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Sunday, August 31, 2008 Liyana Hanim 4 Comments

I'm in the midst of baking choc chip cookies with hazelnut for a friend who had ordered a week ago for it..huhu.Waiting for it to turn a delicious shade of golden brown...
Life has been hectic so I didn't have anytime to sit down and bake.This post will be about what I've been cooking for the last few months...From baguettes,to pau kaya to mee rebus.I only took pictures but I always forget to blog about them because there's always something better to blog about..hah...

My mum bought a book on baking bread a year ago in the hopes that I can make croissants for the family..especially my younger brother,Raffiq,since it's his version of 'rice'.After finding the croissant margarine a few months ago,I tried to bake them but...sigh..It didn't shape well.It tasted like croissants from Delifrance though but I'm ashamed to take any pictures of it..haha.I also tried to bake baguettes because I LOVE BAGUETTES!Especially a freshly buttered one,straight from the oven.(not the tough as wood one that you get at the supermarkets) .And I manage to bake them successfully and they tasted yummy and the smell of freshly baked bread filled the house...

And then one day,I was craving for pau kaya.Actually,I was craving for red bean pau but there were no red bean paste available.I love everything that has red bean paste in it.Pau,mooncake,buns & the traditional Malay kuih 'tepung gomak'(my dad's favorite bukak puasa kuih).So I made steamed kaya pau instead.I got the recipe from Suanne of Chowtimes blog.The link for the recipe is HERE.
Mee rebus Kedah is a dish that my grandma is very famous for in our big family..from her children to her grandchildren to her own nephews and nieces,everybody loves her Mee Rebus and she even makes a small get together for all of us when she was well,to come and eat the dish.Thankfully,she passed down the recipe to me and every time I make it,it tastes exactly the way she does it.She's now bedridden but she's going through physiotherapy and acupuncture so she's getting better.: )Below is the picture of the ingredients but at that time I totally forgot to take pictures of the final outcome.. But basically,in our family,a serving of mee rebus consists of yellow noodles,blanched bean sprouts,fried tofu,cucur udang,strips of beef (that has been boiled) or boiled shrimps,a half boiled egg,chopped spring onions,coriander,sliced red chillies,chopped lettuce and fried shallots all together in a bowl and pour on top of everything is the think orange-red gravy.DELICIOUS!
The ingredients that are needed to make the tasty gravy are

a)lots and lots of mashed sweet potato & potato
b)blended prawn heads(with a lil bit of hot water)
c)coriander & spring onions (hit them a lil bit with the mortar,like the picture below)
d)beef stock(with the beef)
e)chilli paste
f)tomato ketchup

Mix them all together & you'll have a fantastico gravy!!


Anonymous said...

sedap nyeeeeeeeeee. nakkkkkk

Acadberpuasa said...

kita da start puasa!!!!

nk pau kaya!
nk pau kaya!

LIYANA said...

hana nk yg mane??

ala acad,kat kedai sup utara pon jual ape pau kaya??lol

Anonymous said...

Aw, this was a unusually nice post.