Thursday, August 14, 2008 Liyana Hanim 12 Comments

Yesterday I baked some chocolate chip cookies for the great peeps(Tajul,Niza,Aimi,Furkhan,Fred,Fazirul,Hanna,Hani,Napz,Hisyam,Akma,Izlin,Hafriz,Nazri&Firhan) who helped me out during MeKar and creampuffs for Yaya(he birthday was during last week & she has been asking for it..hehehe).Below are the pic of the batter,the cookies,the puff and the custard.
Went for lunch at KFC Tesco cos' Napz said that the cheezy wedges there is different?hehe.Fazirul wanted to go too so he hopped in my car and joined us.We had a big lunch...burpp...Here are some of the pics..hehe


mojaLapar said...


I'm drooling oredi.
Lucky laa your fture husband, can eat scrumptious food everyday. Easily can get fat too. Hahahaha.

past laa sket kat akuuuuuuu!!!

Aku rindukan cookies mu ituu!

saye mcm mane? tsk:(

*hehe bajet menolong:P*

Anonymous said...

best nye mkn KFC!!!
fazirul asked me to tag along yesterday..
but i'd already promised niza that i was gonna have lunch with him..

btw, thanks for the delicious cookies li..
i'll bake u guys strawberry cheesecake after the mid sem break k?

Mek Wa said...

beeyotch! how how. pardon the lang. weh. link me up again lar. new blog. new attitude. agak pedas2 sket.



thankssss for the cookies!
sedapppp gilerrrr!

Liyana said...

mmg bakal suami aq sgt lucky..hehe
maybe juga die akan jd gemoks..tp xper kerna die sgt kurus..ooopsss..muahaha

nanti la bile aq wat bebyk cookies aq kasik korg eks???

Liyana said...

izlin ade utk kamu semlm tp sula habis!!tu la xjumpe u kat fac semlm..huhu sorri sgt babe!!nanti i bake sume mre during the sem break aite??xoxoxox

Liyana said...

aimi tu laaa...xper2 nanti kiter bergumbira dis weekend kn???2 whole days bebeh!!!hahaha

aimi dearest..r u ready to teach those peeps how to bake???yikes!!
btw,i nk join!!!!!!!!!!!hehehe
i'll be ur bestest student evaaah!

Liyana said...

ok mek ku!nanti aq link kan ko eks???huhu

Liyana said...

kak aisyah thanks!!!!

ika said...

cah i have the recipe miss liyana ? :P

its ok la babe.

Happy holiday! :) *hugs*