Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008 Liyana Hanim 7 Comments

Fuuh I've been busy with MeKar,PMFP...being in charge with 2 things for ONE event is not easy but hey,FESKEM is getting near so I better be working my ass off for this...huhu.Or else Hanna will kick my ass...hahaha.

My head is in the clouds lately with everything zooming past me so fast that I haven't gotten a chance to take a breather and today,something happened that caught me off guard,after I pondered about it for a long time...Yeah,I'm a thinker so at first,inside,I was like..'Are you kidding me?','Is this a prank or a joke?'...I couldn't grasp it at first but now since I've had the chance to sit down and relax..I can't help but feel that I have so much to say about this..So I'll try to fit everything that I want to say into this post....

The thing that I'm talking about is about some hurtful words that was written on some of Ethos posters that my colleagues saw today...

I have been studying at this beloved faculty of mine for 3 years and in 3 years time,I haven't met people who has the audacity to vandalize the posters of a legitimate and a contributing society..ever!It's unbelievably idiotic to do so.What's your point anyway??

That's why I don't like people who have no idea about what's really going on to go about and make their own assumptions about it.It really really makes you look incredibly unintelligent(see I'm using 'nice' words swearing!).What those people wrote on those posters are incredibly untrue.

I haven't been active in Ethos this year as I was last year...(PMFP calling...huhu)but I know for a fact that the people behind Ethos Society works hard in running it.People like Tatie,Syud & Freaky and all the other committee members of Ethos Society work together in order to create exciting activities and events for students at the faculty and not just the TESL students,contrary to other people's belief.And they do this out of their OWN FREE WILL.They're not being paid,they're not force to do anything and it's not like someone are pointing a gun to their heads and forcing them to be welcoming to anybody who needs their help,their doing this because they CARE.And it's SAD that some people choose to not see that.

I still remember like it was yesterday when I was in Pre-TESL where my former seniors,helped us with our drama and they came almost everynight to Cemara,coaching us and to help us practice our drama.Syameer & Ad who were there for us without asking for anything in return.They were there because they wanted to help.Heck,even I did a drama workshop for my juniors early last year.And I still remember the time when I interviewed Syed Husni for a class project and he told me this one piece of advice that I still remember until today.."When you leave the faculty,make sure that you leave a mark"(It goes something like that,I didn't remember the exact word).Unfortunately,some people choose to leave a 'mark' in a wrong way.hah.


Anonymous said...

Li, sabar k?
those people, i guess they just don't get it..
very unintelligent they are..
just let them be n mayb, just mayb 1 day they'll realize what they r actually missing out on..

u still have us kan?
xmo sedih2..
nnt izza yg jauh tu pn sdih gak..
smile! smile!
kte nk berjumbo lelong dan bersusuk mnggu ni..
hehehe :p

Liyana said...

thanks aimi!!!
I'm so glad that I got to know u & hang out with you because if i didn't..then i wouldn't have had the chance to find out what a great person you are!!huhu

yesh mari kiter berjumbo&bersusuk minggu nih!!!

Anonymous said...

your head is in the clouds? hehehe
usually people say tht when they're in love. oo lalala

oh btw, yup... sometimes people can be very unintelligent. i pity those people....

sian dia,maybe tak cukuo duit nak beli kertas kut... so conteng kat posters orang. hehe

Liyana said...

hana...head in the clouds can mean different things also..huhu
i'm NOT in love with any guy at the moment..u find la one for me!!!haha

btul org tuh xcukop duit kot..hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mari menghabiskan duit Fac hujung minggu nie..!!

*DUH with all words are capitalized so that u know how sarcastic I am

Liyana said...

menghabiskan ke?bukan mengumpulkan ker??haha..kan ethos jual brg..hehehe

tangan aq tgh separa beku di lab pc library intec bru ini..di depan aq dpt lihat iki tgh tekun membaca online manga..hahah

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged!