar is that?I have been keeping this pent up anger for days now...Only telling this to Hanna,Napz & Hani.I'm just beyond mad!

Firstly,both of them are unmarried.Secondly,one of them has a car!.Thirdly,one of them has retired.Fourthly,they have no 'tanggungan' pon!My mother,can't even drive & has no car of her own and she lives in Puncak Alam..Now my grandma is living with my family there.What if something happens to my grandma?It is like 30 mins drive from Shah Alam!Aq bengang giler la!Mak sendri pon tak nak jage?And you expect me to take care of you when you get older(my mom have told me dulu2 to take care of my aunts when my parents are not around)???Boleh blah laaa!And one of them had the nerve to sound2 my mum!!!(sape yang akan masok neraka sekarang????..I know it's between them & God but seriously la,they don't want to take care of their own mother..for crying out loud!)

Thank god I have my bouncer looking brother who stand up for my mum.I love my mum so very very much for her tenacity and the fact that she's willing to take care of my grandma and that it'll affect her side business that she's doing.I have to go back after the whole Pidato thing & help my mum out.It's funny because I usually watch these family not wanting to take care of their mother thing is Cerekarama but now it's happening to my own family.And I can't believe that my 2 aunts whose been living with my grandma when she WASN'T sick are not willing to take of her when she IS sick!!!


Lucky me!

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Today I went to Mr.Ashton's house..heheh.Took a pic while he was laying down & watching the E! channel with me ;)..But couldn't put the pic up laaa....eheheh.He makes a mean blackcurrant drink too & he's just the cutest thing ever!!!!!



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Yesterday I baked some chocolate chip cookies for the great peeps(Tajul,Niza,Aimi,Furkhan,Fred,Fazirul,Hanna,Hani,Napz,Hisyam,Akma,Izlin,Hafriz,Nazri&Firhan) who helped me out during MeKar and creampuffs for Yaya(he birthday was during last week & she has been asking for it..hehehe).Below are the pic of the batter,the cookies,the puff and the custard.
Went for lunch at KFC Tesco cos' Napz said that the cheezy wedges there is different?hehe.Fazirul wanted to go too so he hopped in my car and joined us.We had a big lunch...burpp...Here are some of the pics..hehe



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MeKar,the brainchild of Fazirul,which was planned since last semester,has ended last night.3 days of jam packed activities,waking up early and staying up late,lugging stuff for the Jumbo Lelong( during MeKar itself,I couldn't help Adilah,my boss for Pendaftaran MeKar since I'm also in charge for Jumbo Lelong during the 3 days & glad that the high comm & Adilah herself knows how busy I was..huhu..capek deh!!!)... in my car and Aimi's,selling stuff for charity,supporting friends who performed in Voice Talent,and other things...In my posts to follows,I'll culminate the 3 days of MeKar and the day before it...

The Day Before(Wednesday)

In the morning,I went to KL with Hanna.We went out around 8.30 am to pick up stuff for MeKar.I slept in the car while Hanna drove the car.Stop at IJN,pick up the stuff,went back to the faculty,went to class.After class,I helped the MeKar peeps with some stuff,pick some stuff that Pn.Maf donated93 big box of books!) for the Jumbo Lelong,helped Jasmine send the VIP invitations,and then going to Giant with Hanna,Furkhan & Jasmine to buy the ingredients for the meehoon that Furkhan's cooking for the people who's coming to help the gotong-royong.Jasmine & me made fun of Hanna & Furkhan saying that they're our mama & papa while they find the ingredients...haha...Then went home to pack stuff for sleeping over at Hanna's place..Picked up Jasmine around 7 pm since we were waiting for Furkhan to finish cooking his meehoon.Hanna followed us too.Went to his house but out came Kucai instead saying that it's still not ready so had to go and buy mineral water and ice cubes first to make the rose syrup drink for tonight.Came back and picked up the meehoon with the help of Kucai and Nik(who pretended that he was the one who cooked the whole thing...LOL..u should have seen his antics that night).

Before the whole 1st MeKar Gotong-Royong started,Izza called me while I was hanging out at TESL square with the MeKar peeps,I turn the phone to loudspeaker so that Hanna,Niza,Nazri,Tajul,Jeng,Azri could hear both Izza's & Mak's voices.Izza even manage to throw a few jokes to Niza & Tajul...huhuh.Mak was talking about their shopping spree at Supre'..humph..hahah.And she even manage to talk about Safa's bad habit & mata keranjang eyes(Mak was worried the fact that Summer will come soon and the chicks will be wearing bikini's)...hehehe.

Gotong,gotong and then royong,royong until 3 something in the morning...I never realize how peaceful it was walking along the faculty at 2 am in the morning!huhu.Because we decorated the place around the new library as well so I manage to walk around the faculty with the MeKar peeps...We went 'ting-tong' sometime that night and I sang the 'Ayah dan Ibu' song to Furkhan & Hanna..LOL...Many other funny incidents followed and with bleary eyes,and stinky shirts..we went for Teh Tarik and roti canai with Fazirul & Anuar Zain(hahaha..he's a student from the Music Faculty and has been a big help to the boys of MeKar..and girls too!) and slept at 5am!...

The 1st day!!!(Thursday)

Woke up at 9.30...Bathe..yada2,went to the faculty,pick some more stuff for the Jumbo Lelong from Dr.Aziah,Madam Azura & Ms.Afni.Set up the booth with the help of the Skuad Elit,Nazri,Firhan,Niza,Tajul & Aimi...Made almost rm200 even before the opening ceremony started...huhu.Congrats to everyone who helped!The gimmick of the opening ceremony was a surprised to me eventhough Hanna have told me about it beforehand but hearing the siren and watching Furkhan,Hanna&Fazirul being escorted in the car was beyond cool..haha.Ooh,it rained heavily in the afternoon until evening but it's good cos' it's 'hujan rahmat'..huhu.Saw the appearance of the faymes deep-fried burger...ooohh....Had a bite from Aimi's burger and then at night had a bite from Napisah & Hani's burger..haha.

The 2nd day(Friday)
I came quite early and set up the placeMy crew for the morning was 4 part 3 students who consist of Shafira and her friends...And then Aimi,Tajul & Niza helped me out because they couldn't find any parking space for their debat thing..LOL..Suddenly I wasn't feeling well...felt really cold and Hani took some paracetamol for me.And I could feel my face was burning up and the peeps was telling me that I looked really pale but I didn't want to go to the clinic and Niza send me to Hanna's house, using Aimi's car(Fazirul was using my car), to rest (I seriously hate being sick during a very busy time for MeKar!!!).I vomit my breakfast as soon as I went to the bathroom,wore Napisah's socks & Hanna's jacket and slept with a blanket with the fan off but I still was shivering and shaking..Napisah was scared..huhu.She made me some blackcurrant glucose and I drink it and went to sleep.Hanna called me while I was sleeping and I picked up groggily..She said I shouldn't come back to help out with the booth(cos I told Aimi to pick me up around 12.30 or so..)and just concentrate on getting better(she got the play by play from Napisah) but I insisted that I'll be fine...Woke up around 12 something and I was sweating which was a good sign!The glucose helped a lot!I have no idea what made me sick in the first place...lack of sugar(cos maybe the glucose help) or lack of sleep or because of the rain yesterday??I'm still puzzled over it...huhu.

Aimi picked me up with Niza & Tajul.They still insist that I looked pale and sick but I refused to go to the clinic..huhu.Cos' I have to take care of the booth!haha.I was so hungry when I went to the PMFP booth & thankfully Izlin,her bestfriend Sabriza& Emy was there, so I manage to finally 'tawaf' the other booths with Napisah & Hani and bought the deep fried burger!!!woohooo!!!And the strawberry dadih..yumm!I love a good dadih cos back in Form 3,this guy sell it for rm3 for one dadih outside of SMK Seksyen 9(I don't know if he's still there)&I will always buy the honeydew & blueberry flavor...Ate a little bit of the lunch that the pmfp crews got and then went straight to attack my burger!!I was yapping like crazy with Napz & Hani during lunch and that's a sign that whatever 'bug' I got in the morning was gone...haha.Watch the fashion show and the lecturers kids was soo cute!!!!Especially Tasnim.Pn.Hamimah's only daughter & child.Islamic Fashion Show was next and Izlin was sort of nervous so I reassured her that she'll do fine(Hafriz was busy at home practicing for VT that night).And she did!

After that,went home to Hanna's while Hafriz took over at the booth(thanks so much dude!!).Got ready for the night and then went to watch Voice Talent...It was a blast!Screamed like mad!!And of course I support Hafriz..huhu.Even asked Aimi to take Fazirul's bouquet of flowers at the PMFP booth to give to Izlin so that she can give it to him...heheh.You rock dude!!!He won 2nd place!But I was kinda sad that Wawan didn't even get the 3rd place!!!DAMN!!!He has a very stop the time kind of singing voice...hehehe.After the VT,the peeps helped me clean up the booth and then went to the MeKar Post-Mortem for the day meeting and was sooo sleepy that Nazri drove my car home while Firhan followed from behind with his motorbike.Thanks soo much you guys!It was sweet that they were worried because they saw how sleepy I looked..haha.

I'll blog about the last day tomorrow aite??I'm still sleepy because this morning we had another gotong-royong( to clean up the 'residue' of MeKar)...It was fun because there were soo many extra buns & drinks from last night and Taufiq gave all of us Nasi Lemak from the Career Day thing that he organize..huhu.Fazirul wore a red cape(don't ask where he got it) and became the Suparman of the day..haha.And then we had an 'air oren' fight(like water balloon fight but using orange drinks in packets from yesterday's dinner instead).It was a great stress reliever...Throwing the plastic packets filled with orange drink around was so much fun!!!haha.Nazri got soak by the boys...hahaha.Hani & Napz was avoiding the scene of crime while Hanna was busy taking pictures..huhuh.I'm in Puncak Alam now,home sweet home!


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~RULES~The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they've been tagged. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answer. So now, on to the questions...

1) What were you doing 5 years ago?
I was 16 years old and it was the 'honeymoon' time...haha.I moved back to Seremban with my family and fell in love with a great guy a few months after that..hahah.

2) What are 5 things on your to-do list for today?
a)Do laundry
c)Try to study
d)Organize the stuff for MeKar
e)Pack my stuff!

3) What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
a)Fruits-mangosteens & bite-size sugarcane(my mum have this whenever I'm home!)
d)Honey almonds
e)Rice krispies

4) What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?
a)Open my own restaurant/boutique/bakery.
b)Buy out a mall!
c)Buy a huge house.
d)Buy my dream car
e)Travel the world with my whole family!

5) What are five jobs you've had?
a)Personal assistant
b)Kindergarten teacher
d)Staedtler(going to school with Ad)



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Fuuh penat!!!Yesterday,finish the gotong royong for MeKar at about 3.45 am!!No kidding!Had 'breakfast' with the 3 girls,Fazirul& his housemate & went to bed at 5 am!!!Woke up at 9.30 a.m for the big day.Considering the fact that the stuff the we sold at the PMFP booth are stuff that were donated by many lecturers(Pn.MaF,Azura,Dr.Aziah..&etc) and it's in the name of charity(non of the profits are for PMFP,it will go straight to En.Mahadi for his needs),I'm glad that we manage to hit the RM250++ mark today!Woohoo.Although our booth were a bit messy because of the rain,it was a good start & hopefully tomorrow will be another great day!


Are you kidding me?

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Fuuh I've been busy with MeKar,PMFP...being in charge with 2 things for ONE event is not easy but hey,FESKEM is getting near so I better be working my ass off for this...huhu.Or else Hanna will kick my ass...hahaha.

My head is in the clouds lately with everything zooming past me so fast that I haven't gotten a chance to take a breather and today,something happened that caught me off guard,after I pondered about it for a long time...Yeah,I'm a thinker so at first,inside,I was like..'Are you kidding me?','Is this a prank or a joke?'...I couldn't grasp it at first but now since I've had the chance to sit down and relax..I can't help but feel that I have so much to say about this..So I'll try to fit everything that I want to say into this post....

The thing that I'm talking about is about some hurtful words that was written on some of Ethos posters that my colleagues saw today...

I have been studying at this beloved faculty of mine for 3 years and in 3 years time,I haven't met people who has the audacity to vandalize the posters of a legitimate and a contributing society..ever!It's unbelievably idiotic to do so.What's your point anyway??

That's why I don't like people who have no idea about what's really going on to go about and make their own assumptions about it.It really really makes you look incredibly unintelligent(see I'm using 'nice' words here..no swearing!).What those people wrote on those posters are incredibly untrue.

I haven't been active in Ethos this year as I was last year...(PMFP calling...huhu)but I know for a fact that the people behind Ethos Society works hard in running it.People like Tatie,Syud & Freaky and all the other committee members of Ethos Society work together in order to create exciting activities and events for students at the faculty and not just the TESL students,contrary to other people's belief.And they do this out of their OWN FREE WILL.They're not being paid,they're not force to do anything and it's not like someone are pointing a gun to their heads and forcing them to be welcoming to anybody who needs their help,their doing this because they CARE.And it's SAD that some people choose to not see that.

I still remember like it was yesterday when I was in Pre-TESL where my former seniors,helped us with our drama and they came almost everynight to Cemara,coaching us and to help us practice our drama.Syameer & Ad who were there for us without asking for anything in return.They were there because they wanted to help.Heck,even I did a drama workshop for my juniors early last year.And I still remember the time when I interviewed Syed Husni for a class project and he told me this one piece of advice that I still remember until today.."When you leave the faculty,make sure that you leave a mark"(It goes something like that,I didn't remember the exact word).Unfortunately,some people choose to leave a 'mark' in a wrong way.hah.


I heart food blogs!

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I love reading food blogs...I don't know why but I just do.Maybe because I am such a big foodie and I love to cook and bake..My close friends knows that I bake the best chocolate chip cookies!!Read the past blog entry of it here...haha.It's amazing that I am not the size of a moose..yet!LOL.

I love reading about the blogger eating experiences at various restaurants,cafes and whatnots and the recipes that they try or what they eat on a daily basis.The food blogs(floggers) that I linked to my page are all good but there are others that I love as well.I think my love for food blogs started with this one Australian woman blog named Ladylunchalot but then she didn't update her blog for months.So I started to look around for other cool food blogs to read.But now she's back!!!.I love the information that I get on various kind of foods and it's good to know that even in San Francisco,there's a Malaysian restaurant.I love trying the recipes and it's great because the blogger has already tried the recipe first and showing the step by step and the end product of the recipe like on the blog Chowtimes.I have tried some of the recipes with much success like one of the chocolate fudge cake recipe.I love the blog Chowtimes because it's not only about food,it's about their vacations and where they eat when they're on vacation and the blog is run by a husband and wife team.

The blog A Passion for Food is amazing because she always explore all the bakeries in New York and being a sweet tooth,I can only hope that I'll be able to go to some of the bakeries there someday...Chubbypanda is a great blog too and I have been reading his blog for more almost 2 years now & I can't believe that today when I browse his link of blogs(because there are pretty cool blogs there too!),I saw MY blog being link there!How cool is that??Thank you Chubbypanda!!

Today I found a cool food blog,The Food Pornographer through the link on Chubbypanda's blog.Do look at the cute bento lunches that she makes!!How cute right???I have also added other food blogs that I read but haven't gotten to link them yet.So check them out because you won't be sorry or you might be hungry!Oh,yeah I have only one Malaysian food blog which is Masak-Masak because to be truthful,there's not that many truly good Malaysian food blog out there..but if any of you find them,feel free to show it to me okay?


Don't you just wish?

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Everybody at some point of their life have wished for something ridiculous.I have too..many times..Wishes that probably will never come true but it still feels good to know that you can say it to yourself and cling to that hope that someday it'll probably will...

I had one today.I wished that I could control my heart.So that it won't ache everytime I'm reminded of him.I should take a hint,take a hike.Hey,me..wake up?You probably will never get your happy ending so why bother to wait for it right?But why oh why does my heart refuses to follow??Why??I hate this.Sometimes I wish that my heart doesn't open itself up easily to things that could heart it big time.I really really do.