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Thursday, August 28, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

Was tagged by the cutie Izlin aka Mrs.Hafriz...hehehe

15 weird things/habits/little known things about me...(if you want to judge me from all this...it's fine by me!!LOL)

1.I don't eat chicken drumstick..ever...unless I really have too!(and I was scolded by my fren Napz & d 'kutuk'cos of this...muahaha)

2.I don't eat jeruk or assam...Except for mango pickles that I make on my own according to my aunt's recipe and the occasional jeruk buah salak from Alor Setar.

3.I don't take sambal belacan.I eat my ulam,raw,without it.However,I do eat petai,durian & tempe.

4.I'm allergic to all seafood except for fish& crab.I have scars on both legs to prove it.

5.I pronounce Malay words weirdly and I always,always get made fun off by Hanna,Napz...Like 'tengok' instead of 'dengar' or cerite(stressing the 'e' sound).

6.I tend to snort(once in a blue moon) when I laugh to a funny joke....muahaha..Only the privilege few have heard it...

7.I am very liberal on a lot of things but one thing that I'm conservative about is relationship..in the sense that I'm a one man only girl...so don't expect me to be your FUBU or FWB..sorry!!!I won't settle for anything less.When I commit myself to a guy,I commit to him ONLY.

8.I can't tolerate people who cheat in a relationship..I've seen what it does to people that I love and it breaks my heart to see them hurt...

9.I tend to be too honest sometimes which gets me into a whole lots of trouble..Like putting my foot in my mouth...huhu.Like Hafriz described me on my Facebook testimonial "sgt terus terang"...

10.I am a fan of Zulhuzaimi..serious!!!It's been 3 years I think...Malay man still gets my blood going..haha.Faizal Tahir is a must too!!!woooottt.Love,love his 'Warisan Wanita Terakhir' rendition on OIAM that I burn it on cd and listen to it in my car almost everyday...eheh.

11.In the 3 years that I've been in Uni,I have only,truly,honestly opened up myself and given a chance to a guy..ONCE.Yes,ONCE.I am not choosy or picky but merely SELECTIVE...Because I don't feel the need or want to entertain the anonymous msges or phonecalls from strange males or guys that I barely know..sorry..You gotta be cruel to be kind.If I'm not interested,I'm not interested.

12.I talk in my sleep and I kick around on the bed a lot...hahaha..Damn that is not flattering!

13.I have a very strict skin regime.Cleanse,tone,moisturize,sunblock and the occasional zit cream,scrub & clay mask..phewww!Today,I teman-ed Napisah to help her choose stuff for her face...I love shopping for people!!!(provided they pay for it laaa..)

14.I'm always afraid that the bookshelf above my bed that my dad made for me in our house,will one day fall on top of me while I asleep..habis la muke aq!!!haha

15.I don't drink anything with alcohol,I don't smoke(Syed mmg sgt jht with his question!) & I'm still a virgin..Does that make me seem uncool?SO WHAT???hah.But I do love hugs and kissses..wink wink...^_^

I'm tagging:Anybody who wants to do this!


The Birdman said...

hey being virign is cool, i am too :D

LIYANA said...

thanks bert!!!
love ya!!!

Thanks Li sbb bwat bnda ni even i knew ni time sgt busy utk men tag org. hehe.

your 13 makes my skin looks better tau. if its not for your tips, i will never know that st ives punye scrub and mask sgt best!!

p.s: u pon cute jgk;) *hugs*

LIYANA said...

it's no biggie izlin..glad to do it..
it took me 2 days 2 do it cos i save dlm draft..xtau nk list aper sebenornyer..haha

tu la i besh sgt bwk napz gi beli brg muke die..hanna pon beli skali..
good skin=more confidence!kan??

p/s:thanks!! *hugs* & kisses!!