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Happy Merdeka Day to everyone & Selamat Berpuasa!!!

Here are a few previews of tv shows that I'm psyched to watch in a couple of days!!!!

Gossip Girl Season 2

Extended preview

Clip 1 of episode 1

Clip 2 of episode 1

Clip 3 of episode 1

Clip 4 of episode 1

OTH season 6(Lucas picked Peyton..damn!!!)

Spoilers & Pics

Naley(Nathan + Haley=Naley=I wish to have that r'ship!!haha)


Beverly Hills 90210

Found a great food blog..perfect for someone who have a sweet tooth like me!!

This is what awaits me every weekend when I go back home...

Sugar canes cut up into bite sizes..
My mum will buy the sugar cane from the pasar malam & the first time she bought it,the seller was like,"Akak nak tebu jer?Tak nak air tebu?"(you want just the sugar cane not the water?) and my mum would say,"Oh anak perempuan saya tuh suka makan tebu..."(my daughter loves to eat sugar cane)...haha.I love chopping up the sugar cane into bite sizes and in my family,it's only me & mum who eat sugar cane as a snack...weird kan??


mojax said...


GG ssn2! Damn. Every parents' nightmare. Hahahahaha! Xsabar nak tgok..

LIYANA said...

huhu..tu laaa xsbr giler!!!
chuck is so stoopid..nk jeles dgn blair plaks..sape suroh xikot gi rome!
annnd nate is sleeping with another man's wife...ish2
dan is with another girl...gulp...


LIYANA said...