Every cloud has a silver lining

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Liyana Hanim 0 Comments

Initially I wanted to blog about the 3 days that was spent at the Pidato Kemerdekaan comp but since Aimi has done a day by day blog on it..it's better for you guys to read it there..

Ms.Salliza told me and Hanna about the Pidato thing and that she needed 6 runners altogether during MeKar closing nite and intially,Hanna & the others were suppose to help me..but a day after that they realize that they'll be busy with moving out and stuff so I manage to ask help from some friends(thanks to Acad,Azri,Aimi,Chip,Moja & Tajul!).During those 3 days I met an old debate friend,Izzy and someone from my debate past that was freaking annoying!hahaha.If you read Aimi's blog you'll know who he is...

Yupzz..my life has been busy lately..But thank God Feskem will be given to Intec to do and Mapra(malam pra-graduan) will be given to SMPP since PMFP has bust our ass off for MeKar,Pn.Hajah says that we should not be the only ones doing everything...huhu.So since I have free time,I have been working..and I'm getting paid good money.My job is to tutor high school kids and I spend 6 hours with them,3 days a week.Need to save money for new sport rim for my car..huhu.

And things has start to look up in the family/grandma situation.After my mum has taken care of my grandma for a few days,my aunts took her back to her house and take care of her..And,they are taking my dad's advice in doing acupuncture for my grandma...Yeay!!!All is well.Like they said,'Blood is thicker than water" rite?My mum told me all the perils when she was taking care of my grandma & some of them made me LOL...hehehe.All I can say,is that,my mum has so much patience & she's a trooper!!!

Can't wait for my cousin's gig at Laundry Bar..wooottt!Support cousin gue deh!!!Gonna go there with my cousins & brother.Can't wait for shopping trip with the parents soon..giler dah lamer xkuar with them..huhu.Lunch is ready so gtg!!!Toodlesss!