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MeKar,the brainchild of Fazirul,which was planned since last semester,has ended last night.3 days of jam packed activities,waking up early and staying up late,lugging stuff for the Jumbo Lelong( during MeKar itself,I couldn't help Adilah,my boss for Pendaftaran MeKar since I'm also in charge for Jumbo Lelong during the 3 days & glad that the high comm & Adilah herself knows how busy I was..huhu..capek deh!!!)... in my car and Aimi's,selling stuff for charity,supporting friends who performed in Voice Talent,and other things...In my posts to follows,I'll culminate the 3 days of MeKar and the day before it...

The Day Before(Wednesday)

In the morning,I went to KL with Hanna.We went out around 8.30 am to pick up stuff for MeKar.I slept in the car while Hanna drove the car.Stop at IJN,pick up the stuff,went back to the faculty,went to class.After class,I helped the MeKar peeps with some stuff,pick some stuff that Pn.Maf donated93 big box of books!) for the Jumbo Lelong,helped Jasmine send the VIP invitations,and then going to Giant with Hanna,Furkhan & Jasmine to buy the ingredients for the meehoon that Furkhan's cooking for the people who's coming to help the gotong-royong.Jasmine & me made fun of Hanna & Furkhan saying that they're our mama & papa while they find the ingredients...haha...Then went home to pack stuff for sleeping over at Hanna's place..Picked up Jasmine around 7 pm since we were waiting for Furkhan to finish cooking his meehoon.Hanna followed us too.Went to his house but out came Kucai instead saying that it's still not ready so had to go and buy mineral water and ice cubes first to make the rose syrup drink for tonight.Came back and picked up the meehoon with the help of Kucai and Nik(who pretended that he was the one who cooked the whole thing...LOL..u should have seen his antics that night).

Before the whole 1st MeKar Gotong-Royong started,Izza called me while I was hanging out at TESL square with the MeKar peeps,I turn the phone to loudspeaker so that Hanna,Niza,Nazri,Tajul,Jeng,Azri could hear both Izza's & Mak's voices.Izza even manage to throw a few jokes to Niza & Tajul...huhuh.Mak was talking about their shopping spree at Supre'..humph..hahah.And she even manage to talk about Safa's bad habit & mata keranjang eyes(Mak was worried the fact that Summer will come soon and the chicks will be wearing bikini's)...hehehe.

Gotong,gotong and then royong,royong until 3 something in the morning...I never realize how peaceful it was walking along the faculty at 2 am in the morning!huhu.Because we decorated the place around the new library as well so I manage to walk around the faculty with the MeKar peeps...We went 'ting-tong' sometime that night and I sang the 'Ayah dan Ibu' song to Furkhan & Hanna..LOL...Many other funny incidents followed and with bleary eyes,and stinky shirts..we went for Teh Tarik and roti canai with Fazirul & Anuar Zain(hahaha..he's a student from the Music Faculty and has been a big help to the boys of MeKar..and girls too!) and slept at 5am!...

The 1st day!!!(Thursday)

Woke up at 9.30...Bathe..yada2,went to the faculty,pick some more stuff for the Jumbo Lelong from Dr.Aziah,Madam Azura & Ms.Afni.Set up the booth with the help of the Skuad Elit,Nazri,Firhan,Niza,Tajul & Aimi...Made almost rm200 even before the opening ceremony started...huhu.Congrats to everyone who helped!The gimmick of the opening ceremony was a surprised to me eventhough Hanna have told me about it beforehand but hearing the siren and watching Furkhan,Hanna&Fazirul being escorted in the car was beyond cool..haha.Ooh,it rained heavily in the afternoon until evening but it's good cos' it's 'hujan rahmat'..huhu.Saw the appearance of the faymes deep-fried burger...ooohh....Had a bite from Aimi's burger and then at night had a bite from Napisah & Hani's burger..haha.

The 2nd day(Friday)
I came quite early and set up the placeMy crew for the morning was 4 part 3 students who consist of Shafira and her friends...And then Aimi,Tajul & Niza helped me out because they couldn't find any parking space for their debat thing..LOL..Suddenly I wasn't feeling well...felt really cold and Hani took some paracetamol for me.And I could feel my face was burning up and the peeps was telling me that I looked really pale but I didn't want to go to the clinic and Niza send me to Hanna's house, using Aimi's car(Fazirul was using my car), to rest (I seriously hate being sick during a very busy time for MeKar!!!).I vomit my breakfast as soon as I went to the bathroom,wore Napisah's socks & Hanna's jacket and slept with a blanket with the fan off but I still was shivering and shaking..Napisah was scared..huhu.She made me some blackcurrant glucose and I drink it and went to sleep.Hanna called me while I was sleeping and I picked up groggily..She said I shouldn't come back to help out with the booth(cos I told Aimi to pick me up around 12.30 or so..)and just concentrate on getting better(she got the play by play from Napisah) but I insisted that I'll be fine...Woke up around 12 something and I was sweating which was a good sign!The glucose helped a lot!I have no idea what made me sick in the first place...lack of sugar(cos maybe the glucose help) or lack of sleep or because of the rain yesterday??I'm still puzzled over it...huhu.

Aimi picked me up with Niza & Tajul.They still insist that I looked pale and sick but I refused to go to the clinic..huhu.Cos' I have to take care of the booth!haha.I was so hungry when I went to the PMFP booth & thankfully Izlin,her bestfriend Sabriza& Emy was there, so I manage to finally 'tawaf' the other booths with Napisah & Hani and bought the deep fried burger!!!woohooo!!!And the strawberry dadih..yumm!I love a good dadih cos back in Form 3,this guy sell it for rm3 for one dadih outside of SMK Seksyen 9(I don't know if he's still there)&I will always buy the honeydew & blueberry flavor...Ate a little bit of the lunch that the pmfp crews got and then went straight to attack my burger!!I was yapping like crazy with Napz & Hani during lunch and that's a sign that whatever 'bug' I got in the morning was gone...haha.Watch the fashion show and the lecturers kids was soo cute!!!!Especially Tasnim.Pn.Hamimah's only daughter & child.Islamic Fashion Show was next and Izlin was sort of nervous so I reassured her that she'll do fine(Hafriz was busy at home practicing for VT that night).And she did!

After that,went home to Hanna's while Hafriz took over at the booth(thanks so much dude!!).Got ready for the night and then went to watch Voice Talent...It was a blast!Screamed like mad!!And of course I support Hafriz..huhu.Even asked Aimi to take Fazirul's bouquet of flowers at the PMFP booth to give to Izlin so that she can give it to him...heheh.You rock dude!!!He won 2nd place!But I was kinda sad that Wawan didn't even get the 3rd place!!!DAMN!!!He has a very stop the time kind of singing voice...hehehe.After the VT,the peeps helped me clean up the booth and then went to the MeKar Post-Mortem for the day meeting and was sooo sleepy that Nazri drove my car home while Firhan followed from behind with his motorbike.Thanks soo much you guys!It was sweet that they were worried because they saw how sleepy I looked..haha.

I'll blog about the last day tomorrow aite??I'm still sleepy because this morning we had another gotong-royong( to clean up the 'residue' of MeKar)...It was fun because there were soo many extra buns & drinks from last night and Taufiq gave all of us Nasi Lemak from the Career Day thing that he organize..huhu.Fazirul wore a red cape(don't ask where he got it) and became the Suparman of the day..haha.And then we had an 'air oren' fight(like water balloon fight but using orange drinks in packets from yesterday's dinner instead).It was a great stress reliever...Throwing the plastic packets filled with orange drink around was so much fun!!!haha.Nazri got soak by the boys...hahaha.Hani & Napz was avoiding the scene of crime while Hanna was busy taking pictures..huhuh.I'm in Puncak Alam now,home sweet home!

5 comments:'s hectic..can feel it..haha.thank God it's over..

mojaXlarat said...

panjangnye essay ko Lee!!!!

bdw, congratz. Ko mmg made of steel! Hahahaha

Liyana said...

btul tuh niza!!thanks a lot for helping out..for all my friends who helped me out..there's a surprise for u guys on wednesday..hehe nk duets..kui2
pjg kaa??itu pom dr memori aq...sebenornyer byk lg bende yg jdik..
hw i wish i ws like tat cheerleader in Heroes..besh giler!!

Liyana said...

sori pi'e aq ingat ko niza..LOL!!

PeterAcadPetrelli said...

cheerleader in Heroes??

I'm Peter Petrelli, just so u know!