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Friday, August 15, 2008 Liyana Hanim 3 Comments

Okay,this post is regarding my family so I don't expect all of you to understand but I'm just angry at some unbelievably selfish people and need to vent it here before I can fully focus myself on studying for tomorrow's test..

Sometimes it puzzles me..where is the humanity?How can you don't want to take care of your own mother?As you all know,my only grandmother left in this world is bedridden because of her broken hip & she can't do surgery because of her stroke.But that doesn't mean she has to stay in bed all the time..She needs to do physiotherapy like the doctor ordered but some stupid people doesn't want to do anything(they'd rather my grandma just stay sick & lay on the bed like a vegetable) so,they dump my grandma unto my mother's shoulder.

My mother,who has 2 children still in school(excluding me & my other brother) and a husband to take care off and she does everything on her own,without the help of a maid whatsoever,now have to also take care of my sick grandmother.Today,both of my lovely and benevolent parents--my dad had a very IMPORTANT meeting today but he had to take a leave in order to go to HUKM along with my mum & my 3 brothers so that both of my parents can learn how to do physiotherapy.According to JAIS(my mum called them & ask for advice),in my family's current situation the order of who should take care of my grandma is as follows:
1)The son
2)The unmarried son or daughter
3)The married daughter

Number 1 is out of question because one of my grandma's son is in Alor Setar while the other 2 are busy with their lives.BTW,my grandma has 9 children okay!NINE!

My problem is with the number 2.My 2 inconsiderate aunts,both who are UNMARRIED doesn't want to take care of my grandma....How kurang ajar is that?I have been keeping this pent up anger for days now...Only telling this to Hanna,Napz & Hani.I'm just beyond mad!

Firstly,both of them are unmarried.Secondly,one of them has a car!.Thirdly,one of them has retired.Fourthly,they have no 'tanggungan' pon!My mother,can't even drive & has no car of her own and she lives in Puncak Alam..Now my grandma is living with my family there.What if something happens to my grandma?It is like 30 mins drive from Shah Alam!Aq bengang giler la!Mak sendri pon tak nak jage?And you expect me to take care of you when you get older(my mom have told me dulu2 to take care of my aunts when my parents are not around)???Boleh blah laaa!And one of them had the nerve to sound2 my mum!!!(sape yang akan masok neraka sekarang????..I know it's between them & God but seriously la,they don't want to take care of their own mother..for crying out loud!)

Thank god I have my bouncer looking brother who stand up for my mum.I love my mum so very very much for her tenacity and the fact that she's willing to take care of my grandma and that it'll affect her side business that she's doing.I have to go back after the whole Pidato thing & help my mum out.It's funny because I usually watch these family not wanting to take care of their mother thing is Cerekarama but now it's happening to my own family.And I can't believe that my 2 aunts whose been living with my grandma when she WASN'T sick are not willing to take of her when she IS sick!!!


misterTAJ? said...

this is what i am afraid of.. ur post has really opened my eyes... and it happened to my family before...

Liyana said...

huhu...i hope it has opened up your eyes in a good way???
c ya 2nite!

Liyana said...

i edited some parts of the entry cos i think i was being too harsh...