I heart food blogs!

Friday, August 01, 2008 Liyana Hanim 8 Comments

I love reading food blogs...I don't know why but I just do.Maybe because I am such a big foodie and I love to cook and bake..My close friends knows that I bake the best chocolate chip cookies!!Read the past blog entry of it here...haha.It's amazing that I am not the size of a moose..yet!LOL.

I love reading about the blogger eating experiences at various restaurants,cafes and whatnots and the recipes that they try or what they eat on a daily basis.The food blogs(floggers) that I linked to my page are all good but there are others that I love as well.I think my love for food blogs started with this one Australian woman blog named Ladylunchalot but then she didn't update her blog for months.So I started to look around for other cool food blogs to read.But now she's back!!!.I love the information that I get on various kind of foods and it's good to know that even in San Francisco,there's a Malaysian restaurant.I love trying the recipes and it's great because the blogger has already tried the recipe first and showing the step by step and the end product of the recipe like on the blog Chowtimes.I have tried some of the recipes with much success like one of the chocolate fudge cake recipe.I love the blog Chowtimes because it's not only about food,it's about their vacations and where they eat when they're on vacation and the blog is run by a husband and wife team.

The blog A Passion for Food is amazing because she always explore all the bakeries in New York and being a sweet tooth,I can only hope that I'll be able to go to some of the bakeries there someday...Chubbypanda is a great blog too and I have been reading his blog for more almost 2 years now & I can't believe that today when I browse his link of blogs(because there are pretty cool blogs there too!),I saw MY blog being link there!How cool is that??Thank you Chubbypanda!!

Today I found a cool food blog,The Food Pornographer through the link on Chubbypanda's blog.Do look at the cute bento lunches that she makes!!How cute right???I have also added other food blogs that I read but haven't gotten to link them yet.So check them out because you won't be sorry or you might be hungry!Oh,yeah I have only one Malaysian food blog which is Masak-Masak because to be truthful,there's not that many truly good Malaysian food blog out there..but if any of you find them,feel free to show it to me okay?


Reading this makes me kinda hungry.

And I just had my dinner.

*looks at belly, bloated in a way*

The best Malaysian food blog that I know is Rasa Malaysia. Great recipes and pictures!

fyrhunt said...

aku lapa la plak..
*jgn tulis ni ms bln puase nnt ek.haha.kidding..

Anonymous said...

love love love food!!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww u letak m link 'hana yg sweet juga'

awwww isn't that sweet of u? tq

acad said...

I miss your chocolate cookies..

misterTAJ? said...

yum2... salivate

Anonymous said...

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