Family day out

Sunday, August 24, 2008 Liyana Hanim 2 Comments

Goodness gracious me!!!I just realize that yesterday was a Family Day out that I haven't had with my family in like almost 3 weeks???fuuuhhh..That's why it was so great..hehe.I'm supposed to finish my assignments but what the heck...This only take a minute or two..hehe.Oookay,yesterday morning after meeting up with the teacher for the interview again(to get materials from her),went out with la familia and yuppp just like I blog about it a few days ago,had a shopping spree!!!My mum saw this cute sunny yellow bag and got it for me and luckily she bought it because it was the last one there!..I totally didn't notice that bag but yeah,my mum has a pretty discerning eye in fashion than I do..sometimes...muahaha

Then I found the most purrrfecccttt rose pink aviators yooo!I have been searching high and low for the right pair of pink sunnies..Izza bought me a pink one during Pre-degree but it broke before she could even hand it over to me..sigh...And if you recall,I did a wishlist a few months ago HERE and on that list is the most purrfect pink Roger Vivier sunnies that I want but I'll never get because it's not available here....and I have made my calculations that it'll cost me approximately 1k to buy em'... :(.But yesterday I found the purrfect pair of rose pink aviator...and of course I just had to get them..hehe.And now it's safely tuck in the glove compartment of my car...^_^

The advantage of going shopping with your parents is don't have to pay for stuff..eheh.And I also saw a pretty floaty flowery top with a braided neck line...swooon.So I got that too....And my mum bought a pretty top for her too.And then my mum bought me a pretty pink top from Somerset..I love that girly!My lil bro bought a cap...My dad bought lots of Rayban's for his side business and my other bro bought nothing..hahaha.My other bro Haziq,was at my grandma's house cos he had to go to work so he couldn't go...too bad...(more for me!!muahaha)

I'm also loving Cashmere Mafia and I have only watch 3 episodes at the moment but I love it!!!!!!!I love a show about women with strong personality,goals,achievements and a great fashion sense to boot!Because to me,being a feminist doesn't mean you have to disregard your sense of fashion....I love Mia Mason because I am a fan of Lucy Liu ever since her Ally McBeal's days....She was such a great character in that show(Ally McBeal)...almost dominatrix-like.I have a few lines that I love from Cashmere Mafia like this one(it was in the 2nd episode and I don't remember the exact line but it was between Juliet & the busy mum).. "I had to sit there and watch while she fed my children tofu" and her friend replied "She's a monster!"..LOL!!!
GTG for brunch!!!!Byessss


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